Thursday, November 29, 2012

Random Thursdays - My Winter Survival Items

Posted By: Leah

It's that time of year again, when the weather gets cooler and I can't leave the house without a jacket, and sometimes I even have to scrounge around and find socks that match, too. Winter is by far the most high-maintenance season. Some compain about summer's humidity making their hair poof. I complain about the 15 extra articles of clothes and accessories necessary for me to go to work. Oh and the winshield scraping in the morning. That's the very worst. Almost as bad as leaving work at 5pm and it being pitch black.

Whoever says winter is their favorite season has more time and energy than I do. Winter is not for the lazy, that's for sure.

Somehow I, like everyone else, manages to survive the winter. I've put together a list for this week's Random Thursdays of my personal Winter Survival Items...

1) MukLuk slippers. Muck-a-what? you're asking... these haven't been  popular since probably 2009 but I don't care. Riding the coat tails of the first round of the Ugg boot/slipper craze, MukLuk slippers are the much cheaper and uglier step-brother of Uggs, made of  a fairisle knit with a fleece interior. The toggle keeps them on your feet. I have had the same pair for years and wear these bad boys ALL WINTER LONG. I wear them to sleep (because I always lose my socks),  I wear them over my skinny jeans and leggings. I'll wear them over boot-cut jeans around the house and look like a  fashion emergency. I don't even care, I freakin love these things.

2) Lipsmacker's chapstick in softdrink flavors. I don't care if this stuff is designed for 5 year olds and provides no real protection against the elements. All I know is it is the only brand chapstick that I use and never lose (I have a problem misplacing things, this is real). I have Barq's root beer flavor on right now. I got it at World of Coke last December when I was in Atlanta with BF. Before that, I used Coke flavor. I apply it all the time and it lasts for years. In the summer, the air doesn't make my lips dry. But mid-fall, the lipsmackers comes out in full force.

3) Victoria's Secret Flannel Pajamas. I have, seriously, at least 5 pairs. I ask for them every year for Christmas and they are the very best in winter sleepwear. They last and last and look brand new. I don't need a new pair, but I like the option of having them just incase. They fit the very best, are crazy comfortable and always have pockets. This is important in sleepwear.

4) Hello Kitty Plush Fleece Lounge Pants. Sometimes you are hanging out at home, and wearing an all-out slumber party jammy jam fllannel pajama set is just too much. That is when the fleece lounge pants come into play. My pick are the Hello Kitty ones from wal-mart, that cost $6 and are warm, comfortable and cozy. Plus, if you are a serial item mis-placer like I am, there is no matching set involved. These PJ pants pair well with everything.

5) Shoe grips. Have you ever broken your wrist falling on black ice? I have. And it sucks. I ordered some similar to those pictured above and wear in any icy/snowy weather. I have't slipped since. They fit on all styles of shoes, even heels (that get a big AS IF!? but I'm set even if I lose my mind and think heels are a good idea for winter footwear).

6) Down Comforter. I get super cold in the winter. Like shivver me timbers I can't move I'm so cold. I have 2 down comforters on my bed, a down throw blanket in my livingroom. These are the only blanket that works for me in the winter... along with my flannel PJs and mukluks to keep me warm.

7) Tea. BF has helped me step up my coffee game. You know, stepping outside of the Starbucks Frapp cone of safety and having an actual adult cup of coffee (with creamer). But my heart will always belong to tea. It is so warm and comforting. I prefer to brew loose tea instead of using a tea bag. And Aveda's tea is pretty much perfection. No sweetener needed.

What are your winter survival items? Link up below!


  1. I had THE bext pair of Victoria Secret flannel PJ pants and they ripped! Haven't been able to find a style I like since. It's so sad!

  2. Aww, I love the Hello Kitty pants. So cute. It is awesome to cuddle up on the couch wearing comfy clothes in winter!

  3. I want VS fannel pj so bad :) hubby always gets me the knock off ones though :( lol

  4. I love the VS flannel pjs. I wish they were a little cheaper, but ... what can you do? Although I recently discovered these awesome micro fleece pajamas at JC Penney. The brand is Earth Angels. They're usually $20, but I got them for $12 on Black Friday.

  5. Such a great list! All my faves - slippers, slip-proof footwear, duvets, and soft, warm clothing! Really, you've got it all covered!

    Thanks for linking up!

  6. I've always wondered if those VS pj's were worth the price. I'm cheap so anything over $15 is too expensive haha. That down comforter looks so comfortable! Wish I could use one but the hubs is a sleep sweater & I'm afraid dude would wake up 50 lbs lighter if we used one of those haha.

    Thanks for linking up!


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