Monday, September 24, 2012

Stand Up Paddle Boarding and BEST DRINK EVER

Posted By: Leah
 BF had wanted to go stand up paddle boarding since forever. Like he's talked about it for as long as I have known him. When we booked our San Diego trip, I was smart and signed up for San Diego groupons as well. Guess what? They had a stand up paddle boarding for two groupon offer in San Diego, so I totally purchased it and gave it to BF as part of his BDay gift, back in August.

I seriously knew nothing about San Diego or paddle boarding and feel SOOOO lucky that the place I booked, Pacific Beach Sports, was amazing. AND remember I talked about how the pacific ocean is freezing year round? Well without knowing, this groupon was to paddle board on Mission Bay... a super WARM lake-type place in the middle of San Diego (ok I get it, it's a bay, but it looked like a lake where we were.)

Pacific Beach Sports was super awesome. I called a couple weeks before we went and asked how exactly we would get the paddle boards to the beach. That's when I learned that we'd be on Mission Bay and they said they loaded the boards onto the cars for us and gave us racks. What a relief! I was scared we'd lose our rental car deposit trying to create our own make-shift paddle board rack lol.

ANYWAY the instructor we had, Laura, was super cool. She gave us the instructions and it seemed easy enough. Just get on your knees on the middle of the board and paddle on both sides. Then stand up when you're comfortable.

 AND Laura our instructor took pics for us! I wanted to have pics of us paddle boarding but was thinking either BF or I would have to get out of the water and go get the camera in the car. No need! Laura took tons of pics and then uploaded them to FB that afternoon so we could tag ourselves. Check out PB Sports Labor Day for all of them from that day. 
I'm not even going to lie. It probably took me a good 15 minutes being out on the water before I even attempted to stand up. It was SUPER windy, and everybody who stood up wiped out into the water. I didn't want to deal with crawling back up on my paddle board (lazy!) so when I felt a little wobbly I would just kneel down or sit really fast. I never fell off once, holler!

And this is probably the best photo ever. Me super confident like the paddle boarding pro I am, and bf wiping out. Hilarious. 


OK! SO best drink ever time. And YES it has to do with paddle boarding! I know you are all thinking this is an alcoholic drink. And you are actually wrong.

Seven Grand
BF and I had gone out with friends to dinner the night before paddle boarding and got to ride in their cute convertable VW rabbit to eat at this place called Urban. But before that, we went to their adorable house for drinks and the most amazing ahi tuna ever they had fresh for us. Then, after that and the dinner at Urban, we went to Seven Grand and I had an old fashioned which had raw sugar, burbon and bitters, which seemed like the right thing to do.

The bartender who made it was all dapper and straight out of a movie with his perfectly tailored crisp pressed button down, tie, apron and vest, shaking the drink all pro style. Yes the deer head decor freaked me out slightly but hey, there is NOTHING like that around here (ok maybe like a redneck bar lol and this is the opposite of that!)

However... in the morning my head felt not so good, and I knew I  had to go paddle boarding in the sun. yay. So here's where the best drink ever comes in!

So at the corner of the street where we were house sitting there is a little convenience store. PS all the convenience stores in San Diego sell Liquor. no ABC stores for them. ANYHOW NO I was not buying more alcohol to drink before I went paddle boarding, I went in early that day to get some caffeine for BF and I. Honestly, they had a $5 minimum and the energy drink I got BF plus my starbucks in a can wasn't enough, so I grabbed some coconut juice. my favorite. But this time I got Parrot brand. A kind I had never tried.

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! BEST DRINK EVER!!!! So you know how coconut water is kind of gross. I know, I drink it and I like it but most people don't. It's a little salty and creamy and weird. Well Parrot Coconut Juice with pulp was different. It was almost like drinking coconut milk, but juice! And it had crunchy bits of coconut in it. omg it was heaven. And you know how coconut water is advertised as a sports drink replacement because of the electrolytes? This TOTALLY worked on my hangover and I felt AMAZING! Immediately! Headache gone! Energy Restored! And I had an awesome time (clearly!) paddle boarding!

Unfortunately the only place in NC you can get Parrot coconut juice is at World Market (random). And I spent $12 at Whole Foods on various coconut juices with pulp, but NONE were even remotely as good.

Then last week a miracle happened. BF got on Amazon, found my beloved Parrot coconut juice and sent me a case. It was the best day ever! And ok, yes I've averaged 2 a day of these, but omg they make me feel amazing. And aren't tooooo bad for me. Plus it's 85% coconut juice and the rest is water, ok and sugar. It just happens coconut has fat in it booo. but whatever. Worth it! Sweetest coconut water out there. for sure!

So if you like coconut, or coconut water, I HIGHLY recommend Parrot coconut juice! It's the BEST!

(PS if you follow me on IG these pics hopefully make sense now :)

Tomorrow... Hello Kitty at Yogurtland and Sprinkles Cupcakes!


  1. Love the photo of you and the BF - well falling hehe :) glad you had a blast!!

  2. Way to be a pro. I've never had coconut juice or milk before except for straight out of the coconut while we were on vacation a few times. I just didn't like it.

  3. looks like so much fun!!!! && yes that is the BEST drink ever.
    Happy Monday

  4. wooo!! Kudos for not falling over once!! that's awesome!

  5. I got to go paddle boarding over labor day weekend - in a lake in colorado. it was awesome! glad you had fun too.

  6. Haha I was like wait, didn't you already post about that? But then I realized it was Instagram. You are a brave girl, I'd probably fall right on my face paddle boarding!

  7. Yay. Coconut juice goth through labor!!! I have ways wanted to paddle board. Gotta do that soon!!

    1. OMG really? what brand coconut juice do you like? And that's awesome they let you drink it during labor!!!

  8. I've always wanted to paddle board...maybe one day. Looks like you could totally go pro. *whistle* Nice legs, hot stuff!


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