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Blooming Tea and Glass Tea Cup with Infuser Giveaway and Review

Posted By: Leah

I've always been a tea drinker. Ever since I was a little girl my family and I have had tea in the morning. In college, I drank tea in the evenings. It was so relaxing. I heard about a company called Boutique Teas and was interested in seeing what they were all about. Clicking around the Boutique Teas website, I was impressed... I had never seen such a fun tea selection!

I know as bloggers a lot of time companies approach us to do reviews. This was not the case with Boutique Teas. I was the one to approach Tiffany, the owner. She had never done a giveaway before, so this very well may be the first time you hear about Boutique Teas. But trust me, it will not be the last. I love this tea!
This is Boutique Teas' Organic Peppermint Patty Puerh... mint and chocolate!

I was sent a sample of White Peach Jasmine Blooming Teas by Tiffany, the owner and creater of Boutique Teas. I will get to the review of those and why I chose it in a minute, but I wanted to let you know that Tiffany has offered Lovely Life of Leah readers an AMAZINGLY GENEROUS giveaway. The giveaway will be Boutique Tea's Exotic Blooming Tea Gift Set, which is 12 tea buds and a 16 oz. Glass cup with infuser! An over $30 value!

About Boutique Teas
Boutique Teas is an online tea retailer specializing in organic and fair trade artisan quality loose leaf teas. Tea artisans believe tea leaves have a positive ‘chi' or spirit. Steeping leaves in hot water, releasing the spirit. The positive spirit is transferred to you while you sip. Embrace the spirit of tea!

About Tiffany, creater of  Boutique Teas, in her own words:
My name is Tiffany Williams. I lived in Tokyo, Japan for a year, drinking the worlds best tea. Every weekend, I would go to a tea room for a pot of tea and a slice of cake. It was a great snack after a long day of walking around Tokyo. When I returned home to the Los Angeles area, I found it hard to find quality loose leaf tea. Boutique Teas started in 2009. I discovered the World Tea Expo in Vegas a few years ago and began sourcing teas direct from origin. I also teach classes in Claremont and at the annual Los Angeles Tea Lovers Festival. Last year, I traveled to fair trade and organic tea gardens in Sri Lanka.

Tea is more than medicine. I educate my customers about the spirit of tea, the history, and the manufacturing process. Customers have told me that my teas changed their life. I enjoy exposing customers to fresh flavorful full leaf teas from around the world.
You all know I like to share awesome things that I discover, here on my blog. That's actually how I got started writing, just wanting to share great things with others.

I know that not everyone is a tea drinker. And that is why I want to do this review giveaway, to have an opportunity to introduce more people to good tea. Something so simple that makes me so happy.

Honestly, I did not grow up drinking lose leaf, brewed, or any kind of fancy tea. I was happy with the boxed stuff from the store in tea bags until a few years ago. I was at my friend Kari's home and she served me brewed coconut tea. It was AMAZING! Drinking this helped me feel so happy, so relaxed... and there's no alcohol, no chemicals, it was all natural, and wonderful. I immediately went to Teavana and purchased everything I needed to have my own tea experience at home.

(Below are all non-Teavana products. I used my own kettle to boil water and a french press (normally used for coffee) for the tea. Oh, and a Hello Kitty mug (of course!) You DO NOT need to invest a lot of money to have great tea.

But like I said, I know not everyone has had the opportunity to experience amazing tea. I didn't want to do a giveaway of a lose tea, just because there is a little bit of an art to it. The amount of tea, the temperature of the water, the steeping time... it's a more complex process than you'd think. But trust me... it's worth it!

After e-mailing back and forth with Tiffany, she selected her Organic White Peach Jasmine Flower tea for me to sample and to be included in the giveaway. Blooming tea is amazing... it starts off in a ball... and a flower blooms in your tea pot! It's real! 

If you don't know how to brew tea, it's pretty easy (I know I just said it's an art, but it's an easy art. you just follow directions). You get hot water (I use a kettle because I'm kind of a pro at this, but some hot water boiled in the microwave works too). Put it in your tea pot, tea brewer, empty mason jar, whatever you want and add the tea. There's no measuring required with the ball.

 The Boutique Teas package suggested 180 - 200 degree water. I admit, I did take out one of my other tins, but only to double check the steeping time for a blooming tea. As you will see below, it said 3-4 minutes. Works for me!

So this is the exciting part, you don't want to step away from your tea, and you probably want to use a clear container because this is when the tea blooms!!!

It's so exciting!! The flower blooms immediately and it's so much fun to watch.

Resist drinking the tea that second because it really does need to steep. With white tea, you can be casual about the time, with black tea and other dark teas you need to be careful with the timing so it doesn't steep too long. It can become a little bitter, sort of like too-strong coffee.

 Organic White Peach Jasmine Flower tea was amazing. Don't let the Jasmine in the name of this tea fool you. It is not a floral tea (have you ever had tea that tasts like you're drinking a rose bush? It's not my favorite). This tea was a delicate peach, with essences of blueberry and a very light hint of the jasmine. It was aramatic and wonderful. My morning was honestly 100 times better today because of this tea. I added some truvia (natual sweetner).

I wanted to show you guys that even if you don't have the whole tea set-up with a tea pot, etc. Blooming teas are super easy to brew, because they are compact and don't have crazy lose tea that you need to contain. You can easily pour it into a mug with no strainer. I used one but it wasn't necessary.
I also had a great idea to put the tea into a heat-proof container once it was sweetened, put it in the refrigerator and have sweet tea. It was fabulous! I have been a loyal Teavana customer, but thanks to Tiffany, I was able to experience Boutique Teas, that to me... were even better. I've had the strawberry Teavana ball before and it was well... sort of fake tasting. Boutique Teas truly are authentic, organic, natural flavors.

What Tiffany says about her teas changing people's lives, I couldn't agree more. If you aren't a tea fan, it probably means you have never had really good tea. Good tea is more than a paper tea bag of some herbs in a cup. The flavors, the richness, the delicate hints of sweetness or savery are what makes tea excellent. So similar to wine, good tea is expertly made and requires the right ingredients.  

Organic White Peach Jasmine Flower (12 tea buds)--Organic white tea buds infused with blueberry and peach essence sewn around a red amaranth flower. A perfect balance of succulent peach juice and sweet jasmine flowers.

Plus a 16 oz. Glass Tea cup with infuser!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you would like to go ahead and order the Exotic Blooming Tea Flowet Gift Set (a PERFECT holiday gift!) I would recommend doing so now, to make sure it arrives in time for Christmas. It is on sale for $30 and comes with 12 tea balls and a 16 oz glass tea cup with infuser.


  1. Wow, it looks like a piece of art. Didn't even knew something like this existed!

  2. It's so pretty! I'd love to try it! :)

    I'm a new follower!

  3. I read about flower tea. However I never had a flower tea up to now.

  4. I'm so happy! Thanks for the giveaway! :-)

  5. I'm a tea fan and an avid green tea and tulsi tea drinker too, I wan to explore more great tea around the world and I think I will give this one a try and will be great to see how good this you say it is.


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