Friday, September 21, 2012

Ocean Beach, California

Posted By: Leah
When I told people I was going to San Diego, sooo many people said that I HAD to check out Ocean Beach. Apparently this is a popular spot for the locals and tourists have discovered it too. They have a great T-shaped pier and amazing Acai bowls.

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BF, Like a Boss.
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This was another beach with grass right next to the sand ocean. I love that! It's something I had not seen before and I think it's so pretty.
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There was so much just 'classic cali' stuff. I mean, where else have you seen a hair and tattoo shop? West coast!
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OB was super different (and wayyy more crowded) than any beach I've been to before. But also really interesting. I have seen the same old NC beaches my entire life, and the Cali beaches are a 180 from what I'm used to. There are mountains! And cliffs! And palm trees! And Surfers! And grass! And people EVERYWHERE!

 I had heard about Acai bowls before visiting SoCal and we saw a sign that said 'world's best' so of course this is where I had my first acai bowl. sooo delicious. It's like a thick smoothie with granola and fresh fruit and honey on top!
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This is also about the time I realized I lost my wallet. Yeah... not just my ID but bf's too. We didn't stress out too much at the time, I thought I had just left it back at the house. .. so untrue but I'll get to where it went in another post next week.

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Next week... stand up paddle boarding in Mission Bay! Me standing on this thing that looked like a surf board! OH! And the GREATEST DRINK IN THE WORLD! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. It looks beautiful - and that acai bowl look so flippin' delcious! I've got to stop reading your blog before breakfast, haha!

  2. Yipes! Hope you found your wallet in one piece with nothing missing - that's one of my vacation nightmares!


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