Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Posted By: Leah
1- You guys, I'm sick. Not contageous, Just like allergies + a cold + crappyness. Yesterday was my sneezing day. I would have sneezing attacks where I couldn't stop. And I feel bad for the people in the cube/offices around me. It's pollite to say 'bless you' however, after the 7th sneeze in a row, it just gets awkward. And when the sneezing fit comes back every 30 minutes, there gets to be a point where you say "really... I'm killing brain cells. I can be blessed no more." So excuse my super randomness in this post I have some kind of upper respatory funk.

2- I posted this on IG last night, but seriously... is it me or does Gav like a young Robert Pattinson?

Not in an Edward Cullen I am a vampire with pale skin  way. But maybe it's just the way his hair was? My child is gorgeous. Real talk.

3- Britt is such an amazing writer I can't even handle it. Today's post titled "The Wife I Want to Be" may have been my favorite yet. And the best line of all... "But did Cinderella really stop and think about what kind of Queen she wanted to be?" You guys... that's some deep stuff.  So often in life and love we get caught up in the day-to-day. Or if you're like me, you constantly feel in 'survival mode' where you do what you know you need to, and don't take a step back to think about what's coming next.

4- Congratulations to Shannon on winning my Tiny Prints $50 giveaway!

5- I did REALLY well at the craft fair at work last week! Here I am (3 days pre-sickness). I actually sold out and went home around 2:30pm. BUT not before I swapped/traded with other crafty people. And there were some really 'interesting' things at the craft fair too this time...

$50 kitties with wings
$5 Old School Phones

 Don't worry, I stocked back up on all my supplies. I plan on having a Cyber Monday ShopLeah extravangnza and will post more about it soon...

6- Normally I don't crave foods. Well, these creeper allergies or whatever is causing my congestion is making me crave all sorts of things. It's kind of hilarious. Right now, if someone said they would run out and get me anything in the world, this is what I'd have them bring me:

Lucky Charms y'all!

And this morning it was:
We used to call them congo cookies growing up (not sure why). But they are coconut, chocolate, pecan kind of dessert bars.

7- This weekend is the color run! I better be well by then. Also, there is a chance of rain, which sucks. AND it's supposed to be really cold. I fully expect to be posting photos just like these next week:
And I'm already debbie downer on the whole thing. BF is also sick (allergies/cold/whatever). I have this weird feeling they will run out of color by the time it's my group's turn (We're in the late group).

8- Excited for the mug swap I'm taking part in. I got my partner Ashlea a really great mug, but I can't post pics until I know she got it! However, here is a super amazing mug I saw just today on Pinterest. Seriously, how perfect is it?!

9- I am seriously LOVING the Nailtini gold sparkle nail polish Millionaire I got in my Ipsy Glam Bag this month! I haven't taken/posted pics yet. But here it is layered over a gray. I have it on just all gold (like how the bottle looks). I think my new thing is instead of nail art, i like nail polish with depth (like with glitter and shapes in it).

10- Look what I had for lunch! Sorry for the IG photo dump, but I put only the most important pictures on there and of course share them with you guys too lol! Anyhow, I had a pimento cheese sandwich... I haven't had one of those in forever! And I went all out and got white bread and fries because if pimento cheese is your entree, it's pretty much all uphill from there :)

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This week I'm also linking up with Kera... these 10 things were on my mind.


  1. I did the color run earlier this year. It was a lot of fun!! I haven't gotten my IPSY bag yet but I'm excited!!

  2. I hope you feel better. Allergies are the pits!!!

  3. Ah R.Patz. (swoon) There is a definite resemblance there!

  4. Ok... for one.... I hope you feel better!!!

    Congrats to Shannon on winning! Bitch better send me a card!!!

    I WANT THAT CUP! I looooooooove that cup! Chip was my fave :)

    Lucky Charms are the shizzzzzzz!!!

  5. If you and R. Patz had a baby, it would be Gav... wait a minute..... is there something you ant to tell us?!?!? ;-) Definitely see the resemblance!

  6. The mug is perfection! Love it!
    And he really looks like a young R.P.. Awesome.
    I am currently craving veggie gummi bears. It is terrible!

  7. They won't run out of color at the Color Run, I promise. The color does look pretty gross when it gets wet, though, so I hope it doesn't rain for you!

  8. This post is so full of awesome. I want that nail polish like NOW. I'm really excited to see the mug swap pictures. I would do it but our cabinets are overflowing with mugs, but you would like my favorite one. It's xmas theme with a candy cane on it and it says inside, "Twisted and sweet...just like you".

    I agree that Gav looks like you and R Patz' lovechild. He is going to be a serious heartbreaker.

    Oh and always, thanks for the blog love :)

  9. Ohh girl! I can not tell you how excited i am to get my mug!! Congrats on the sell out!

  10. Hey lady! Thanks so much for linking up to On My Mind! That nail polish is so festive, love it. And omg...yes! He does look like a mini Robert Pattinson! Awe. Model in the making :) Hope you're having a fab day.

  11. 1. I know it's a week later but I hope you're all better now!
    2. Ha, yeah, he does. What a cutie.
    5. Um...painted 80s telephones? Cr-a-zy.
    6. Lucky charms, yes please!
    8. That is the cutest mug ever! I actually tried to get all crafty with my partners mug but the damn thing didnt come out as planned...of course. So now I'm gonna try one more time & if that doesnt work I'm going to have to start looking elsewhere :/ Cant wait to see what you got her.

    Thanks for linking up doll face! I'm so behind on all blog reading, hence why I'm a week late on commenting here haha.


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