Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So What! Wednesday - Ca$hing Out

Posted By: Leah
So What!  Today I am coming clean about cashing out in the blog world. 
(Note: I'm for sure not a big blog, but I do okay for a blog of my size.
 These ideas and tips are all my own, but I want to share with you!)

So What! my blog hit 100,000 page views yesterday. Many bloggers care about their amount of followers, but when it comes to stats and numbers, I look at the number of page views. I care because I get paid per page view. I know, I know, I come across as this 'I only blog for myself' kinda gal, and I am! But lets be serious for a second, there's $$$ to be made. I do really well with Google Ad Sense (you know, those lame ads under each post), I have made the most via sponsored posts from Clever Girls Collective. I'm in with a couple other brands and companies. But So What! You being here right now's putting a little $ in my pocket and I appreciate it! So go get signed up with Ad Sense and start earning $$ on your blog if you aren't already.

So What! I canceled my Birch Box. You probably felt it coming after this post. I just became un-excited about the past few packages I got from them. BUT...  I had racked up reward points and got $30 to spend on the Birch Box site... YES!

So What! I get Influenster Vox Box for free! WELL... So technically so far I only got one box, and it was the Natural's box... but I kind of like the free-ness of it. The actual content is... eehhh.... well it's free :)
So What! I have learned about sooo much awesomess via other blogs. From free Starbucks Day to $15 Modcloth surprise shipments, I have heard about great deals and steals just by checking my blog feed. And giveaways! oh wow... from Shabby Apple to SwimSpot and a bunch of cute etsy shops too. I feel sooo lucky about the amount of great things I've learned about because of blogs!

So What! I have gotten lucky in friendships via my blog as well. I have met the coolest from all around the world. Girls I would have never met otherwise. Annnnddddd, as a Hello Kitty Girl, there are other HK fans I've come across in my day-to-day, but online they seem to be everywhere in the blog world! It's awesome!

So What! I have grown my Etsy Shop sooo much too. I am so excited I've been able to share in my random and various ShopLeah craft endeavors. I started with flowers a few years back, then earrings, and now I'm on the hair ties. Who knows what will be next!?!

How has your blog helped you be successful?
What are you saying So What! to this week? Link up below!
So What Wednesday


  1. Have you seen that Target has an entire line of HK kitchen gadgets? It was like an entire aisle. I thought of you!

  2. hahahah I love you for putting all the blog biz out there! I feel like so many people are so hush hush when it comes to how they make money via blogging, like it's a big secret! Hello! We all see your ads! You're not fooling anyone!

  3. Loved your comment on my so what post! :) And now thanks to you I have signed up for Google Ad Sense. Hello, why have I not done this already....duh!

  4. I have learned a lot just from reading this one post on your blog :) I have to look into how I can do some money making! I am so new to this, I really had no idea...thanks for sharing!!

  5. As long as it is your content, why not? You know? It makes sense!!
    I am loving my hair ties!!

  6. Woo hoo for the views and $$$$ is always awesome!

    As for the birch box I canceled too! Two months Two months of crap!

  7. Congrats that is a big blog accomplishment!!

    Glad I found your blog, loving the header, cupcakes are my fav!! :)

  8. I love those Dish drying mats!! Lol

    and congrats on growing your etsy shop!! I am going to try to learn to make jewelry after the wedding to maybe open my own shop too as a little side project!!! :)

    Have a great Thursday!!


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