Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Posted By: Leah
 Ten on Tuesday

1 -I got my holiday cards ordered this week! This is the longest I've ever waited to order them and I was giving myself conniptions, but we did the photos this weekend and I got that bad boy ordered Monday night before the sales went off! (Sorry, if you haven't ordered your cards yet. Not trying to stress you out. If you recall, holiday cards are pretty much the biggest deal about the holidays to me.). And I'm no graphic designer. I pretend to be one sometimes, but for cards in the past I've always left it to the pro's and for the most part gone with Shutterfly (plus they usually have great deals). But...this year I went with TinyPrints. I'll reveal the card on here once they are sent out (not trying to give away the surprise, I mean it's just a picture, but no one knows which one lol! And I've officially hyped up my card too much)

2 ... now I totally feel obligated to show you some of my holiday cards of the past couple years:

No, I don't usually send Thanksgiving cards, but I did in 2010! haha.

 The one thing that is the same is we have awesome expressions in every card including the one for this year! Ok that's all I'm going to say! Oh and PS this is not a sponsored post... I wish it was, Shutterfly sponsor me please!

3 -  LAST thing on this year's card (geez, this should be called "Ten on Tuesday, I only like to talk about cards."  I had an AWESOME idea inspired by Pinterest. Have you searched holiday card ideas on there?
Nope... didn't think so, I'm the only one super obsessive over them.

ANYWAY I had this awesome plan to do a card like this with a gazing ball!

4 -Who knew those balls are impossible to find? (we tried World Market, Lowe's, Wal-mart, and a bunch more stores with no luck). I found this thing at Ollie, but it wasn't smooth enough :(
See how sad i was about this not working?
So this year's card is nothing at all like this, but I was wearing that same dress I love from Shabby Apple (geez, this not a sponsored post from them either. Sadface)

5- These last Five will be non-card related I sware!  But it is holiday related! I am excited because I already chose the holiday swap I'm going to be taking part in. The sign-ups open 11/5 but because Lin is awesome, she has a reminder she'll send you if you want to remember to get in on this one.

6- I have already started holiday shopping! And I like giving really thoughtful/personalized stuff when I can. That said, I need a tiny saw or a dremmell. Or something else. And it's a gift for BF so he might have to let me use his and hide in the house. IDK might not be safe. We'll see...

7 - The craft fair at my work is coming up in less than 2 weeks. And this is where I usually make a lot of the money that I spend on holiday gifts, crossing my fingers that the luxe hair ties I made will sell well. They are doing okay in my etsy shop. If you want to try them out, I'm offering free shipping until Halloween (yikes! that's tomorrow!) with the code SHOPLEAHFREESHIP

$4.99 for a set of 5

8- Speaking of the luxe hair ties, how adorable will it be to display them on a tiny xmas tree like they are ornaments on my table at the craft fair? Sorta cute? Maybe? 

9-  You know Britt? She has survived Sandy yay! (she's in Mass) and she made the most amazing vampire bite cupcakes. I can't even handle how adorable they are!

10 - Tomorrow is Halloween thank goodness! I Am sooo ready for it to be over so we can move on to important holidays like Christmas and Hanakkah and Dia de los Muertos!


PS I am SOOO LOVING this sugar skull themed tree! And by clicking through I realized the cool ornaments are from an etsy shop! Adorable!

Link up with Lin (the one doing the holiday swap) to share your own 10 on Tuesday!


  1. Your earlier holiday cards are awesome, although I am laughing a bit at the attempted one this year. You're so creative so I know you'll totally have another awesome one this year!

    Oh and thanks for the blog love, as usual :)

  2. 1) OMG your cards are too cute!
    2) I haven't even done my thank you cards for the wedding and now I'm going to have to do them with our xmas cards! Eek!
    3) I need those skull ornaments pronto

  3. I love your skull themed tree!!! (Had to crack up at your Christmas ball card attempt - I've been there). :)

  4. What's a holiday swap? Oh and I love your holiday cards...they are all too cute!

  5. 1. Damn girl, look at you getting ahead of the game. Go you! I should probably do the same since I always end up waiting til the last minute :/
    2. Love them.
    3. Ooh pretty.
    4. Bummer. If it makes you feel any better, you still looks super pretty, even with a sad face. As far as not being sponsored by them, you should contact them & see if they'll work with you. What the worst that can happen, them saying no thank you? Meh.
    5. I'm so happy you'll be joining the swap! I've already started shopping for it but have to pace myself since I dont even have a partner yet haha.
    6. Love the idea of personalizing things when you can. If only i had a softer hand I'd do it but I'm like a big giant with a heavy hand.
    7. I'm definitely going to add these to the Christmas wish list I give to the hubs.
    8. Too cute.

    Thanks for linking up, sweets!


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