Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 Days of Awesome | Days 14 - 21

Posted By: Leah
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This week has been extra full of awesome! I hadn't seen BF since the beginning of October because he has been out of town. So much of the awesome this weekend was thanks to him! Here's what has been awesome in the last 8 days:

14 - Having a six year old! This age is the absolute best and holidays are more fun than they've ever been.
15- A peek into other people's lives! I took part in this blog swap. Instead of getting the 'autumn theme' I asked Abbey to send me local items from where she lived.
16 - Gracie my kitty. She's my rebound/replacement kitty I got when my favorite cat (first baby before Gav) ran away 2 years ago. She's sweet and beautiful, even though I'm still mourning the loss of Mizzy.
17 - Fro-yo with Halloween candy!
18 - Helping others. I hate when my friends are feeling down. I do what I can to boost their confidence and remind them how awesome they are :)
19 - Picking Gav up early from school! He was soo happy and shocked!
20 - Dressing up at Road Atlanta petite la monds as race car drivers! Gav was also a skeleton.
21- Learning to skateboard! I've always thought it looked sooo cool, but never had the chance to learn. BF was teaching Gav and then I had him teach me. I love it! I can't wait to practice again soon!

There are less than two weeks left in October. Who knows what awesomeness will happen next!

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  1. I know I havent made comments in a long time but I love this. You guys have so much fun. I also cant believe how big Gav is getting.


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