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Bleach Tie Dye DIY

Posted By: Leah
I've never kept clorox in my house. I learned at a very young age that bleach does more harm than good. That a single drop can and will ruin your clothes. I have honestly never touched the stuff... that is until I learned about bleach tie dye.

Tomorrow is the Women's Only 5k in support of Breast Cancer. Last year my friends and I made
"Save the Hooters" shirts with iron-on logos I designed.

And yes, many people asked us if we worked at Hooters. I mean come on!
lol um, I guess it's a complement?
And I think I've talked about my tutu before... well if you missed it, here's the deal. I have always loved tutus, just like I've always loved Hello Kitty (ok, Hello Kitty  wayy more). But being serious, when is it ever appropriate for an adult non-ballerina to wear a tutu?

UM During a Breast Cancer 5k, of course! So last year I made one. And I rocked it. And then made another one and gave it to one of my friend's running coaches (they have a running school to prep for thsi race where I work).
And the whole time I was running (and ok, walking a little) I'd hear people cheer "Run TUTU GIRL RUN!" and trust me, it was great motivation. I also didn't want to be that lame girl in the tutu who didn't run. Embarassing!!!

...And that brings us to this year. I signed up for the 5k a long time ago and of course knew I wanted to participate, I just didn't really train. Um... at all. I think I sprinted across a parking lot once in August. Seriously, that's the last time I did any form of running.
And, this year my friend is running this race with her son in a stroller (get it mama!) and asked to borrow the tutu. So yes, I have let her borrow it... but it will be back, I love that thing soo much :)

ANYHOW this brings us to what do I do that is fun and special for this year's race?
They provide shirts, but as most runners will tell you, it's usually considered bad luck to wear a race shirt prior to completing the race. I still had the raspberry colored shirt from last year, and I didn't exactly iron the logos on all that well, and they peled off. So what could I do with a pink shirt?

Bleach tie dye of course!
I searched pinterest for weeks like an hour this week. And found nothing.
I mean I saw some lame stuff on pinterest but nothing really cool.... that was until 2 days ago my amazing girl Savannah with OH SO PRETTY the DIARIES posted this super spectacular DIY.

YES! This was it! I was going to make this bleach tie dye happen using the breast cancer ribbon!

I sware we followed her directions EXACTLY! And ummm...
My ribbon and shirt came out as sort of a fail.
When the bleach didn't immediately turn the fabric white, I sprayed more... and more... and more.
And I didn't lift up the ribbon, thinking that as I added more rounds of bleach I would need to keep the stencil in place. Like I said, I have zero experience with bleach.

So we did what anyone would do... and improvised the finished products.
Lauren then took on the infamous Pinterest sharpie & alcohol tie dye effect project.
However, I had no rubbing alcohol, so she used rum, the only thing close I had on hand.
And I took to my shirt with some of Gavin's markers and then evened out the crazy bleach spot with a few extra spritzes across the shirt. I think it turned out pretty well! ....Good enough to run walk a 5k that I haven't trained for. It's all about coming together with your friends and supporting breast cancer awareness anyway.

...AND in registering for the Women's Only 5k look who I saw flash across the screen in the photo gallery? Me! And a few of my friends! I have no idea where in the race this was... but it's hilarious!

Hint: I'm in the middle/left in the tutu looking like chariots of fire is playing in the background!
Rachael is on the far left with her ipod. Katie is in the right/bottom ish area with her eyes closed. She ran this  pregnant last year. Get it!!!

Are you walking or running in a 5k supporting breast cancer awareness this month?
If you've never done it, it's so much fun! Check out what races are happening in your city and save the tatas!


  1. That's so cool! I wanna try it!!!

  2. Now I want a reason to wear a fun and girly bright pink tutu! Love the shirt, looks like a fun project!

  3. Iam running tomorrow and I did the running school so I will be wearing my running school tee.

  4. I am running tomorrow and I did the running school so I will be wearing my running school tee!

  5. It's helpful to do research before working with something as ambitious as bleach :)
    What is very important is to make sure your shirt is 100% cotton. Polyester, which is plastic, doesn't take bleach. And if you want clean lines then use freezer paper for the stencil. Freezer paper makes GREAT iron on stencils! You can find it in the ziplock bags area. I don't have a blog to show you my end result. But I did my research on pinterest. Keep creating, the possibilities are endless.

  6. Your Chariots of Fire comment cracked me up! You described the picture perfectly. Thanks for the fun read! :)


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