Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So What! Wednesday

Posted By: Leah

So What! You know the ShopLeah luxe knotted hair ties I make? I had this whole plan to do a cyber monday deal on my blog, and help you guys with some awesome, yet inexpensive gifts for your friends, daughters, etc. I ended up doing something even better with them. I have made a zillion sets and have been giving them away to people who need them. For example, last night Gav and I got fro yo and the girl at the counter was extra helpful and sweet to us. Boom, here's a set of hair ties. I guess it's like a tip. People love them. Either they've never heard of knotted hair ties, or they say they saw them at Anthro and couldn't justify spending $12 on them. Gav loves giving them away too... at 6 years old it's not too young to have the happy feeling you get when you give to others.

So What! I'm working on a couple guest posts on the D-word. Wait, not that  d-word (get your minds out of the gutter), I'm talking about being divorced. I don't know if it's just who shows up on my blog feed or what, but for me the only posts I see on being a single mom just break my heart. I want to offer a different point of view. Not all single moms are broke, struggling, or in survival mode. It's a delicate subject, but doesn't have to be. Sometimes people come together to have the most awesome kid ever. Then their work is done and they can then go on to create more awesomeness, just not together. Any questions you have for me? I don't know what others want to know. I think most people are scared to ask me about it. It's really okay, I'd love to answer what you were curious about. Or offer advice.

So What! I am still loving the unseasonably warm weather so much. I know I complain about every season that isn't spring or summer because of the cold... so I can totally deal with a warm winter! And I LOVE it that it gets dark early now, because everyone has their fun holiday lights up.

So What! My dad makes the best pancakes ever. They are whole wheat which I know sounds really gross, or at least a really earthy-crunchy. Which makes sinse, because he got the recipe in the 70's from a hippy guy he knew. My dad got some really good quality semi-sweet chocolate chips. I put butter on my pancakes and with the chocolate chips and syrup... OMG these pancakes were BANGIN! They tasted just like chocolate cake. But better. I have zero photos, but I'll do another post with the recipe and pics the next time I have them. YUM! It was per BF's request. He should win an award for making things 'next level.'

So What! Random, but this is a huge pet peeve / PSA. If you have something to say to someone pick up the phone or tell them in person. This whole 'I'll vent through an e-mail' thing is so stupid. Fortuinately everyone I know has been 'trained' not to do this. But I JUST heard someone I know having a serious conversation with someone WHO LIVES IN HER SAME HOUSE via e-mail. Grow a set people, and speak the words.

So What! I talked about this a couple weeks back, but I'm sooo super excited for my 2013 planner that I ordered. I need to find a way to be accountable in using it, so it doesn't fall to the wasteside like all my other planners have. I might even do like a 'this is what I'm really for real going to do with this planner' post just so if I forget I can go back and remember my plan for my planner (And now I have a post title, YES!)

So What! Today is my work's holiday party. Well, it's like our 5th one or something. But this is the one where it's just the people in my actual office and we're going off-site and there will be gifts! My shirt may or may not have Hello Kitty on it and say "Hello Presents." Ok, it does ;) It's non-holiday specific, yet festive!

So What! I seriously love Rhianna's new song Diamonds and Bruno Mars whole new album too. I even let Gav stay up late to watch The Voice because Rhianna was on at 9. Hold on... I don't even know who won, I hope it was the guy with the beard (I don't actually watch the show, but caught like 30 min of the finale for Re-Re and Bruno).

So What Wednesday
What are you saying So What! to this week?


  1. I can't wait to read your D-word post. It's going to be awesome. Plus, you're totally Haley Joel Osment paying it forward with your hair ties! I wore one of mine the other day and I got a few compliments on it! :) hopefully it sent you some etsy traffic.

    I wanted to love Diamonds but it's over played, plus I can't stand how weird and robotic she sounds when she says "shine bright like a diamond"

  2. we just got dumped on with some major snow...and it's only supposed to get worse. GAH!

  3. OUr work holiday party is tonight too, I'm probably not even going. It's usually a buzz kill, which is pretty sad since there is free booze. Maybe I'll just crash yours.

  4. Your HK shirt sounds so cute! I hope you post a picture of it :)


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