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I am humbled and overwhelmed with the truly amazing, touching, funny, informative, and delicious blog posts written by the following ladies. If you have missed any of these during the past two weeks, I highly recommend you going back and checking these posts out:

Losing followers freaks everyone out, doesn't it? Here's the way to handle it.
Once you're over losing followers, here are pro tips for how to grow your blog.
Have you ever been to San Diego? Here's the scoop from an insider!
Moving away is hard. Especially when you leave your friends and family.
Broken hearts heal quicker by someone very special. Like a 4 legged someone
Drown your sorrows with brownie sandwiches with salted caramel filling
Be inspired with a heartfelt story on open adoption.
Tips for your 14 yr old self. A mama's hilarious words of wisdom to her daughter.
Chocolate oatmeal fantasy cookies, a winner! No really. These won at the fair!
Visiting the aquarium is fun.. or is it? Super embarrassing moment. 
Office Makeover time! Get to work in style. (scroll below! I'll be away from a computer when this one post live. It'll be directly below this one on

Whether it's a special featured post or 'blog sitting' while the blogger is on vacation/getting caught up on work and family, writing a blog post for someone else is truly a gift. It is sharing your precious time, knowledge and expertease with another person, usually someone you don't know IRL.

I want to publicly thank each and every one of these ladies! You each are amazing and I love every single one of your posts!

Please Note -these posts were not in any particular order (except from the ladies who had special date requests). I adore each of you and am grateful for your contribution these past two weeks to Lovely Life of Leah!

... and next week I'll be back to talk about where I've been and what I've been up to!
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  1. ahh I am so happy you are back and you are welcome for the post! You are an amazing soul and I am glad I was able to help you so you could enjoy our wonderful vacation! Welcome back!


  2. Hello...I was surfing around today and came across your blog. It's really nice! And I will now follow you as well... have a great weekend! Stop by if you want some cooking recipes :-)

  3. Can't wait to hear all about it! It's been far too long. Come back!!!

  4. Cant wait to hear how you LOVE san Diego!! Glad you had a great time...


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