Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Natalie Blair - How to Grow Your Blog NOW!

Posted By: Leah
Hey there little lovely readers of Leah! My name is Natalie and I blog over at my self titled blog, Natalie Blair. It's nothing too fancy schmancy really. Just another one of those lifestyle blogs about life, love, fashion, photography & more!

I am not really good at these things, but I thought to myself, "eh... just wing it!"

So, today I thought I would share how my blog became such a quick hit in less than a year! I normally don't like giving away my secrets but hey, sharing is caring. Right? Right.

Here are a few tips on how I became such a successful blogger in such short notice...

1. Comment comment comment! Even though you comment on some blogs that do not comment back, still.. comment. Hmmm.. ever wonder whyyyyyyy you aren't getting responses??? Maybe it's because you are a no-reply blogger. What is a no-reply blogger you ask? Well... if you don't know what that means than you are more than likely a "no-reply blogger". That is very fixable.. Here. Let me work you through it!
  • In blogger.com, open your Dashboard.
  • Click the down arrow next to your name and click Blogger profile.
  • Click on the orange Edit Profile button.
  • Under Privacy on the left, check the box for "Show my Email Address."
  • Save changes.
There ya have it! Also, it might help if you create a whole different email for your blog instead of using your personal email. That is how I do it! And I think that is how everyone else does it!

2. Turn OFF your word verification! Oh man, I have came across this so many times, and let me be Frank... but when I type out something and hit "submit" and that awful box pops up, I leave. Unless I typed up an insanely long comment. But that right there will drive people away faster than you can say supercalifragalisticexpialidocious. And how in the world did I even spell all that?? Wow. Now, I will work you through those steps on how to turn it OFF!

And don't forget to SAVE

3. Link up as many link ups as you can! Yes, sometimes the themes/subjects of the links are boring or redundant, but if you do them, THAT is how you will get GFC or Bloglovin' followers SO quickly! Also, if they have Twitter or Facebook link ups.. DO THAT TOO! But make sure you have a Twitter or Facebook. 

4. Which brings me to number 4, Create a Twitter and Facebook for your blog! A lot of people browse the social network and that is where majority of your new readers will come from!

5. Create a Bloglovin'!! Some readers don't use GFC because they don't use Blogger. Some of your readers come from Typepad, Tumblr, Wordpress or they manually use their own server and domain. So get one of those!!

6. Make sure your design isn't an eye sore! I am sorry, and I may sound really snooty, but if your design just plain out sucks.. I leave. Nothing is worse on the eyes than really bright images and headers or REALLY dark backgrounds. Also, make sure everything matches! Make sure all link buttons are centered and in place. When everything looks wonky, I seriously want to hack your account just to FIX it! :) And I do provide design services over here ;) 

I think that is the basics that are the most important.... OH! Wait, I forgot one tiny thing:

BE NICE!Nothing is worse than having someone go around spreading hate all over the blogosphere. Not only is it just wrong, but you seriously look like an asshole. (Excuse my french! But it's truuuuuuuuuue!)

A Note from Leah: Thank you Natalie! These tips are awesome! I am on vacay and Natalie is posting and I could not be more thrilled on the topic. I met Natalie through a blog swap and have literally watched her follower count double in the past couple months. Thanks again for sharing your secrets. This is good stuff!


  1. I really hate when people leave their word verification - it really does make it harder to comment!

  2. Great Tips! Thankyou! XD
    sarah @ www.whimsicalmumblings.blogspot.co.uk

  3. I am a new blogger and these tips help. Thanks

  4. Thanks Leah and Natalie, some fantastic tips! Always on the mission to do the right thing from the blogosphere!

  5. Thanks for the great tips ladies:)

  6. I liked this post! I had someone gently tell me to turn off word verification and glad I did... I also don't tend to leave comments with others that have this. especially after trying to type it in about 3 times!! Thanks, Deb

  7. Oh man, the verification is SO annoying! I spent a good 10 minutes trying to post a comment yesterday, I dont know WHY they make it so hard to read, its not like spam robots can read at all...so just make it clear!


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