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Coffee Talk on Birthday Wishes!

Posted By: Leah
I'm linking up with Natalie of Ohemgee for Coffee Talk this week.

AND speaking of Natalie (before I get to this week's questions). I was at Walmart last night and thought of her. Which seems like a weird thing, I know. Actually, if someone said they thought of me at Walmart  I'd probably be a little worried. Thinking they saw a People of Walmart fashion disaster and mistook that person for me.

Geez... no this isn't me!

And not this one eaither... Wait, is she wearing TOMS?

But I did think of Natalie, because she's the one hosting the coffee mug swap (this girl loves coffee, coffee talk, coffee mug swap, its' awesome). I admit, I did not immediately think 'Oh I should run to walmart for a mug.' I actually got my partner's mug from another location and it's all custom and awesome and perfect. BUT ANYWAY! When I was at Walmart, I kept seeing the most awesome mugs and mug gift sets ever! I put this photo on IG and tagged the #OMGCoffeeMugSwap because these are each pretty spectacular!

Ok on to coffee talk!

1. When is your birthday? How old will you be? What is your sign?
My birthday is on the #1 most awesome holiday ever, Cinco de Mayo (may 5th). It's always a party! I will be 33 (OMG YIKES does that put me into my mid-30's? I might have had a panic attack). I'm a Taurus. A lot of people who know me casually are surprised I'm a Taurus, they say I'm so easy going and laid back and not stubborn at all. Well here's the thing. If there is something I care about. I mean really really want, I will make it happen. Truth.

2. What's the BEST birthday gift you've ever gotten? What is the WORST gift?
Best - I'll say is anything from BF. He's super thoughtful. So when I turned 31 (last year) we went to NYC and saw Mobb Deep and Lil Kim came out. Then we went to Brooklyn and he asked (told) me to be his GF and we watched the sunset over the Manhattan skyline from this's that post.
this is the sunset over the skyline. super awesome.
And then this year BF took me to the beach and put together a HK display of awesome. AND he somehow got my favorite eclairs and french macaroons from Amelie's and it was epic. Except BF was very bad off from his hernia and not really up to doing much else. But his planning got an A+
BF is awesome. He gathered gifts from my friends & family and brought them all to the beach for me to open on my bday. 

Worst gift? I mean that's clearly no gifts at all. I won't name names or point fingers. But it has happened. I mean I don't expect gifts from anyone. But if I spend a significant amount of time with you. And I give you amazing gifts. And I talk up my bday for Months and Weeks... there really is no excuse. Just that you're slack and lazy.

3. Do you like having birthday parties for yourself? What about surprise birthday parties?
I ALWAYS plan something awesome for my birthday. It's MY birthday and no one understands how important it is to me better than ME. So yes, if other people would like to also celebrate me in their own way, that's amazing! but worse case scenario I make myself happy. In this world, if you don't make yourself happy, no one else ever will. But it doesn't hurt to talk your bday up and other people get excited about it too. And more often than not, they totally blow me away with their throughtfulness!

This was at work (yes that's my cube)
My friends are AMAZING. They surprise me and are sooo awesome. Check out the Hello Kitty rice krispy treats Kari made me last year!! LOVE <3>

I HATE surprise parties. I am a control freak  and all the lies/deception that goes into surprise parties usually makes it more fun for the attendees than the actual person. Example- my friend (who reads this blog so I won't name her name) was turning 30. What she knew about was her girls locally taking her out to this really fancy wine place for drinks and apps. Living 2 hrs away, she invited me and a few other girls we have known since forever. Well the surprise ended up being ALL of us being there, and having the party at someones home. It was very nice, and we had a fancy cake, wine, etc.

HOWEVER at the time, I had gone out maybe once since Gav had been born and I was really looking forward to a fun night OUT out. Not at someones house with their kids sleeping in the next room. And my friend of course was soooo happy and loved it and everything was awesome for her. But I know if it was me, I would be like UM WHERE IS MY FANCY DINNER? Yes, I'm apparently materialistic like that.

So if it's a surprise party for me... tell me we're doing something low key then the surprise is doing something fancier. But give me a head's up so I can dress appropriately for the fancyness. Ok just no surprises.

4. What is your dream birthday party bash??? Hello Kitty Spa in Dubai, duh.
I went to Epcot for my 29th birthday and that was good, but stressful. I was worried about everybody being happy. And Gav wasn't old enough to go on Soarin and seriously all I wanted in life was to go on Soarin. I even had the fast pass ticket to go but could not. I will probably never get over it until I finally am able to ride that thing.
I like my bday to be stress free. And to not have to pay for things. And to get what I want.

5. What is your favorite kind of birthday cake? [handmade, store bought, made fresh by a baker]
Nobody knows this, because I've never had it. But I would choose a Carvel ice cream cake with chocolate crunchies. I don't care how it looks, only how it tastes.

6. What is on your birthday wish list? Oh wow I guess this would be more of a Christmas Wish List because everything I want will probably change before it's my birthday again. But here are some things that I want that are super expensive and will not be getting for xmas. Actually if I did get it for xmas I'd be mad that the people spent too much because it's all clearly overpriced. But awesome.

Because of this photo when Gav found a mama and baby starfish at the beach for us.

...and that's all I can think of for now. Yeah, I don't really want much now that I think about it.

Happy Early Bday to Natalie!!!
And please join up with her for coffee talk!


  1. GOD I wish we lived closer to each other! We would be the best birthday buddies EVER! I plan my own thing because I don't want to be disappointed. No one can plan exactly what I want because they aren't in my head. And the only cake I eat is Carvel's Ice Cream cake. My parents try to get me fancy ones and I get mad. Carvel. That's it. Every year for the past bagillion years!

  2. HOLY CRAP! Hello Kitty overload and I love you for it!

    And thanks for thinking of me while being at Wally World ;)

    Did you SEE THAT OMG mug? I friggin need that!!!!! Ummm DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My birthday is very important to me too. Because that means I made it another year. I am still here. Alive and kicking. SO I really celebrate the shit out of it too! I post it a million times on facebook (count down) and when I worked I reminded EVERYONE that it was my birthday in [insert how many days, weeks here] blah blah... HAHAHAHAHA~~

    Now go back to walmart, stop looking at freaks dressed as HK and get me my OMG mug!


    NO IM NOT!

    HA! Love you BFF!!

  3. 1. People at walmart..scar me for lifeee!
    2. Thinking of bloggy friends while shopping is not weird at all!
    3. Happy birthday!!
    4. Your friends are amazing!
    5. Hello Kitty mugs???????!!! WHAT???
    6. I had that same HK banner for my birthday.
    7. Did you ever see my HK Darth Vader cake? haha!
    8. Hope you're well!


  4. you throw down for your birthday! i'd tag along and help you celebrate!

  5. Oh the joys of people watching at Walmart...never gets old, and can always make your day! I'm a new follower :) Found your lovely blog via the giveaway on Sharee's blog. Those hair ties that you're contributing to her giveaway are sweet!

    Come on over and say hi if you'd like :)


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