Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cohosting Coffee Talk Today!

Posted By: Leah

Hey Y'all (that's my Paula Dean voice) I'm soo excited to be cohosting Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair of ohemgee today! These questions are from me! Be sure to grab a coffee and link up with Natalie and me today!

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair
Oh and warning - the questions I came up with are a pile of random! You'll love them lol!

1. Let's talk about ink: Do you have tattoos? How many??

Yes! I have five. I have stars on my back, a star on my foot, Hello Kitty on my other foot, forget-me-not's on my lower back (tramp stamp) and my super big, painful anchor tattoo on my side. Read that epic story here.

2. Let's talk about hair styles: Bangs, do you have them, want them, or trying to grow them out? What about side bangs? 
Yes! I have bangs. I had wanted them for a while and last year I took the advice of BF and got them. I think they are adorable and I never want to go back.

3. Let's talk about work: Without getting specific with a company name, what do you do? What did you want to be when you grew up when you were young? 
I do program logistics for continuing education events (meeting planning). When I was young I wanted to be a flight attendant  I also wanted to be a concierge  Then I found out that both jobs had crazy hours.

4. Let's talk about friends: Do you find it easier or more difficult to meet new friends as an adult? Do you have what you'd consider 'blog friends'? What about IRL (in real life) friends?
Lauren, my friend at work who loves HK too!

I find it easier to meet new people as an adult. I think I'm a lot more confident in who I am and usually become friends with most people I meet. When I was younger I was really shy and quiet. I think I came off as stuck-up even though I wasn't at all. I just was a late bloomer.

I have a lot of 'friends' I've met through the blog world. Really cool girls I e-mail back and forth everyday. I'd say my bloggie bestie is Kayleigh of Down at Fraggle Rock. We email all the time. I have never met anyone from blogging IRL. Back in the day I met a couple people from online (from AOL and The Nest). But it was situations where we went to the same high school or college, I wasn't traveling cross country for them or anything. It was always awkward meeting people from online. I always painted a picture of what people were like, then I'd meet them and be like "OMG You are so short! You wear Tevas an it's not 1995? Gross!" Yeah. But if you like Hello Kitty as much as I do, forget about it, we are going to be besties. True story.

5. Let's talk about Social media: Android or iPhone? Twitter or Facebook?
I am seriously the ONLY person I know who has an android phone, just renewed my contract and got a droid 4 and I have very little interest in ever getting an iPhone. Why? Because I like to type. I like the keyboard. Plus I have an ipad, which is basically an iphone sorta kinda.

Yes, I'm on Twitter. I very rarely check it, but I do link up my IG and FB to cross-post so I have a little bit of a presence and get the msgs if someone @'s me back.

Both my IG & Twitter are private, but I have no problem sharing my usernames.
Lovely Life of Leah Blog's FB Page
Hit me up! I love social media. I think it's so awesome to connect and learn about people I have so much in common with, but have never met otherwise.

So link up with Natalie for coffee talk!

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  1. What about me?? Aren't I your bloggy bestie!!!!!! jk jk jk ;)

    Thanks for co-hosting with me this week! I had a lot of fun with your questions!

    And you look gorgeous in bangs :)

    1. OH YES! And of course and Natalie Blair, my bloggie bestie who is so sweet she let me co-host her awesome coffee talk and is the best graphic designer I know!

  2. Awww thanks for the shout out homie! And in case we ever meet I'm 5'8" and I have no idea what that other thing you are talking about it, so I def don't wear them!

    1. lol they are these sandals that we all wore in middle school. sort of like Chacos... but way more 'mandal.'

  3. I love your bangs! I also love your anchor tattoo (even though I wont get one, lol).

  4. I think you look fabulous with bangs :)

  5. How can anyone not like Hello Kitty?!

  6. Thanks for co-hosting! I linked up for the first time after reading your post :)

  7. hello kitty? yes please!! though i did just rid myself of all my hello kitty underwear...since one day when washing some of my stepdaughter's stuff I realized that she has basically the same underwear, and isn't that just a little creepy? (she's ten)

  8. i used to be shy and reserved when i was younger and often came across as bitchy too. i have certainly gained a lot of confidence over the years and really have no problem making friends now. the hard part for me is finding time for new people in my life.


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