Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Posted By: Leah

Happy Halloween from the Lovely Life of Leah blog!

Even when I try to make him look like a scary zombie, Gav is still the cutest boy I've ever seen!
Here's the origional photo, it's from a couple years back when Gav was almost 4,but it's still an all time favorite :)

I try, I really for sure try to get excited about Halloween, but it's just not my kind of holiday. Gav's going trick-or treating with his dad and is going to be a zombie ninja this year! I'll be eating passing out candy. I hope everyone has an amazingly fun and safe Halloween!!!

PS awesome Dia de los Muertos post coming up tomorrow! I know, I'm weird but I love Day of the Dead and don't like Halloween. So similar, but not really! At least Day of the Dead celebrates something. Halloween celebrates... everything scary!? I work too hard to keep my life 'lovely' {I'm LovelyLifeofLeah, remember?} than to want anything not so happy around.


  1. Ahahaha this is awesome, coolest mom ever. Happy Halloween!!

  2. No Fall OR Halloween? How are we even friends?

  3. That's so cute! Happy Halloween babe!


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