Monday, November 12, 2012

...and then I got Rick Rolled, Gangnam Style

Posted By: Leah
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I guess this is as good time as any to let you guys in on a little secret... I really  love to dance. No, I haven't had professional hip hop lessons, but I'm that girl... you know... the one who is the first to break it down at a wedding. I go to a concert and drop it like it's hot. I don't think I ever got enough clubbing out of my system in college and I still have that desire to get low any chance I get.

As a mom, it's not really appropriate, let alone possible for me to be dub-stepping all the time. The Just Dance wii game is all the fun of dancing in a club, but from the comfort of my own home. And there's no age requirements and Gav can get in on the fun too! And lets all be serious, I am not skilled enough, nor think it is okay  to actually make it clap, or anything else inappropriate around gav.

We got our first Just Dance game, Just Dance 3, right after last Christmas. It has been the most fun! We love dancing and learning new songs. And Gav's gotten to learn some classics ... plus we learned the moves for popular songs like Party Rock by LMFAO and Pump It by Black Eyed Peas.

The sweat literally pours off of us. And it's not that hard to get 5 stars for mastering the moves. Just Dance 3 is awesome... so I don't need to tell you how thrilled I was when Just Dance 4 arrived in the mail for me to review last week.  I was honestly going to buy it for Gav for Christmas. Seriously... the game is that good. But this also presented a dilemma  Do I save the most awesome gift for Gav or do I give it to him early?  Guess what? I got to do both!

Gavin goes to our local YMCA after school every day. They have something called the "energy factory" where they have several Wii's hooked up, Dance Dance Revolution, Karaoke, etc. Literally the DAY after Just Dance arrived at my house and I quickly hid it from Gav. He came to me and said that the YMCA got Just Dance 4 and that it was sooo awesome! The next day he wanted me to see the new Just Dance and that is how I got to do this review! I still plan to give him the game so we can play it at home, but I was excited that he was just as excited for the game.

And you should probably watch this clip....

Yeah sorry... I got Rick Rolled as soon as I saw Just Dance 4 and you did too. Sorry if you didn't see that coming.

and then Gav got to show me his favorite song of the past year that's also in the game:

And I love The Final Countdown!!! This song is such a classic!

And Skrillex... I can get my dub step on!

AND this month Gangnam style is a paid download for the Wii... so duh, clearly I'll be downloading that to the game. So much fun!

I love this game. I can't wait until Gav and I can play it all the time. 

Here is my photo of the Just Dance 4 Game I received. I can't wait to play it around the holidays and burn off those extra callories!



  2. Omg love that game! We play it at wine night. Somehow it makes me feel better to stuff my face if I'm dancing. Haha

  3. ohh wow... i need to get this lol

  4. You make me feel like dancing...wanna dance the night away! Ha! Btw, you won our Blume giveaway! Can you email me your addy, size and name that you want on it please?

  5. I would sooooooooooooooooo love to do this with you!! I am gonna start to Zumba actually!! I hope it doesnt kick my ass!


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