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So What! Wednesday - More on Fall Fail.

Posted By: Leah
So What! I have tried, I mean really tried to get into the fall spirit this year, but all I can say is that fall is officially my least-favorite season.

So today's So Whats! Are going to be me complaining sharing all the things I dislike about fall.

Here's why I dislike the season (aside from the mini Bath and Body Works scented candles, those I love):

You'd think any excuse for me to dress up as Hello Kitty would be awesome. However I really do not like Halloween for so many reasons....

I hate to be scared. Yes, if you haven't noticed I like to focus on the "lovely" things in life. I feel like Halloween is all about scary, gross, stuff like torture and death. It's not that I am against Halloween in general for religious reasons (tons of people are and that's okay), I just think Halloween not fun for me and I prefer more happy celebrations during you know, the daytime.

Haunted houses. I refuse to go to them. I guess back on the scared thing... I have no desire to have fear/scariness in my life. I work pretty hard at keeping myself and Gav happy. I know haunted houses are fake, but I just don't think they are fun. I never have.

Horror movies. Same thing. I'd rather watch a romantic comedy. Or documentary. Or I don't know, there are enough effed up people in the world. How about watch the news sometime. That's pretty much a horror movie if you really think about it, right?

The Food.
Halloween marks the start of the annual Holiday 10. Pounds, that is, that people gain between Halloween and Christmas. Left over candy from trick-or-treaters, etc.

I like pumpkin. I really do. I have had probably 5 pumpkin spice latte's already this year. I have made the infamous 2 ingredient pumpkin/spice muffins. I feel like this time of year I  have to eat all the pumpkin I can get my hands on. If someone offered me a PSL in May I'd probably say no way. But I think I like pumpkin more for the novelty than the actual taste. Same with candy corn. I mean I like it, I'll eat it. But why do they not offer it year round if it's so delicious? Just sayin!

The Work.
When I see yards with leaves, still, 3 years after selling my house, I get that twinge of angst that the homeowner association will send mean letters. HOA's are no joke.  I hate yard work to begin with but raking wet leaves in the dark is a no go. And they get stuck in the rake and gaaawww. This is why there are lawn services and kids with rakes and black plastic bags.

The Cuddling.
All I'm going to say is not everyone is married, or lives with a significant other to 'cuddle with.' plus every quote on pinterest about fall is about cuddling. I don't even like that word. It seems like something a creeper would put on their Craig's list personal ad: "I like to cruise the playground parking lot in my conversion van. I like to cuddle...' gross. Can we re-name the 'cuddle' to like 'nestle' or 'hug' or idk. so what! I'm a hater. sorry. I mean i'll sit with Gav on the sofa with a blanket, but that's about it.

The weather - It's 50 degrees in the morning and 90 in the afternoon. How am I supposed to dress my child? He's either freezing or burning up. Also, I hate layering. I hate socks. I hate sweaters (not really).  I want to deal with as few articles of clothing as possible. Boots and socks and coats and hats and gloves and... it's exhausting.

The sudden rainyness all the time - It should only rain at night. This goes for any time of year. But in the fall it just seems to be this constant annoying state of dreariness  I've never been to Seattle or London, but this is how I'd imagine both of them to be.

Remember a couple Fridays ago I shared that BF and I were going to our HS's football game? Well we couldn't. Because of rain. So no cute pics of me in his letter jacket :(

The slick roads. The other week Gav was outside and took a bad tumble on slick leaves outside. He scraped his knee, got a bloody nose, and hit his head. He still has bruises. He says he also hates fall because it made him 'fall.' true story.

Also.. Remember a couple weeks back I talked about taking off work and going to the apple orchard with Gav's class because I had never picked apples and was so excited? Well 0 for 1 on the apple picking. Apparently the orchard was 'all picked out' and they gave the kids pumpkins. Not the same.

The sun. The whole reason the weather's changing is because of the earth's tilt and yes I understand. What I don't like is the crazy amounts of fog on my car every morning making it all covered in wetness. Then the sun's at this weird angle, reflecting on the wet car and I'm seriously blind. I turn on the winsheld wipers, and the inside is foggy. I turn on the defrost and it's the outside that is covered in mist. It's super unsafe and annoying.

The sun (again). It gets dark so so so so early. I hate it. I feel trapped in my home. I need sunshine for motivation. I stop going to Target, just this time of year and the darkness is so depressing.

I found this on and I pretty much don't love any of these things. Some are like a 4 out of 10 on the scale of awesome. But zero are worth bragging that you 'love'

I am thinking there is something wrong with me. EVERYONE loves fall. I just hate it. I like winter okay, but fall is like the warm-up (not literally) getting me ready for the coldness and super short days of winter. (insert sarcastic tone) I can't wait to take a day off work because school is closed due to snow.

Seriously, though... am I the only one who seriously hates fall and makes lists of everything I don't like about it? So what! I really do not like it. Please help!

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  1. Haha I'm one of those people who absolutely LOVES Fall and everything about it so I'm struggling to relate to many of the things in this post. I do, however, agree that I hate how early the sun goes down. That's the only thing I cant stand about Fall/Winter. Getting up for work when its dark, and getting home from work when it's dark. So depressing!

  2. LOL! I am a Fall lover but I LOVE your honesty and the cuddling thing cracks me up!! Never thought about it but it does sound a little creepy.

  3. Bah humbug girl! Haha. We could not be MORE opposite about Fall. I LOVE scary movies, Halloween, and the leaves! You should come to Mass and experience a New England Fall. It's BEAUTIFUL! And then I can come to you in the winter and escape the snow. (You don't get snow right?)

  4. I love Fall, but I do agree with some if these things....Halloween, the sweets, (but I enjoy baking) and the cuddling, I hate cuddling! Unless its holding my daughter.

  5. I looooove fall. Haha. But I do not really care for Halloween. I like dressing up Henry and taking him trick-or-treating, but aside from that - Halloween is just stupid.

  6. I'm so with you on the Halloween stuff. I don't do it. Scary movies give me nightmares. Haunted houses make me want to pee myself. No thanks.

    But I do love pumpkin flavored and scented things, wearing sweaters and warm apple cider. So ... maybe October isn't all bad.

  7. I think we may be complete opposites!! I love fall and everything about it. I agree that I don't like to be scared either, but everything else I love!!!!!
    I got your comment on my page. Thanks

  8. You know what's funny? It is easier for me to lose weight in the fall/winter than in the summer! Strange but true. Even with all the yummy pumpkin deliciousness!

  9. My friend's ex said "snuggle" instead of cuddle, and I thought that was even creepier. It's maybe ok when you're talking about a baby or a puppy. But a grown up couple? Yuck.

  10. I also hate to be scared, the yard work and that pumpkin flavors fade away. I hate shorter days and cold morning and hot afternoons. I also hate cold houses.

  11. You little scaredy cat. I love Halloween & all it's gory horror movies :)

  12. Hahah this is cute and I can totally relate! I hate the Fall too. Especially the cold weather. And when I say cold I live in Florida and its not even THAT cold. I am such a baby when it comes to cold weather. And yes, I dont like Halloween either. No thanks, I hate being scared.

    So glad we got to chat today. Thanks for sharing your tips with me :)


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