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Color Run 2012 - Charlotte | The Happiest 5k on the Planet

Posted By: Leah
From the moment I first saw the YouTube video for the Color Run, I knew I had to be a part of this awesomely colorful 5k. I wanted to dance through the color stations, and have an epic experience just like the people in the expertly produced Color Run video. This past weekend my friend Lauren from work and I went to Charlotte and ran the Charlotte Color Run with BF.

And when I say 'ran'  I pretty much just mean 'strolled,'  an did anything we could to get doused in color at the color stations at every kilometer. The color run is not timed, it's only about having fun.

The Charlotte Color Run was held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Registration sold out immediately when it was announced almost six months ago. They had three race times throughout the morning. We were scheduled for 10:30am, and arrived around 9:45. As we walked in, we realized they weren't checking for wrist bands or race bibs. We saw a group at the starting line and joined them. There was a DJ type guy on the riser getting the sea of girls in white shirts hyped for this race. There were a few guys there, but I'd say it was 80% ladies.

 This wasn't the DJ's first rodeo, he knew how to get these girls dancing. A little "Call Me Maybe" in the morning and we were ready to run.

Last shot of BF and I before the crazy color.

 And we're off and running! (again, please remember anytime I say 'run' I mean 'walk at a normal pace.  Something a little faster than window shopping looking at the shirtless Abercrombie models at the mall. A little slower than when you're late walking into work.)

The deal with the Color Run is that at each kilometer there is a color station and volunteers throw colored powder on you as you run past. I don't know how long a kilometer is, but I swear it must have taken us like 10 minutes to get to the first color station. We were getting antsy to get colorful already.

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny fall day. However it was about 45 deg. with very strong winds. Here is the blue color station, notice all the blue blowing away.

What's up Lauren!!!?! We wore bandanas to cover our mouths as we ran through the color...
Except no one remembered. We just look extra gangsta! 

I felt like the wind was just blowing the color right off of us. So when we got to the third color station, the orange, I laid on the ground and made a snow angel (color angel). I was not okay with how un-colorful I was at that point.

And by the time we got to the yellow color station I gave Lauren my camera and told her I wanted to have a full-on  photo shoot. I've seen that darn youtube video (below) too many times to not get the experience I wanted. (Click HERE the embedding's not working)

Here's some of our Yellow Photo Shoot!

I don't know who this dude was, but he had the same thought, it was too awesome a race to come out with no color. 

Lauren and BF
And the finish line. But the best part really was after we were done. 

 It was the Color Party! In each of our race packs, there was a color packet for the color toss. We ran with these packets stuffed various places (I had mine down my sports bra, TMI). 

Seriously... all I wanted was to throw the color pack! They had a DJ and tried to get people hyped up for the color toss countdown, and it was actually really exciting! 

Color Toss!

 We were finally totally covered in color!!

It was awesome! Like New Years!

And then they played a little One Direction, then we all did The Wobble, it was a big fun party!

Walking back to the car we ran into some of the color throwing volunteers.

There were some awesome outfits. I love the wedding dress and bikinis!
We were all coughing up colors, blowing our nose with colors and bf was even crying colors.

OH! And to follow up on my Friday's post. The one with my t-shirt fail and how bummed I was to have to wear a color run shirt. EVEN THOUGH  I truly felt that it was taboo and bad luck; that runners shouldn't wear their race shirts until the race is done because they haven't 'earned the shirt.' 

Welllll.... my mom and Gav were supposed to come to the Color Run. Not to run (even though they easily could have just walked up and joined us). But to cheer us on and so Gav could see me, BF, and Lauren getting covered in colored powder. I even packed him a white shirt so we could get Gav colorful too at the end.

3:45am I get a text on my cell phone. Normally I keep my sound notifications off at night. But because I set my alarm for the Color Run, I had my volume turned up. Well, it was my mom (who was keeping Gav that evening) saying Gav was sick with and she thought it was tonsillitis. She needed his insurance card so she could take him to Urgent Care when they opened in the morning. Here we were super early giving them the card. My mom had them a little extra bundled up. 

And... Gav is fine. They ended up not having to go to Urgent Care. Gav just had lost his voice because of a cold. But you all know the very first thing I thought was this was happening because of the race shirt curse. That I would have absolutely skipped the race for Gav if he was sick. But when we saw him that morning, he was fine. 

Leah's Final thoughts: 
1- The people in charge of the Color Run are making a killing. I know they say they 'donate' a portion to charity  but the amount of people at this thing was crazy.
2- The color run volunteers (for the most part) were not hype enough. I had to run up to them yelling and twirling for color and 1/2 the time I just grabbed my own color from their barrels and threw it on myself. 
3- Nothing is stopping someone off the street in a white shirt from joining. Wink Wink just an FYI if it's coming to your city. You just don't get to wear the taboo shirt.
4- IDK if I'd do it again I mean it was clearly a blast and we got such fun pictures. But we'd probably get similar photos next time. 
5- I didn't throw up! I know you all were worried after I puked my way across the finish line of my last 5k. Well this one involved zero running, and zero eating that morning. A winning combination :)
6- The color was not hard to get off my hair/skin. It is still all in my car. Oh well.


  1. I tried to comment earlier but I think you had them off? Either way, I am SO JEALOUS THIS LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN ALKFJDJSAGAJAAA.

    All your candids are awesome, definitely some good ones to frame. Congrats!

    1. Thanks!!! It was a blast! I don't know what was wrong with my comments this morning, but they were disabled. I have them working now finally!

  2. You are so lucky! They don't have this where I live at and it sucks! And I wanted to do it! Maybe next year I can find one close by :/

    Glad Gav is okay! Poor guy!!!!!

  3. This is cool. I love all the pictures but the ones from the yellow are awesome. I think its too late to sign up here but maybe next time.

    Glad your little man is ok too.

  4. How fun! I'm not a runner, so I would have strolled most of the time too. You guys are a mess, but it looks like you had an awesome time. :)



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