Tuesday, October 16, 2012

31 Days of Awesome | Days 5 - 13 & NC Fair

Posted By: Leah
More days of awesome! When I first started this project I didn't really know what I was going to be looking for everyday. All I knew is I had to take a picture of something awesome everyday, but I didn't have any idea what these photos would be of.

Here are my photos from October 5 - 13.
What I thought was awesome those days:

 5- The opportunity to share with others. SkIndulgence skin care. Review & Giveaway coming soon!
 6- Thousands and thousands of women coming together in support of breast cancer awareness.
 7- The Hello Kitty pumpkin I made!
 8- Southern Things! Sweet tea ice cream? Yup. It's in my local grocery store.
 9- Adult size footie PJs at Target! And only $20 what a deal.
10- Tiny pumpkins! I want a pumpkin tree.

11- Surprise myglam bag / Ipsy subscription box. WAY better than Birchbox
12- Sweetie tea ice cream on sale! Got to try it... YUM
13 - NC State Fair. Deep fried awesome. Got to go with Gav & Lauren. Fun!!!

...and more IG #NCStateFair pics!

Roasted corn? YUP. Dipped in butter. Oh yeah!

Elephant ear... not fried dough. Not funnel cake. Imagine a cinnamon toast crunch doughnut.
It's the best ever (poor gav, he knows he has a sensitive stomach so he didn't want to eat any to risk feeling bad. Lauren & I had fried mac & cheese and fried banana pudding!!! Not gav. he missed out.)

Watching the fireworks. I love this picture so so much!

Gav enjoyed the fireworks so much his eyes turned into fire!

Dang, we didn't take any outfit pictures, but there was plaid everywhere!


  1. He's so cute! Love his face in the pictures!

  2. Hello Kitty Pumpkin!! I was at Target this past weekend and came across a Hello Kitty aisle. Thought of you!


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