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Tiny Prints Review and $50 GIVEAWAY! - CLOSED

Posted By: Leah
You guys, I am so excited about my holiday cards this year from Tiny Prints I can hardly stand it. You know I keep my final card selection hush-hush until they are mailed out, but I want to tell you a little more about my Photo Holiday Cards experience this year and show you some of the runners up I almost chose instead. You can get caught up on my first holiday card post of the season here.

And I am sooo honored and happy to share that Tiny Prints is sponsoring this post and one lucky Lovely Life of Leah reader will receive $50 towards creating their own Tiny Prints holiday cards (or stationary or whatever else on the site)! Thank you Tiny Prints!!!

Before I get to how I chose Tiny Prints for my own cards this year (no, they didn't sponsor me at the time of my order), I wanted to share with you how this year's holiday card is different. This card features Gav (of course), me (yup I'm vain like that and have to be on my holiday cards too) and special editions this year... BF and BF's chocolate lab Lucas!

And you all say ssscccrrreeeaccchhh! WAIT, you and BF aren't married let alone live together, how can you send a joint card?  And to that I say you guys, calm down... IT'S OK. BF is part of my and Gav's family and we're a part of his. We spend pretty much every weekend together and have done this for over a year, almost two. It would feel wrong NOT  to include BF on this year's card. And there are all sorts of definitions of 'family.' You can include people who don't live in your house on your holiday card. Really, it's okay. And break out the kleenex because this song seems appropriate:

I got on pinterest and looked up holiday photo ideas because it's really important to me for my card to stand out. I don't want some posed, cheesy lets all look at the camera thing. Here are some of my ideas (that BF said no to...lol)

And you may remember my gazing ball fail (from my other holiday card post)

And my brain is full of ideas, so here was my last attempt... the awesome holiday lights idea...
Unfortuinately that one didn't really work either (couldn't get the lighting to work right and it was too pixilated :( and I was sad. And Gav is of course adorable.

BUT, somehow, the final photo is awesome. And no I'm not showing it on the blog until all of my holiday cards are sent out, which will be after Thanksgiving. The most important thing is that Gav looked awesome and extra cute. On this card I look like I'm laughing so hard I'm crying, and BF looks like a 70's mechanic. Hahah!

Ok so we had our awesome photo chosen... the next step was to find an especially amazing holiday card to match the photo. And this was the hard part. I of course went to Shutterfly first, that's the company I always have used (every card for the past 6 years. seriously). I then clicked my way over to their new company, Tiny Prints. Before choosing Tiny Prints, I also looked at a couple other high-end online chic photo card companies.

I sent BF print-screens of different card designs with the selected photo from different companies and different design and color schemes. It could have been frustrating to pick out a holiday card with someone 2 hours away but it actually was really easy and fun with BF. We agreed we wanted something that was non-traditional (like no Christmas trees or the word Christmas or anything at all overly festive) and also something that had a 'vintage' look.

From there it was very clear that Tiny Prints was the way to go because Tiny Prints has an entire  "Vintage"theme under the holiday card category! Super hipster of them :) Click HERE

Another reason we knew Tiny Prints was the way to go was because of their Special Offers Page. Yes, I thought Tiny Prints cards were a little bit pricier than than some of the other brands. But the high quality of the design and paper is evident. This is not your run of the mill glossy cheap photo-paper card. Their paper is super high quality. Even the standard card stock is 110 lb matte which is good stuff! I wanted my first card with BF to be GOOD. And it was clear to me that Tiny Prints was the way to go.

(watch this video, it's hilarious and what my cards will hopefully be doing too lol! those bad boys will double as coasters and be useful forever!)

Ok so back to the card design options... so here are some that we did not go with...yet I still love.. A LOT!


this one REALLY LOVE IT. A LOT, but it's not the one we chose...

So the theme we liked is vertical, rounded edges, non-Christmas/Religious specific (secular), and that's exactly what we got!!! 

BF had them all over his refrigerator this weekend. You know, to see how they will look at other people's homes lol. The cards look so so so good. 
Here's a sneak preview of our real, actual cards.... this is all you get to see for now :)

I can't wait to share more... but until then, I am sooo happy that Tiny Prints is offering one super lucky Lovely Life of Leah reader $50 off their total Tiny Prints order. This year your holiday cards can be as chic as you are!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(Please note: Tiny Prints code for $50 will be awarded to winner after giveaway ends and will expire 12/14/2012 – no extensions. Does not include shipping & cannot be combined with any other promos)

Thank you Tiny Prints! I would have written this review even without you sponsoring me and offering this giveaway! Your company has been super awesome, especially when I had to call with a question. AND they have a Charlotte location... I know! What?! 
The same city I'm from and where BF lives! 

**Last thing!!! Today is election day. I hope that you all get out there, and that your candidate wins. Especially if you vote for the one I agree with! j/k! What's important is that you do your part.


PS - I've added my entry to The Paper Mama's Holiday Card Challenge below!
This year's card is still a super secret... it may be coming to you in the mail. So just forget everything you see here. LOL! Ok I've actually adjusted the actual card for this contest... but the theme is the same ;)


  1. I love the striped and swirl xmas card set!! Woo hoo! hope I win. What a great giveaway!!


  2. Okay I love the candy cane card but I pink puffy heart the pic of you and Gav :)

  3. this is fantastic! and STOP - because i love that damn song!

  4. SUPER cute ideas! I LOVE the heart candy cane one, but my husband would NEVER go for that! ;( I'd use my credit for our annual Christmas cards...the circle ones that look like ornaments are really cute!

  5. I would def. spend it on holiday cards as newlyweds :)

  6. I like the Holly Blackboard. Tiny Prints did my baby shower invites and I loved them!!

  7. I would get our address stickers or stamps! http://www.tinyprints.com/address-labels-gift-tags-stickers.htm

  8. Christmas Cards!!!
    God bless!! <3


  9. I would get these: http://www.tinyprints.com/product/37847/ornament_cards_winter_symbols.html

    I would totally love to send these out to our family! It's card/ornaments! I'd stick my kids on it! There's NO way I would put me on it... I ruined the last Christmas card!!

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I hope I win!

  10. i want to make a x-mas card- i like the tags and ties card
    tcogbill at live dot com

  11. I'd love to purchase our Christmas cards with this!

  12. I'd love to have that $50 towards my Christmas cards this year!

    P.S. - For some reason your blog kills my computer every time I try to visit. If I stick around long enough, it eventually loads but it literally takes almost 10 minutes. I don't know if it's just me, or what. But I just wanted to let you know!

  13. Love the gingham grosgrain card!

  14. I've used tiny prints before. They are awesome!

  15. I use Tiny Prints each and every year for Christmas cards and birthday cards. I can't tell you my exact favorite because I will order them, but they have some GREAT stuff! I especially love how they are doing card ornaments!

  16. I'd choose the Holiday Funfetti cards.


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