Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Holidays (Blogger and 'N SYNC Style)

Posted By: Leah
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays brought to you by 'N Sync and some of your favorite bloggers...

Ashley's Carnival Ride
Freed At Last
Perfectly Imperfect
Kaitlin Leigh
Lovely Life of Leah (me)
A Body That Won't Break
You're Meaghan Me Crazy
Shine On
Unabashedly Me
A Complete Waste of Makeup
[life of love]
Sunlight After Rain
Scissors and a Whisk
The Vintage Modern Wife

And yup, you guessed right, that's Me (and Gav!)  at 0:12, 1:14, 3:01, and 4:08 breakin it down. And if you look closely, you'll see Hello Kitty and Elf on the Shelf in the background too lol.

Thank you to all the girls in the video for rockin it out. This was so much fun! And a huge THANK YOU to Sar [life of love] for the idea, editing, and putting this whole thing together. You're awesome!


  1. oh my god this is rock so hard.

  2. You and Gav definitely rocked it. :) I love this video so much. So glad to be part of it.

  3. I freakin' LOVE your blog! So cute - so glad we got to meet through the video!

  4. SO awesome leah!! love the video!

  5. This is the coolest thing EVER!!! I love that Gavin is in it - so awesome!!!

  6. i LOVE that Gav did this with you!!! super adorable..

  7. You & Gave did such a great job! Glad you decided t join in :)

  8. Y'all are too cute! Love that Gavin got to do this with you! So fun!

  9. This is fantastic! N'Sync has the best Christmas album ever! I must say I find it mildly depressing that we are all old now. My girls don't even know who N'Sync is and get annoyed when I put this CD on lol.


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