Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So What! Wednesday

Posted By: Leah
This week I'm saying So What! If...
  • I really love Kanye and Kim K together. They seem so perfectly pretentious and I love watching their every move (Yes Kimmy and I are IG friends. gross lol). And Some people say that it's good they are together, because there's a higher chance of them dying together in a plane crash. Yikes. I like all of Kanye's music, I don't know him personally so I can't speak to if he's really an @sshole. But I do know someone who used to work on Justin Timberlake's tour (yup, back in his futuresex lovesounds tour <- what kind of album name is that anyway?) and my friend said that JT was a legit @sshole.
  • I have mixed emotions on JT and Jessica Biel getting married over the weekend. I mean yes, it's wonderful when people get married (most of the time) but I don't know...  JT needs a certain kind of girl. Jessica seems a little bit down to earth for him. Maybe the 7th Heaven days gave her a celebrity status that I missed out on? As my friends and I watched the Camdens in our dorm room, we always hated on Mary (Biel) and wished her off the show. And it worked. And now she's hitched to JT. He was all big-time in N'Sync in those days so maybe they are @ssholes together.
  • Remember how I don't like fall? I really don't like halloween. Gav will be with his dad that night, so don't worry on him missing out on the fun because I'm so ba humbug. In being the introspective/self-understanding kind of person I am, I really have been trying to figure out what my damage is with autumn. I think the sad part is I know specifically why i don't like fall (shorter days, crazy cold/rainyhot weather). And I know why I don't like Halloween (I don't like scary stuff, and what does Halloween celebrate anyway? An excuse to dress up like a whore if you're past the age of 14?) I just want to understand why everybody else loves it. I hop on pinterest and see all these crafts and recipes. Please enlighten me so that I get it, I hate being the only halloween hater.
  • Another thing about fall is everybody seems to get all big-time depressed. I totally am not calling anyone out. But of the big bloggers... you know... the big, big ones with like 5,000 followers they all made announcements this week, I kid you not, I have seen four separate posts on how they are so embarassed but they each had to get on anti-depressants. Like huge lead-ups such as, "tomorrow's post is one I'm scared to publish..." so I'm like oh wow this is going to be GOOD! Maybe someobody is going to confess to something scandalous! or hawt! or both!!! No :( just these girls 'admitting' they are on anti-depressants. I guess different circles think different things are a big deal, because I think something as common as that isn't all that blog-worthy let alone a 'confession.' That's like saying "I went to the gyno for my annual appt.'  I was talking to someone about seritonin a couple weeks back and she said that if people aren't exercising 30+ min a day, that the body most likely isn't making enough seritonin anyway. Moral of story... seriously.. not a big deal. But good for them that they went to the dr. to have that handled.
  • I am not happy with New Girl from last night. Was it just me or was that a 30 minute Ford Fusion commercial with Jess Day being a mess and Ryan Seacrest popping in every commercial break. Lame. There was no Mindy Project so I switched over to The B in Apt 23. I did like Zach Morris and Dawson and all the other cameos.
So What Wednesday


  1. I didn't come up with a reason to make to like Fall! WAAAHH! I think you should come to Mass and I will show you a lovely Fall. There... that's my idea... hop on a plane... Stat!

  2. Bahahaha! I love Kim and Kanyetgether! They're perfect for each other!!!

    I drive a Fusion lol!

  3. Oops. Made a big mistake "Kim and kanye together" is what I was trying to say! Lmao

  4. I hate Halloween too. I have no idea what Owen is going to be and feel like the worst mom ever. Technically he won't even Trick or Treat, but I feel like there needs to be a photo of him in costume for posterity's sake, but ugh. All these Pinterest moms with their homemade baby costumes make me want to punch something.

  5. I am not a Halloween fan either. I just think it is a giant pain in the butt!!

  6. JT is a total asshole because he didn't even invite N*SYNC to the wedding! THEY LOVED HIM WHEN HE HAD RAMEN HAIR.

  7. ^^^ I am dying at the Ramen hair comment. I do have the sads that JT is an @sshole. When I heard they got married this weekend, my 15 year old self was bummed. And I do think that K & K deserve each other - a match made in famewhore heaven! ;-)

  8. uhhh, i'm going to risk looking like an ass when i go to the grocery store just to get a closer look at j.biel's wedding dress.

  9. Shoot, now I'm less excited to watch my DVRed New Girl!!! Was it better than last week's?? Because that one was pretty lame, too!


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