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Special Offer from Print your Party and Giveaway Reminder

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I have a special offer for Lovely Life of Leah Readers. Remember my 2012 Elf on the Shelf Resourse Guide? One of the most commented about items was the amazing Printable Elf Note Set by PrintYourParty on Etsy. I am pleased to let you know, Andrea, the genious behind these cards is offering a special discount for Lovely Life of Leah readers only!

Use the code LOVELYLEAH for 30% off any of the designs on Print Your Party*
Elf Note Set that promotes nice behavior and warns against naughty!

(*This code will apply to designs only,not supplies, the code will not work if there are supplies from Print Your Party in your cart)
I suggest The Printable Elf Kit, this kit includes 80 cards on 10 pages with tricks, notes and mini hunts!  

You will receive both the Elf Tricks Set and Elf Notes Set.


The Elf Tricks set contains 40 note cards, There are 24 unique tricks and activities and 3 mini hunts (4 cards each) that lead your child on 3 searches to find missing household items.

There are a wide variety of tricks and treats, all with very minimal set up, some even have no set up at all.

A few samples of tricks from the set are:

"I have hidden 6 candy canes in the room. Can you find them in 6 minutes?"

"Today you may be seeing green." {dye things green around the house like the milk, snacks, the toilet water, etc.}

"Help" {a great card when elf gets into a sticky situation or a hold up with other toys}

"Tell your mom I'm sorry" (an open ended trouble card!)

"Plant me" {leave out peppermints that they plant & you swap em out with candy canes... magic!}
 There are also a few activities that elf brings that can be crafted easily with things around the house (directions are included)

Also included are the "get out of jail free" cards, a few cards with the perfect excuse as to why he didn't move last night. We all know we can sometimes fall asleep or just forget! These cards are life savers! Also included are a couple cards to include your pets if you have a dog or a cat.

Also included are a couple cards to include your pets if you have a dog or a cat.

The mini hunts are also very easy to set up. There are a total of 12 cards for the mini hunts.

A few Samples from the mini hunts are:

"I have hidden your toothbrush, find clue number 1 in your stocking"

Clues include: "Santa drinks this with his cookies" & A special pin that makes cookies" 

The set contains 40 note cards of both praise and warning that Elf brings back from S.C. himself. Use the praise cards to encourage good behavior and the warning cards to warn against naughty behavior.

Cards such as "Do your homework without complaining", "Remember to watch your language", "Be sure to respect your teacher" and "Naughty List warning!" are a few examples of warning cards. "Happy to see you cleaned your room", "Great job in school yesterday" & "Proud of what a good brother you have been" are a few examples of cards of praise.

There are also a few cards for tots as well such as "Great job using the potty", "Be sure to take your nap" & "Let mommy & daddy brush your teeth"

The set also includes a page of fun cards such as "Read a book & tell me about it" and "Draw a Christmas picture & show it to me"

Personalization is NOT included with the kit... but...

As I've mentioned before, Elf on the Shelf is an unexpected, but amazing discipline tool.  Printable Personalized Elf Note Sets (including 1 or 2 names). Perfect for multiple kid households who have one elf. Sometimes the family's elf's notes speak louder than Mom or Dad's words.
Don't forget to use the code LOVELYLEAH for 30% off of your design order.

All of these come as PDF's and will be ready to print immediately! No waiting around for the mail to get started with these!

Want free printables? Follow Andrea's Print Your Party facebook page for free monthly dowload announcements. If you click the free downloads link on the side of the page, it will pull previous ones. AND... Andrea said she'll be posting more printables before the holidays! YAY!


There are so many fun things on Minted. If you've received ShopLeah knotted hair ties from me in the mail recently, you've noticed the cards and envelopes are well... not really my style (they are Native American themed which are cool, but not screaming LEAH).  I got on Minted and created these to use instead. They scream  remind you who the package is coming from and I think they will be perfect for my blog and etsy-shop related mail.

Cute, right? This is the Paris + Vintage Ribbon personalized stationary. Everything is custom, from the color, shape, text, fonts, blow, bow placement, etc. etc. Even the envelopes!

And don't forget, my drawing for's $50 giveaway is tomorrow morning!
If you haven't ordered your holiday cards, now is the time. Enter to win $50 on below! And if you have ordered your cards, there are tons other options to spend your $50 on.


  1. i like anything that cracks me up when getting a holiday card!

  2. I love seeing pretty pictures on holiday mail


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