Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hold onto Your Drumsticks ... It's Hello Kitty Time!

Posted By: Leah
Sanrio (creator of Hello Kitty)  has recently developed the  most amazing/awesome/epic/life changing Hello Kitty creations ever.

Feast your eyes on....

The Hello Kitty 8" Reversible Plush Turkey!

And... if you want to see it in action (how could you not!?) check out the video:

Hello Kitty transformed  = AWESOME.

Have you seen HK turn into a hamburger with bun ears and a bow? you have!

The folks at Sanrio are charging $28 each for these amazing 8" high reversable Kitties. 

Although they would be fun party tricks, the next Hello Kitty plush I have to show you guys is Hello Kitty Gingerbread at Build a Bear! 

She will be available November 23 aka Black Friday. And I want her sooo bad! 
 ... Under her dress she looks like this:
(Thank you internet! I had to search FOREVER to find this top secret scandalous shot) 

ok, ok, those are intense photos. Something else cute on the Sanrio site are these little guys for only $14 each

I was in Target yesterday and there were soooooo many new HK ornaments. 

I have a white tree that I'm making my Hello Kitty/Cupcake tree this year. 
This is going to be me
KIDDING (...sorta)

Ok but seriously, these are all from Target and all AWESOME!

Hello Kitty = so much happiness. And no, this isn't a sponsored post (you'd think Sanrio would want to sponsor me.... it's just me sharing the latest and greatest HK awesome!)

Not every girl is a Hello Kitty girl. 
But those who are...
are just

totally made that up! and i'm making it fancy hold on...


  1. Jeez Louise I know what to get you for Christmas!!

    And I need that hamburger HK for my oldest! She would go nuts over it!!!

  2. Cute stuff! I don't know if there is more HK stuff out there, or if I am juts noticing it now because of you, but OMG she is everywhere!

  3. I cannot get over that turkey one! so hilarious

  4. OMG!!! I need that fancy quote that you came up with in my home hanging in a frame!!!! This post makes me SO happy! I think I need everything that you posted about! lol. And I want that girls dress, so cute! Can you believe that I live right across the street from a Sanrio? It was fate for me to move here, hehehe. Now I need to find a build a bear near me and get that gingerbread hello kitty, its so adorable!


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