Thursday, September 27, 2012

Return of the Duck Lips.

Posted By: Leah

So... I don't know where you've been, but I have always thought the whole sority girl 'duck lips' poses were cute. In the 'olden days' aka over 7 years ago, I'd call this my 'dancing face.' And it was soo adorable (maybe only in my own mind).

This was March, 2005... I INVENTED 'dancing face'!

Anyway, It's cool, I rock them. I have no shame.

And this was a week ago. At a work event... clearly.

Then somewhere around Jersey Shore, Fist Pumping, and Snooki pre-baby (remember we're old friends), the 'dancing face' was negated into 'duck lips.' and the world made fun of them :(

Well I'm here to tell you 'duck lips' are awesome, especially paired with 'deuces.'

Ok, Ok I know not every situation calls for 'duck lips' so my 2nd favorite 'fun' pose is the 'open mouth.' But let's be serious, duck lips / open mouth / all of these = awesome photos and what I'm sure your and my facebook is full of.

Katie, I'm passing the open mouth pose to you... Go!

Katie got it! And I'm back to Duck lips, holler! 

Or maybe you don't have duck lips on your facebook. Maybe you have a different, yet equally awesome expression as your 'go-to' for photos. Don't even hate. Duck lips are adorable (on me. I don't care what you say).


  1. Duck lips and deuces... getting in touch with your inner Southern Gangster today? haha. I love the fact that you just did an entire post about duck lips.

  2. Everyone does the duck face, and if they say they don't, THEY LIE! I love that Gavin met Snooki. Also, I have no idea how Ryder is not just a walking STD at this point. SHE SLEPT WITH EVERYONE IN THAT HOUSE!

  3. Your so funny! I love the duck lips on you! You make them look cute and cool at the same time. ;)

  4. Hahahaha love it! Im all about the deuces! People make fun of me about it all the time! lol

  5. You do rock the duck lips pretty awesomely :)


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