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Coffee Talk - All about my blog - LovelyLifeofLeah

Posted By: Leah

Every now and then I see posts about how bloggers got their start. It's interesting to read other blogger's stories. And today, it's my turn.  This week's Coffee Talk is all about my own narcissistic  awesome creation on the internet called Lovely Life of Leah.

 1. What is the meaning behind your blog name? Jamie, you know, my friend I met when I was in college, who was later nominated for a Primetime Emmy? He was the one who inspired my blog's name.  A little background (because I love telling stories about my past!) - I met Jamie through my friend Mary. Jamie attended the NC School of the Arts and Mary and I went to UNCG. Jamie's college was about 20 minutes away. He would come and hang out/party with Mary and I, I'm pretty sure just to hang out with our super hot neighbor {kim?}, but whatever, Jamie was a blast. When we weren't funneling beers (I mean... studying) we both loved being online, it was new then and very exclusive. You may have forgotten these days , but AOL was where it was at. Jame and I would chat on AIM for hours. In the summers, Jamie worked on the set of Dawson's Creek, which was filmed in Wilmington, NC.

Jamie at the 2012 HBO Emmy party via
As legend has it (according to my memory which is usually 110% when it comes to details of this nature). Jamie told me he had only been turned down by two girls ever when he asked them out (well this was as of 1999, but I'm sure it's still true). Of the only two girls who ever turned Jamie down, one of them was Katie Homes, but this was way back from the Dawson's Creek set. The other, you guessed it... it was me (pretty sure it was pure flattery, but we're going with it because clearly Katie Homes and I are in the same league).

Years later, after Facebook was popular and everyone got reconnected and back in touch, I sent Jamie a message. My sister had just entered college and wanted to study film making. At that point Jamie was already an Emmy nominated camera guy/film maker living in Los Angeles, so I wanted to connect my sister and Jamie. Maybe he could offer her some advice on getting into the film business. My e-mail to him went something like "Not sure if you remember me... but I'm one of the two girls who have ever turned you down {not Katie Homes}..."  Jamie wrote back "Of course I remember you! How could I ever forget the Lovely Leah!?"  best alliteration ever....and my blog name was born. yup. That's seriously where it came from.

Thanks Jamie! Without you this blog would probably be called Hello Kitty Obsession or something equally lame and most people would be scared to read it. 

2. How long have you been blogging? What made you start? I've been blogging forever. Ok not foreverever-ever but since the late 1990's. I've been keeping journals my whole life. I have a need to write. Most of my old blogs are long gone, however I do still refer to this Vegas Blog I created (hey, most of the tips are still good!) which was from 2003.

Aww I was 23 and at the Luxor, adorable!

The Lovely Life of Leah blog was created on Wednesday, March 4, 2009. Here is my very first post. It's about Hello Kitty, Bumpit, and a Hello Kitty tattoo I wanted (not much in my life has changed lol.)

My sister, Sarah is the one who actually inspired Lovely Life of Leah. She studied abroad several times in college and created blogs. Mostly so she didn't have to recap the same stories to people over and over. I  have always liked writing. I am not the best at spelling or grammar, but I have a lot to share. I rarely look at the underlined red misspelled words, because I'm always making up words and grammar, what's that? lol.

I'm also a super positive person, always looking for the awesomeness in the everyday, and wanted to let other people see things I liked too.

Also, being on Etsy is actually what really got my blog going. I was on Etsy Chat (which is no longer around, sadness) and people would offer deals and share their blog links. This is where I met Amy of Ponder and Stitch. She mentioned she was a sponsor and offering a giveaway on my teacups in peony. I was like wait... what... there are more blogs around, and all sorts of cool girls read them? It's like a network? Mind. Blown. From there I discovered Summer of  B is for Brownie aka Athena in the Middle. Through these ladies I found so many other awesome bloggers I wanted to follow. These three ladies have always been so inspirational to me in their own way. Each have had ups and downs in their own life, they are so honest, truthful, and amazing.

When I first started dating BF last year, I must admit, I really let the blog slip. I stopped taking photos for it, stopped posting my every move. I wasn't really comfortable telling the world I had become a single mom and was dating again. When I finally shared this information, I was actually a little taken aback when people said they always thought I was single. I was like yikes! no! the first 2 years of this blog I was married. But clearly I have focused this blog around myself, and apparently only talked about myself. Oh well.

This was the day BF told me I was his gf in Brooklyn, NY at Barcade last year

This year BF is the one who encouraged me to blog more. It's not that I didn't want to blog, I just didn't really feel comfortable putting all my personal business out there. I live in this bubble where I think the only people who read my blog are the followers you see on the right. And of course a few close friends and family. Throught some awkward run-ins IRL, I learned this wasn't the case. My blog gets around 1,000 unique page views a day. Some days it gets 10,000 or more. I thought this was a google error. It wasn't. There's a huge group of followers that have me bookmarked and (stalk) lurk what I'm up to. This realization really made me feel uncomfortable. The fact that people I know, but not really know, and total strangers read what I write everyday totally is weird. But guess what I did? I got signed up with Google so I get paid based on traffic to my site. I also signed up with Clever Girls Collective and have sponsored posts. So now I welcome anyone and everyone to read my blog. You're making me money just by reading these words.  Thanks.

3. What is your blog generally about? It's completely narcissistic. People who know me IRL (In Real Life, if you're reading this and are thinking "where is Irl?")  Anyhow, those people I actually know for real cannot believe how much I can write about that is all about me. I have a son, but don't talk about him all the time on here. I have a job, but don't talk about that a lot on here either. I have a boyfriend who I talk about sometimes, but at the end of the day, this blog is all about ME and no one else. People who know me casually, but have been fwd my blog have commented "YIKES! Leah talks about herself A LOT." But that's what blogging is. If I'm the only blog you follow, then I'm sure it's intense.

4. Do you have any funny blogs you would like to share? I have no idea what that means. I'm taking it to say? You're Hilarious! What are your favorite blog posts?  Here are some of my fav's from the past:

Blackberries and story about Cheap Trick, the band.

Hipster Sister Adventure in NoDa before I knew what a hipster was, but we pretended.

The special bracelet I wear because I'm a Bachelorette Reality Show Stalker

Gav and Mama Trip I had been un-married for about a week and we did it up big.
Well it was a work trip but still...

NYC Epic Happiness the day BF asked me to be his GF even though I don't say it in this post.

Bonnaroo pt 1 of 4 seriously the most fun ever. like forever ever kind of fun.

Pin-Up Preview I should have been born in the 1940's I have such a classic look. Who knew?

Story of how BF and I got reunited after HS, like 15 yrs later. Because I made it happen.
He just made it all next level awesome.

...ok there's more but these are good for now and from last year,
so you probably missed them/forgot about them.

5. What are your hopes for your blog? It's tough writing and feeling like I'm not sharing enough, not connecting with readers,  blogging feeling like a job, being concerned with numbers, etc. I'd be lying if I said it doesn't make me a tiny bet bummed when I lose a follower. I think my blog is a little bit niche (I mean how many other 32 year olds do you know who are this obsessed with Hello Kitty?) but that's okay. I'm not the typical 'mommy blogger' and I don't want to be. My goal is for you, the readers, to see a relatable version of me. I hope I'm someone you might want to be friends with or high-five if you saw me at Target in the clearance section. My hope is as you read this you think 'wow, she's a single mom, but she has an awesome life, and doesn't let the small stuff get her down.' Also any references you all want to make about me looking like Zooey Deschanel or Dita Von Teese are appreciated as well.   And if you think anything about me or my blog is adorable / pure comedy, that works too.

So that pretty much wraps up my Coffee Talk with Natalie all about my blog. Anything else you want to know? I have always been scared to do one of those "ask me anything" posts. Not because I don't want to answer. But because I'm scared no one would ask me anything :/ That said, I'm probably one of the most self-confident people you will ever meet. However I come across on here, amplify that and that's me IRL. I have no shame, I think I'm awesome and pretty much the coolest person ever. I've always felt that way. And no, I wasn't brought up to be all self righteous. I have this internal drive that tells me I can do anything if I put my mind to it. If you disagree, I'm okay with that. I only focus on the positive.  You're reading this, so clearly you're pretty awesome too ;)

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair


  1. Well. This was A WHOLE LOTTA READING! Thanks LEAH! haha jk!

    You and I are similar in some ways. We both have kids. But we don't discuss them too much. We have a man.. but we don't gush over him to the point people leave. I hate that. When I go to someones blog and all they are talking about is praising their man or kids... I leave. I could care less what your "Mr. Wonderful" did... or that little Susy Q finally stopped co-sleeping. Ya girl... CO SLEEPING! That's poor parenting right there in a nut shell. UGH! LOL

    1. hahah yup longest post ever!!!
      lol I totally co-slept with Gav. Not in the same bed, but that child woke up a few times a night for a bottle, and I was too lazy to walk myself into his room. So I wheeled his pack and play next to me.

      But I agree, I get bored super fast with bloggers who talk about their families all the time, unless it's really entertaining soap-opera stuff.

  2. i am LOVING those old posts!

    thanks chick!

  3. Leah! You are such a delight! I loved reading all your answers! The most intriguing is the one about Jamie :) My YOUNGER sister is a huge fan of Dawson's Creek. She's about 6 years younger than me and was obsessed with that show! HAHAHA! Sorry that's random, telling you about my sister! Anyway, enjoyed reading about your blog! Hope to read more and get to know you better!

    new follower from the coffee talk link up!

  4. sooo cool! i love learning about other bloggers! and i think it's so incerdibly awesome you've been blogging for a while!
    Helene in Between

  5. I loved reading your blog. You are so bright and I love that. I also love that you know someone famous! That is super neat. Nice to meet you through blogs =)

  6. Oh I love this. this really getting to know you. this remember when the internet was foreign and new and aol was it. still have my account. still hear the dial up fuzziness in my mind every once in a while when the computer takes too long( like 10 whole seconds) to load. =)

    Aloha Sweet Friend,
    So sweet to get to know you through these little talks. Following ya now.

    We are gathering for An Aloha Affair , a sweet sort of mingling and sharing and growing together. I would so love it if you'd join us. You will always be welcome, anytime. Save ya a seat?...


  7. Just stumbled upon your blog. Man you gotta gift of writing :)

  8. It's nice learning more about you, especially since we just met :)

    I think we have similarities such as I'm very easy-going, friendly, laughs a lot, makes up words, and just wants to be happy and can't understand when others are not so happy or negative. Snap out of it!!


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