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Elfie's Back! Elf on the Shelf 2012 Resource Guide

Posted By: Leah
The holidays are a magical time of year for all ages.

A new tradition in so many families is Elf on the Shelf. Yesterday morning was the annual arrival of our elf, Elfie! He landed this year with a lengthy note and a marshmallow game of tic-tac-toe.

I purchased our Elf on the Shelf last year because honestly, I thought it was cute and would be a fun addition to our holiday decorations. I didn't know the whole story - that your elf watches over your family and reports back to Santa on whether the kids have been naughty or nice. Or that your elf is magical - he listens to your secrets, but doesn't speak. And if you touch him, he loses his magic and cannot fly to tell Santa how good you've been.

As an unexpected discipline tool last year, our elf, Elfie, came at the perfect time. Gav is usually well behaved, but he had been getting in trouble for talking at school when he wasn't supposed to be. After Elfie arrived, with just Gav 'knowing' Elfie was watching him, Gav whipped himself back into shape and even earned Eagle Status at his school, the highest honor and he got to be on TV. All thanks to Elfie!

Elfie 'lands' in a different location each morning. Sometimes he even brings small gifts or treats! If Gav is acting up, I have been known to threaten to touch Elfie, making him lose his magic, and Gav gets himself back on tract immediately. Elfie is truly a magical elf!

The location ideas for where Elfie lands each morning could be as easy as simply 'on a shelf' where Elf on the Shelf origionated from. There are countless pins on Pinterest with ideas... I even have my own Elfie board. But thanks to Instagram and the hashtags #ElfonTheShelf #ElfonTheShelf2012 etc. there is never a shortage for inspiration. From now until Christmas I will post on my blog and instagram where our elf lands, and what he's doing.

For $29.99, Elf on the Shelf's price seems a little steep. But I HIGHLY recommend getting one for your family, especially if you have kids or plan to have kids in the future. With the popularity of Elf on the Shelf, I think the cost of the elf will only increase. There are 'knock offs' and that's okay... you don't have to have the exact shifty-eyed rosy cheek elf. The benefits of getting the origional is that it comes with a book and storage box. Also, there is a TV movie and the elf matches the ones flying around.

Thanks to the popularity of Elf on the Shelf, there are lots of adorable accessories available for your elf on Etsy. I put together a 2012 Elf on the Shelf Resource Guide... this is everything you need to have the best Elf on the Shelf experience ever!

You can purchase the Elf on the Shelf Mischif Kit from The Ravenna Girls.  Instead of driving around town, searching for the perfect sized cookie cutters or mini toothbrush, you can purchase some of the most famous 'elf tricks' right here!

I'm obsessed with cute little things, and The Christmas Elf Accessory Kit for Boy Elves from Two Paper Pals (there is also a girl elf version) doesn't disappoint. This kit has the most perfect tiny paper products and Elf outfit accessories! Check out the tiny sock monkey.

Print Your Party has you covered with a Personalized Elf Note Set delivering printable notes from Santa himself! This note would SERIOUSLY get Gav's attention

Why keep all the fun to yourself? Little and the Girl has Elf themed Holiday Cards using your own family's faces. 

A boy elf is okay for our house, but simply add a skirt by Paper Crush Crafts and your he can turn into a she!

Doll house miniatrues are the perfect size for your Elf on the Shelf. How fun would it be for your elf to arrive with donuts for your whole family, and some in his size of course too? (We're Krispy Kreme fans down here in the south). Lulu Miniatures has you covered!

Kids have a lot of questions. Gav spent a good 20 minutes this past weekend asking Santa everything he could think of. He even tugged on Santa's beard to see if it was real.

We talk about Elfie 'flying in' but unless our Elf  flies down the chimney line Santa, how does he get inside? One Hip Sticker Chic knows... Elf on the Shelf has his own door!

Gav is 6 this year, and the magic of the holidays is more fun than ever at our home. I will keep you all posted via @LovelyLifeofLeah on Instagram and on this blog of Elfie's latest suprises.

Does your family have an Elf on the Shelf?
What tricks has s/he gotten into?

...And, yes I know about the BabyRabies.com inappropriate elf contest. 
Link up your not-so-kid-friendly photos HERE and good luck! 

Here are a couple go get you inspired...


  1. OMG I cannot even imagine getting a "disappointed in you" card from an elf at Christmas. I would probably die. Elf on a Shelf is such a good idea...my niece named hers Bunk hahaha.

  2. I'm pretty sure that you are the only parent who is NOT complaining about the Elf on the Shelf! Haha. Love the ideas!

  3. I am thinking of starting this next year since Emma will be a year and half by then. The inappropriate ones are hysterical.

  4. I think the elf on the shelf is such a fun idea. I love all the fun things you can do with it and heck if your kids do better while the elf is watching.. sounds good to me! I love the last two you posted... hilarious what people come up with these days!

  5. Hi Leah!! Thanks a BUNCH for including my Elf on the Shelf skirt with these other amazing elfish things!! You made my day!!

    I'm now following through GFC and am off to do some more following :))

    Happy Holidays!



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