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SkIndulgence Review and Giveaway part 2

Posted By: Leah

Get caught up with my Facial Cleansing Kit review from last week HERE

Happy Thursday! I am soo excited to share with all of you SkIndulgence, an amazing, natural, skincare line that I LOVE!

SkIndulgence Skin Care is a natural herbal skincare line. The products are expertly crafted to promote responsible living by using only vegan, sustainable, organic, and ethically wild harvested ingredients and packaging.

SkIndulgence creator, Dori Jennings

Dori is soo generous, she sent me samples of everything I wanted to try, it was like Christmas! (PS Dori is a Christmas baby, she was born on Christmas Day!)

Here are a few of the actual samples I've used for the two SkIndulgence review posts. If you are interested in purchasing a SkIndulgence travel size/sample pack, click HERE

This is part two of my review, but don't worry there is another giveaway link at the bottom of this post as well!

For today's post I'm going to talk about the Relaxing Bath Set Scrub and Tea. You may purchase both together directly in the SkIndulgence Etsy shop HERE

 Here are Dori's suggestions of recommended uses of the Bath Set Scrub and Tea in her words (she paints such an amazingly relaxing picture!)

This ultimate relaxation set includes one 4-ounce jar of Salty and Sweet Lavender Body Scrub, eight (8) single-use bath bags, 16 organic chamomile tea bags, and one vanilla-scented aromatherapuetic candle.
Relaxing in a hot bath is a must for relieving the stresses of daily life. My bath packs combine bath tea and bath salts in one easy to use, single-use, large tea bag. Life is complicated, your bath shouldn't be :-) Relaxing sugar and salt body scrub from all natural ingredients. Suitable for use on the hands, feet and body. All natural sugar and salt gently exfoliate away dead skin cells, and grapeseed oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin leaving your whole body fresh and glowing. 
Ingredients: BODY SCRUB: Pure Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Organic Grapeseed Oil, Organic Lavender Flowers, Organic Aloe Vera powder, Organic Lavender Essential Oil. BATH TEA: organic flowers of rose, lavender, chamomile and calendula, borax, white kaolin clay, Organic lavender flower powder and lavender E.O., Oatmeal 
To Use--
Begin by lighting a candle, putting on your favorite music and making a cup of tea. Fill your bathtub to the desired temperature and toss in one of my Relaxation Bath Tea bags. While the tub is filling, rub your body with the Relaxation Salty and Sweet Body Scrub.Slowly immerse yourself into your herbal bathwater. Lay back and place one chamomile tea bag over each eyelid. 

Here is my real-talk review of each item:

Body Scrub - I LOVE THIS SCRUB SO MUCH! It is amazing. I have very dry skin and so often times body scrubs are too harsh. This one by SkIndulgence is made primarily of pure cane sugar, sea salt grapeseed oil and organic lavender flowers. Washing myself using real flowers? Yes please! It is truly indulgent... I understood where Dori came up with the name SkIndulgence after using this scrub.

AND...After reading the ingredients (and they are vegan and all natural) I couldn't help but taste it as well. I know, I know, it's weird to sample a bath product but I couldn't help myself! Sure enough, it was a little sweet and a lot salty.

I HIGHLY recommend this scrub. The largest size is 4oz and Dori assures me this will last for months (I inquired about purchasing a huge vat of For $12 I think this scrub is an amazing deal! Get just the scrub HERE.

Bath Tea - I was super excited to try this out.. I love hot tea... and just the thought of soaking in my bath-tub-turned-tea-cup sounded amazing! And it was. So relaxing. I really like the rose and lavender scent, it reminded me of the gift shop at Longwood Gardens, an amazing conservatory and outdoor garden I used to visit in Pennsylvania growing up.  You can purchase the bath tea HERE.

Ok time for the giveaway! I highly recommend trying out all of Dori's products. They each made my skin feel awesome and sooo pampered. It was seriously like a spa day everyday!

The winner will receive their choice of:
A) Skin Care Set (in whatever the winner's skin type is) ($48 value)      -  or  -
B) Relaxing Bath Set- Scrub and Tea ($25 value)
*plus a reusable SkIndulgence tote bag with either choice!

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The giveaway ends soon, don't forget you can tweet about it every day!


  1. I am laughing so hard right now that you ate the body scrub!!! That is hilarious :-) It is much better ON the body than IN the body, for sure! And you are totally right; I named the skin care line after creating the Relaxation Set! xoxo

  2. Thank you for this review! I have been using Dori's SkIndulgence facial products for awhile now and I AGREE with you 100%! My skin has never looked or felt cleaner, clearer AND radiant! As an "older" woman, we lose all of that and to have it back is truly wonderful. My favorite is her facial scrub - wow! My face instantly looked and felt smoother - I just love it!

  3. Really loving the face scrub and am looking forward to trying more of SkIndulgence products... and this review really help me decide what I am going to get next time! Thank you!


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