Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Posted By: Leah
Happy 23rd Birthday Sarah! 

It's my little sister Sarah's 23rd birthday today, wooo hooo!!!!

It seems like just yesterday (or 2 yrs ago) when you turned 21 in Denmark! And it's where the legal drinking age is 16 or 12 or something, oh the irony lol! 
(catch up on that awesome post HERE).

Today's Sarah's Birthday!!! She lives all the way in Nashville. I still haven't gotten a chance to visit, but Gav and I will head over there soon. We really want to meet your new puppy Rosie and also go eat at the hibachi pancake place!!! Maybe even run into a Jonas Brother!
That's Rosie! A min pin rescue. Gav says she looks like the squirrel from Ice Age lol. 

Sarah is my only sibling and is 9 years younger than me. In honor of Sarah's birthday, here are some mostly embarrassing, plus a few awesome pictures I've dug up of Sarah and I through the years. We've gone on A LOT of crazy adventures together.

Sarah was a competitive dancer! She danced from age 4 - 18 when she went to college, and that's a lot of dancing! She was the best at tap. My favorite performance was of her doing a lyracle dance to Maroon 5's 'Harder to Breathe.' All the girls had on black pleather, mesh shirts; they spun around and got real on the stage. It was awesome. 

Every year, the day after Thanksgiving my family goes up to the NC mountains and gets the family's Christmas tree. It's a really special tradition. I was 25 here and Sarah just turned 16.

We are fortunate and my step-mom (sarah's mom's) family lives close to NYC. Back when Sarah was in high school we used to visit and ride the train into the city to see plays all the time. This was from one of the times we saw RENT. And if you saw I had on a RENT belt buckle then try to ignore my tourist ways, and also see what a fashion emergency I was. 

Sarah was of course in my wedding back in the day (7 yrs ago). I picked out her dress. I of course found one that was a mini version of my wedding dress in my favorite color :D 

Please ignore my Laura Ingalls Wilder spiral hair style. This was hottt back in '05 you just forgot haha!

And just like me, Sarah likes to break it down. I'm the one who likes to go out, and she's more of a home girl (you know, hang out at home). But in the right setting we both have a blast! 

 Sarah wrote the best toast of all time for my wedding. It was all about me. The highlight of the toast was the part about my feet. And rhymed that with neat. This is real. And was read in front of 75 ppl at my wedding. This is why Sarah is awesome. 

We like to do cultural stuff too! Once... we went and found all the hipsters in Charlotte (this was 2 years ago before anyone even knew what a hipster was. Check out that post HERE). 

Here we are at Christmas. Our dad was taking a picture and I am quite a bit taller than Sarah is (like 5 inches or so) . So Dad told me to scoot down on the sofa, then Sarah was too tall and by the time this photo was taken we're practically lying on our backs on the sofa. 

And concerts! As soon as I moved to Greensboro, I won tickets at my job to see Britney Spears. And they were actually really amazing seats! I didn't really have new friends at my new job, i'd been there only a couple weeks, so I invited Sarah and two of her friends from college! (I like to pretend I look younger too but not so much). And I had a blast with these girls! 

I've learned so much from Sarah, like about TOMS 5 years ago, before anyone else knew what they were. And she's the reason I went vegetarian and then vegan (then I gave it up, but we'll forget that part lol) was because Sarah did it (and still is veggie!) and made it look so easy. She can do the perfect cartwheel, and has even tried to teach Gav, but me... a work in progress.

Gav loves to hang out with Sarah too, who else would make him a bubble hat!?!

Sarah's also the reason why I started blogging. She has studied abroad I think 4 or 5 times, and each experience she has documented with a blog following her journey. Some stories fun, some embarrassing  but always interesting and with awesome photos.

So happy birthday Sarah! And I hope you have a wonderful day/week/year/everything! I'll see you at Thanksgiving when we go to the mountains to cut down the Christmas tree with the fam!

This is Sarah now in Nashville (head shot for her wedding planning gig)

This is my step-mom (Sarah's Mom), Sarah, and I at her graduation from college this year!
It's also my step-mom's birthday today! Happy birthday to Jan too!!!!

I sent Sarah a really awesome package in the mail that she finally gets to open today! Even if your birthday isn't today, everyone can enter to win ShopLeah luxe hair ties here. I'm giving away 2 sets this week!


  1. 1. Blonde you cracks me up! Not because it looks bad or anything, just because I'm not used to it.
    2. I know the gangstah picture was just for me.
    3. I want to be 23 again! Wah!

  2. How awesome to have a sister that you're so close with! Happy Birthday to her!


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