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My Very Own Money Saving Gifts, Tips and DIY for the Holidays!

Posted By: Leah
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Are you ready!?

Ok, I'm not either... but I do feel prepared. I am not a coupon clipper or bargan hunter, but I do manage to save quite a bit compared to other people when it comes to the holidays. I wanted to share a few of my ways to save while giving awesome and thoughtful gifts!

1) Etsy (online)! Craft Fairs (local)! Hand crafted gifts are unique, handmade, and you are supporting an artist PLUS many times the prices are much lower than you would pay at a fancy boutique for the exact same thing. AND>>>> If you are crafty yourself, I highly recommend suggesting to "swap" with another crafter/artist. This practice of swapping isn't taken advantage of nearly enough, but it's modern-day bartering. I do it at craft fairs all the time. And it works on Etsy sometimes depending on the seller.

2) Ebay! Yes, of course you can find good deals. But I also suggest selling current items you no longer need or use to build up your PayPal balance. So many online stores accept PayPal, it's such an easy way to get and spend money!

3) Give Groupons! Be careful with this one, because it totally shows the recipient how much you spent, and that you like to save money. But if you give a groupon of $50 to a fancy restaurant you only paid for $15, that's so awesome, it's a fantastic gift!

4) Regift! Another one you must be very very careful about doing. I have a memory like an elephant (they forget nothing, ever!) so I can tell you who gave me what, when, what we were wearing, what song was playing, etc. So if you are 110% sure the recipient isn't the person who gave you the gift, I find no problem in regifting! I suggest storing the gifts you receive but don't like in a .....

5) Gift closet! Yes, this is your in-home savings account of all things gift related. If you pick up items for people througout the year, this is where you store them! If you receive a full size product you hate from Birchbox, store it in the gift closet! It's my go-to place to find things to give. Plus, because it's out of the way, you most likely will forget about what's in there and be in for a happy surprise when it's time to 'shop' your gift closet!

6) DIY! Not everyone is crafty. However thanks to pinterest, making cool things has never been easier! Most people say they prefer a thoughtful gift that is personal, what's more personal than giving something you made with your own two hands?

7) Social Media! I cannot count the number of 20%+ off deals I saw come across my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Blog feeds on Halloween. The closer to the holidays it gets, the more deals you will see. This is a great resource for getting items you've had your eye on.

8) Use your Blog! Enter giveaways, find amazing DIY's, Score blog-only advertised deals. Learn about new products, promote your Etsy shop... there are sooo many advantages to blogging other than just the social interaction. Also, reach out to companies. They want bloggers like us talking about their products. We have a voice!

9) Examples! (found these links on pinterest, just click for the lists. they are AWESOME!)

And... in case you were wondering how long until my personal favorite holiday (AKA my birthday) here you go! (bahaha sort of obsessed w/ these cute countdown tickers today!)

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DIY gifts are perfect for that person who has 'everything!'
Who is the most difficult person on your list to shop for?


  1. Haha I love that you are already counting down until your birthday! Forget these other holidays... that's what really matters! :)

  2. Dude... I have been dropping hints about my bday like bombs over here like a mofo! HAHA

  3. I have started my shopping too! LOVE etsy - supporting small businesses :)

  4. haha I am already counting down until my birthday next year too!! come on October but yes I started my shopping, now I just gotta think of some good gifts for friends..

  5. I love this! C and I are being super frugal this year so any tips help.

  6. What a great post! Im bookmarking it... I haven't started shopping/creating at all yet.


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