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Meet Mr. Fresh! He Heals Broken Hearts

Posted By: Leah
Hello Doll Faces! I’m Kayleigh and you can find my trolling around Down at Fraggle Rock.

Leah and I have been secretly stalking each other for months and writing each other daily love letters, so it was only natural that I jumped at the chance to guest post while that B is in Cali. (Seriously jealous)

While Leah is away, and I am busy getting all the last minute details put together for my wedding (in a mere few DAYS on September 8th) I’ve decided to share a little with you about man’s women’s best friend. It seems only fitting since Leah will be spending her time with some four-legged creatures as well.

Now for an overly explained post that just proves how psychotically obsessed I am with my dog, and also an incredibly cute story about why my parents rock!

Meet Mr. Fresh!

He’s my baby, despite the fact the he is 11 years old. Yep, that’s right. If you do the math, I’ve had him since I was 15.

You see…almost a year before hand, I had started dating my very first boyfriend. And if you remember that time in your life, you can remember the intense feeling of how “serious” it was and how it was “going to last forever”. Heh. Stupid me.

Well… I had just finished my Freshman year of High School and my boyfriend at the time had just graduated. And months before, he decided to make decision to join the Navy. As in, called me one day, “hey, I just signed up for the Navy. I leave for Boot Camp in July”. Yeah, I was heart broken.

Because I was stupid fifteen, I thought not distance could get in the way of our love and this would be a temporary blip on our relationship radar. But he left and I was devastated. One day, to get me out of my room, my dad took me to the mall for lunch. And then took me to the Pet Store to try to cheer me up by playing with baby puppies. (I mean, seriously, how can a baby puppy NOT cheer you up!).

I fell in love with this tiny little Border Collie. Made a half-assed effort to ask if I could get him and then went home. I knew it wouldn’t happen. But whatever.

Fast forward to that next Saturday morning and my parents BUST into my room while I am sleeping and start taking pictures of me. Freaks. I remember it was SO hot out that I was sleeping in a sports bra and shorts and since I was new-ish to this teenage thing and was SO uncomfortable about the whole “body changing” thing, so I was MORTIFIED that they were doing this. So I hid under the covers. And then all of a sudden I had this little tiny thing crawling all over me.

It was HIM!
It was seriously the best present EVER! He was awesome. So cute and so fluffy. And for a little while I forgot that my heart was broken.

It took a lot to get used to having a dog. We had a family dog, but we all “shared” that responsibility. This was REAL. I had to get a babysitter if I wanted to go somewhere. I had to be home. I had to remember to take him out and feed him and what not. And although I wasn’t always the best Dog Mama, I always loved him so so much.

For a long time he was the only guy in my life (other than family) that hadn’t broken my heart. Sometimes it felt like it was me and him against the world. I moved out for 6 months without him and it made me so sad. So, when Big A and I moved in together, Mr. Fresh coming with us was non-negotiable. And they did NOT get along. Big A never had a dog before so it was an adjustment period, but I made it clear that if it came down to him or the dog, I’d pick the dog. Purely for the fact that he would never make me choose. Haha. It all worked out though, now they are best friends too.

Check out how handsome he is now:

 And that my friends, is how I got my dog. I think everyone should have a dog. There is something just so absolutely beautiful about their complete, unconditional love.

There I go getting all crazy dog lady on you. (Seriously, I told Big A we should buy a farm and breed Border Collies.. he said no… something about how I would want to keep them all. Whatever)

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little story about my furry little man. And I hope you’ll come check me out over at Down at Fraggle Rock. You can hear about my wedding planning, the freaks I come into contact with on a daily basis, how I drink too much at football games (or a random Tuesday sometimes, whoops!), and much more.

Oh! And for those who are wondering what Mr. Fresh’s REAL name is. It isn’t terribly inventive, but it was seriously the most perfect name for him.


I hope Leah is having fun in Cali without me (so rude to not even invite ME!) and I’m sure you are all like me and can’t WAIT to hear all of her stories!


A Note from Leah: It's true! I e-mail back and forth with Kayleigh every single day! We're bloggie bestie's. She's about to tie the knot and I'm sooo excited for her.  She's marrying Big A and it absolutely warms my heart how perfect they are together. She has been a little stressed about her wedding (who isn't!) but the one thing she says she knows, is the he the right guy for her. That she's never been more sure of anything in her life. I am sooo happy for you Kayleigh!!!

You all know I'm in San Diego, but do you know why? I mean obviously on vacay... but I'm out here PET SITTING! Yup it's true. BF and I are staying at a friend's home while she and her fiance vacay in Hawaii. Her home is my vacation, how fab is that!? Thank you Kayleigh for guest posting on Mr. Fresh. I used to have a border collie that looked identical to him and he was such a great friend. 


  1. You have some awesome parents. I didn't think it was possible for Mr. Fresh to be even cuter than he is now, but those puppy pictures of him definitely are way cute, haha!

  2. What a sweet story! I'm a crazy dog lady too so I totally understand how important your dog is to you!

    P.S. - I totally love you rockin' those overalls. 90's all the way!

  3. Omg he is so cute! He looks like a good snuggler too. If C didn't get along with my family dog I would have said the SAME THING :)


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