Friday, November 16, 2012

Color Run Burnt Kitty

Posted By: Leah
The Charlotte Color Run is tomorrow... yay! BF is AMAZING and went today to pick up my, his and Lauren's race packs so we don't have to get in that crazy line tomorrow at the race. THANK YOU BF!

As all you runners (and walkers and anyone else who does races) know, one of the most taboo things you can do is to wear your race shirt (the free shirt they give you for a race) prior to completing it. It's just bad luck to wear something you haven't yet 'earned.' This is why Lauren and I made these amazing bleach tie dye shirts for the Women's Only 5K we ran last month.

For the Color Run, because you'll get covered in color, they tell you that you must wear a white shirt for the race. I was at Michael's the other night getting a white V-neck (they are like $2.99 there, cheaper than the $8 at Target, just FYI). And I saw the most ADORABLE Hello Kitty iron-ons. I txt Lauren (who is a fellow Hello Kitty girl, of course) and let her know I would pick her up one for the back of her shirt for the Color Run as well.
(picture I txt Lauren)

Meanwhile, the folks at the Color Run put the above information on Facebook. Depending on where you are in the country, 54 deg. as a high is COLD. I'd wear a jacket, I don't know about you. So my little white short sleeved t-shirt wasn't going to cut it, I realized. I needed to layer and wear gloves.

I followed ALL the iron-on directions. I washed and dried my shirt. I don't own an ironing board (who irons anyway?) so I set up my towel on the tiles in my foyer and got my ironing area ready!

The directions said to have a layer between the iron and the iron-on. but that didn't work. HK was not transferring. So I did what anyone would do (or just me), I placed the iron directly on HK. And guess what? She STILL would not come un-stuck.  

Finally after 30 minutes of the iron just sitting on HK I lifted the edges of the transfer and the hearts stuck! I was so excited I removed the rest and......

Worst t-shirt fail ever.

Honestly, I don't even understand.

The good news is BF got our shirts, so I'll just break the taboo and wear the shirt tomorrow. If something happens to me and I get hurt (or throw up like my last 5k) you know it's because of the shirt.  I'll be back Monday to let you know.
Thanks again to BF for getting our race packets early! You are the best ever!!


  1. GOOD LUCK! I wish I was running it with you. That shirt is the :)

  2. That sucks! Don't eat any apples this time! (Wasn't that what made you upchuck before?)

  3. It's taboo to wear the race shirt for the race? Because I've been breaking that rule for years. And, trust me, the officialy Color Run shirt is perfect for the event. I did one six weeks ago, and almost everyone was wearing thst shirt. Have fun!

  4. This sounds like so much fun! I have always wanted to do a color run!

    I just found your adorable blog over at the giveaway from Going with the flow. Excited to be your newest follower! I would love for you to stop by sometime and follow along if you'd like :)

  5. I just got done with three hello kitty iron-on transfers that i got from Michaels. I just parchment paper. It takes awhile, but if you turn the shirt inside out and use the tip of the iron it comes out perfectly.


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