Thursday, October 11, 2012

Coffee Talk with Natalie

Posted By: Leah
I'm linking up again for a little coffee talk with Natalie!

1) Pancakes of waffles? Well that totally depends on where I am and who's making them. If I'm at someone's house, probably pancakes. Or if you're at my house, I myself, an a stellar pancake maker. I especially like the Trader Joe's pumpkin mix out right now. But if I'm at a restaurant or at a hotel with a continental breakfast then waffles! omg a Belgium (Belgian?) waffle with all those perfect little places to hold maple syrup, whipped cream, strawberries... yes please!

2) What is your go-to meal? I will say cheese quesadilla. We always have cheese and tortillas in the house. Gav loves them, I love them. I can add avocado, salsa, whatever I have on hand and it's always delicious.

3) What is your 'must have' snack while watching a movie/TV show. I actually don't associate tv with food. Don't get me wrong, I spend many a meal with a plate on my lap watching tv. However I don't have popcorn or pretzels or anything like that. I think most of the food I make is basically some form of snack anyway (I will thank my mom for the hors o'deorve boards growing up)
You know that scene in Mermaids with Cher and Winona Ryder and they eat snacks for dinner? That's what we did. And last week I totally ate hummus/crackers/corn salsa for dinner one night. I like to keep the tradition alive.

4) What is your guilt food (the kind where you are sad, lonely, etc)? I'm going to say some kind of carbs. I can get really creative with peanut butter, graham crackers, cool whip and chocolate syrup if there's nothing else in the house.  But usually I don't even have those things. And if I could go out and get whatever I wanted, I would probably say any milkshake from Zaxbys would make me instantly happy. From their brownie batter one to birthday care with chocolate whipped cream... Yes please. 
via- me! I actually took this pic and it came up in my Google search. Love when this happens :) 

5) What kind of food do you eat that is so disgusting to others and you are embarrassed to tell? Ok don't judge me, because this is ultimate fat kid snacking. But sometimes if there are cheez-its in the house, I will dip them in ranch. it's so good. I don't know where I got started on this, but now I can't eat a cheez-it 'dry' (sans ranch) or it's gross. I mean not that dipping them in ranch makes them a culinary masterpiece, but it's really good. trust me. 

Guess who's guest-hosting Coffee Talk with Natalie next week? That would be ME! This Girl! I sent Natalie um maybe 25 questions of pure awesome. I know it was supposed to be 5, but I had to expand on each thought and.... she'll be condensing them down big time. So out of my 5 subjects there might be just one, or I'm not sure how'll she is going to wrangle my ideas, but it'll be ok.

Link up and get ready to talk about a whole lot of random with Nat & Me next week!

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair


  1. We always have cheese quesadilla stuff in the house! It works if Big A comes home later and I ate dinner out, then he just makes himself one quick and I don't have to lift a finger!

  2. I vote waffles only because I cannot master the art of making the perfect pancake without it being runny on the inside or burnt! I don't know why. But the waffle maker fixes that for me :)

  3. Cheez It's w/ranch? Awkward. Mostly cause I'm not a fan of either. Had you listed celery & peanut butter I'd of said the same thing :/ However, pancakes & waffles...yes please!

  4. LMAO! You meant "mangle" your questions didn't ya! BAHAHAHA

    Will you make me some waffles????? I loooooooove waffles!!!

    And I must try cheeze its with ranch. Oh yea....

  5. OMG. how did i forget about cheese? mainly the quesadillas reminded me of cheese and how i want to eat a block of it right now.

  6. i don't normally eat/associate food with watching a movie either!

    great answers! hard to go wrong with cheezits,in general :)


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