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SkIndulgence Review and Giveaway Pt. 1

Posted By: Leah
Happy Friday! I am soo excited to share with you all SkIndulgence, an amazing, natural, skincare line! And I want to introduce you to Dori, a new friend who is the creator of these amazing skin care products.
^I designed this button! Holler!^

SkIndulgence Skin Care is a natural herbal skincare line. The products are expertly crafted to promote responsible living by using only vegan, sustainable, organic, and ethically wild harvested ingredients and packaging.

SkIndulgence creator, Dori Jennings

I first met Dori when she contacted me to make a couple buttons for her facebook page and blog. In clicking around her site, I was truly taken aback... this girl is sooo awesome! Read her story about how SkIndulgence came to be, and her amazing trip to Kenya and why she left the corporate world HERE. I think Dori is amazing, sweet, brave, and I want to do everything that I can to share and support her and her awesome skincare line!

As you may remember from my Bath Junkie review and beauty fav reviews, I have what I'd consider very dry, sensitive skin. I have to be very careful what products I use. On my face, sooo many items break me out. On my dry skin, I have to be careful because a lot of products with scents and dyes literally burn me. It sucks.

After reading about SkIndulgence, I was interested in checking out Dori's products for myself. I have dry, sensitive skin and don't often try different skincare products, especially on my face. But after doing so much research on what the products were to understand the brand and create Dori's button, I felt confident in trying these.

Dori is soo generous, she sent me samples of everything I wanted to try, it was like Christmas! (PS Dori is a Christmas baby, she was born on Christmas Day!)

Here are a few of the actual samples I've used for the two SkIndulgence review posts you will read on this blog. If you are interested in purchasing a SkIndulgence travel size/sample pack, click HERE

I'm going to break up this review into two parts, but don't worry there is a giveaway link at the bottom of each!

For today's post I'm going to talk about the face products (next post will be the bath and products)

The facial cleansing kit I received contained SkIndulgence products for normal to dry complexion:

Here is my real-talk review of each item:

Facial Cleanser  - This made my face super clean. I'm talking cleaner than it had ever been clean. Like literally squeaky clean. It was awesome!

Cleansing Grains - This is a new one for me. It's like powder you mix with water. It looked sort of like clay. It was different, but totally like a real life mud mask. It smelled very 'earthy.' Not bad, just sort of like clay and chamomile. Kind of reminded me of making pottery or a mud pie lol. I liked this product best when used as a mask.

Toner  - Big fan. I like toner just for the fun of it lol. This one didn't dry my skin and reminded me a lot of Aveda's toner in the way it smelled.

Herbal Facial Steam - Hello spa day at my house! I haven't gotten a facial from a real spa in forever. I'm talking since before Gav was born. This was the closest thing to to having an esthetician spray steam all over my face. I just boiled water, tossed in the tea-bag took the water off the stove, threw a towel over my head, and my pores were open and for once... truly hydrated.

Moisturizer - This is a good one. I have very dry skin and the moisturizer is where most companies don't get it right. This moisturizer went on thick and left my face shiny. The only downside is that as I was blowdrying my hair after washing my face/hair I noticed my bangs were greasy. I couldn't figure out why. I had JUST washed my hair. I had to wear my bangs back in a clip that day. I realized later that I had brushed my bangs onto my forehead that had this moisturizer and that was the culprit.

Here are the suggestions for use according to Dori-
DAILY Program: Cleanse with facial cleanser; scrub with cleansing grains, close pores with toner, massage in a light cream, and finish with a light mist of toner.

MONTHLY Program:
*Cleanse with facial cleanser
*Steam with the herbal facial steam
*Make a mask of the cleansing grains, leave this on for 3-15 minutes, then gently scrub off in a circular motion
*Apply toner with a cotton ball
*Massage with Night Cream
*finish with a light mist of toner

Ok time for the giveaway! I highly recommend trying out all of Dori's products. They each made my skin feel awesome and sooo pampered. It was seriously like a spa day everyday!

The winner will receive their choice of one of the following:
A) Skin Care Set (in whatever the winner's skin type is) ($48 value)      -  or  -
B) Relaxing Bath Set- Scrub and Tea ($25 value)
*plus a reusable SkIndulgence tote bag with either choice!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Next Thursday come back for a review of SkIndulgence Scrub and Bath Tea! and more chances to enter and win a SkIndulgence set of course :)


  1. I could totally use some new skincare products.

  2. This sounds amazing. I want the herbal facial steam!

  3. You ROCK, Leah! This is so totally awesome :-) Now I am inspired to do that [home] spa day and facial I've been meaning to do....

  4. This is so totally radical (like the 80s)! Thank you, Leah!

    About that greasiness felt by the night cream: try using only a lentil-size amount (a little goes a LOOOOONG way!). Then, after massaging it in, give your face a final spritz with the toner and pat with your fingertips (like a dude doing his aftershave thing). That initial feeling should go away within a few moments as the botanical oils penetrate through the dermis to hydrate the epidermis :-)

    1. Thanks Dori! I have such dry skin I always think more is better when it comes to moisturizer. I can't wait to go back and try using less lol :)


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