Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So What! Wednesday. Fall (not Fail.)

Posted By: Leah
Yay you guys I'm back! I mean really back. Not just scheduled posts. And I'm back to catching up on all of your blogs too... woo hoo! Half of blogging is my site, but the other half is reading all of your posts and catching up on what everyone else is up to. And I've missed that sooo much!

One of my favorite link-ups is  So What!? Wednesday.

So What!? Can I just say I already love the Fall Shows? The Mindy Project. I love her. I mean even before the show. But this show is awesome. She's so great, and quirky and hello? I think she is me. If I were a doctor and single and... ok I somehow identify with her. And I love how they played MIA throughout the show. Good call. And it was weird how Andy from the Office was her date, but it was good. Also New Girl! Zooey was especially adorable or 'adorkable' or whatever. I think the writing is better, and I don't know... I like her and Nick. No, not a spoiler. I just like him and her. the Tuesday Fox line-up is great. Not 100% on the Ben & Kate show, but it may grow on me.

So What!? I signed up for a fall gift swap! So many people have let me know they wanted to hear about the next one I am doing, so here is the one I'm signing up for:
So What!? Maybe we'll get each other for the swap!? I always go wayyy over the minimum. I am 'that girl' who is a total over-achiever and wants the recipient to feel like this is the BEST gift swap ever. I know, I'm that crazy pay it forward girl. I just have had amazing swap partners in the past and want to keep it going! And no, I don't drop tons of cash on these, it's not about that. It's about getting creative, and making the recipient feel special. Not just running out to Target for the minimum.

So What!? Speaking of the fall.... I have a tiny confession. I don't really like it. The fall, I mean. I have woken up to the crisp 50 degree mornings this week and been like 'dang I do not want to wear another layer!' And I hate that it's already pitch black by 7pm. It makes me feel so cold and reclusive. In the summer when it's warm and light out until 9pm, it's just so much more comfortable. Oh well, I'll keep downing pumpkin spice latte's from Starbucks and hopefully catch the fall spirit soon.

So What!? Yesterday marked 3 months until Christmas... OMG! where has this year gone!? Seriously. Oh, and on that note I totally have to do some self-promotion (sorry!) but exciting news about my Etsy Shop, ShopLeah! People who read my blog (including IRL friends/family) make up for 100% of who has purchased the hair ties. And to that I have to say THANK YOU! Ok so the good and exciting news is I've re-ordered and RESTOCKED in a BIG WAY! I found out what colors you guys like and gotten more of it! I've also gotten some new patterns I can't wait to share! As always, they cost only $1 each and I make them all custom, so each order is brand new and just for you :)
Check out my etsy shop HERE. They make really good gifts for all your friends, co-workers, girls of all ages!

So What!? I know I am not a huge fan of the way fall 'feels' but I LOVE how it smells! I took a trip to Bath and Bodyworks and got new car scent discs and candles for the season. I think that bath and bodyworks caught on that their prices were too high because I got soooo much (i'm talking like 10 things) for under $15 total! Now my car smells like warm apple cider and my livingroom smells like a pumpkin muffin. It's kind of awesome.

So What!? OH! Speaking of pumpkin muffins, I have a super good (and easy!!!) recipe I think everyone has tried. Two ingredients you guys (box of spice cake mix + canned pumpkin). Gav and BF eat these up like they are going out of style. And soooo moist. healthy too! These are a WIN for sure :)

So What!? I spent all of last Saturday evening watching Kim's "Don't be tardy to the wedding," Yeah, this is the first time I'd seen it! And Abby & Brittany, it looks like a 2 headed girl! I mean it is. I love them. And how they speak the same words. How do they control their limbs in sync?  Oh, and Breaking Amish. Fab show! Ok maybe I'm not too sad about staying in with the dark evenings and cooler nights.

So What!? Gav lost another tooth! Remember his super magical and glittery tooth fairy experience last week? Well on Sunday night he lost his 2nd tooth. He told me he thinks he'll look like a jack-o-lantern by Halloween LOL.

So What!? And THANK YOU Adri for the head's up on Panera's adorable pumpkin cookies! Is it bad I drempt of these after seeing the pic you posted to IG? Yeah... so Gav and I HAD to go :)

So What!? Ok that's it for my fall (not fail) So What Wedsnesday! I have missed this link up you guys, I promise to get back into these soon.
So What Wednesday


  1. I don't like the cold, or the fact that I had to use a flash light to get ready this morning, BUT I do love me some Fall.

  2. I HATE the cold but man am I read for at least just a temperature break, it's still in the 90s every single day here.

    And I'm a complete sucker for all shows on TLC. And Bravo. I even got my mom hooked on Flipping Out!

    I'll have to go check out your Etsy shop!

  3. love bath and body...i just went on a big soap spree there. now my bathroom smells like cinnamon pumpkin. yum. and i'm totally ordering some hair ties for stocking stuffers. they're perfect for it! pie or i have one in pretty much everyday!

  4. There are so many fall swaps going on right now. I was going to enter one but figured I'd take a month off before the Christmas ones rolls around. This girls wallet needs a break yo.

    Pumpkin muffins, yes please :)

  5. Love your post! I agree with so much!!! I feel the same way as you about catching up! I feel like I've been a bad blogger and haven't been reading any blogs that I follow, but I'm back!
    The Mindy project, husband and I watched it last night too, its great! I love her, she is too funny! You should read her book, it is SO funny and the show kinda reminds me of her book too. And of course New Girl is awesome! I LOVE her and nick too! I rooting for them to get together :)
    I need to get my butt to bed bath and beyond and get some yummy smelling scents, asap!
    And and last, I got your card and hair ties, loved them! The hair ties are so cute!
    Happy Wednesday!!!

  6. I need to hut up bath and body works after reading this! what is the swap you are talking about??

  7. OK we should totally watch TV together! I have yet to watch the 2 headed girl show but OMG I need to catch up, maybe they'll have a marathon soon! Breaking Amish has my full attention though, so intriguing!


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