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Droppin' it like it's hot

Posted By: Leah

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I really like to dance. You all know this and even have proof after the Blogger N*Sync video that's made it's way around the internet (I'm the one in purple dancing all over with Gav lol). Clearly I'm not talking about doing fancy ballet or ballroom dance. In my mind,  I am the hottest hip hop dancer and club's should be begging me to make an appearance and show off my moves. I think I should have been cast in Step up or Honey or Stomp the Yard.    

Here's the thing. I'm not really that good of a dancer (sad, but true). And I'm a mom, not that mom's aren't allowed at the club, it's just... well... it's not possible or appropriate for me to go out and break it down like I used to when I was 18. Plus I'm 32. Again, not that 32 year old's aren't allowed in the club either... but... it just ads to me not being a professional hip hop/gogo dancer.  

You all think I'm kidding, but I'm not. I seriously love to bust out some dance moves. Anyway, the people over at Ubisoft know this about me. And that I hang out at home and not at the club (thank goodness). I got hooked up with my third (yes!) Just Dance type of game from them, The Hip Hop Dance Experience. It is my favorite dance game I've reviewed.  Even better than Just Dance 4, which I loved!!!

Here's why The Hip Hop Dance Experience rocks my life-
1) The dance moves are what you'd actually see at the club. Just Dance is more like fist pumping and easy moves (I know, it's a kid's game). This is rated T (for teen) so the moves are a little bit more racy (but don't worry Gav who's 6 played it with me, nothing is scanalous in inaprop).
2) The dance moves are awesome, because they got actual hip hop choreographers for the game.
3) The songs are some of my all time favorites from the 90's all the way to current songs (Yes, hip hop is my favorite music genre, I saw Lil Wayne two times in concert last year. I've seen Rick Ross 2 times in the past year, J. Cole three times in the past year. I've seen Nicki Minaj, TI, Lil Kim, Mob Deep, Wu-Tang, etc just in the past year a well).
4) This game plays the actual music videos in the background, so a lot of the moves you do are also being shown on screen by the real artists.

Here's the full list of songs. Pretty much every single one is a favorite:
Amerie - "1 Thing"
B.o.B – "So Good"
B.o.B ft Hayley Williams of Paramore – "Airplanes"
Chris Brown ft Juelz Santana – "Run It!"
Chris Brown ft Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes – "Look At Me Now"
Ciara ft Missy Elliott – "One, Two Step"
Da Brat – "Funkdafied"
Drake – "Over"
Flo Rida ft Sia – "Wild Ones"
Iyaz – "Replay"
Jay Sean ft Lil Wayne – "Down"
Kid Cudi – "Day ‘N’ Night"
Lil Wayne ft Static Major – "Lollipop"
LMFAO - "Sexy And I Know It"
Mark Morrison – "Return of the Mack"
Mystikal ft Nivea – "Danger (Been So Long)"
N.E.R.D. – "She Wants to Move"
Naughty by Nature – "Hip Hop Hooray"
Nelly – "Hot In Herre"
New Boyz – "You're A Jerk"
New Edition – "If It Isn't Love"
Nicki Minaj ft Drake – "Moment 4 Life"
Pitbull ft Chris Brown – "International Love"
Q-Tip – "Vivrant Thing"
R. Kelly – "Ignition (Remix)"
Rihanna ft Jeezy – "Hard"
Snoop Dogg ft Pharrell Williams – "Drop It Like It’s Hot"
Terror Squad ft Fat Joe, Remy – "Lean Back"
TLC – "Creep"
Trey Songz ft Fabolous – "Say Aah"
The moves are a lot more challenging than Just Dance, and I seriously get a good cardio workout doing this game. I highly recommend it. Plus, Gav's gotten to learn a lot of songs that I love that I had forgotten about but are classics!

(PS these are the 'clean' versions. They say 'sexy' and 'sex' but no real cusswords.)

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