Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - Wonderful Winter Wishes

Posted By: Leah

1- Congrats to Kate and Will on the royal pregnancy. I thought Jessica Simpson announcing she was preggers last week was big news, but this is BIG. Starting with Will and Kate's wedding, it's like a modern-day fairytale. Growing up I always thought I'd be the one to marry Prince William. So seeing the royal wedding, how Kate is pretty much  a regular girl, it's awesome. It's sad Kate is in the hospital with acute morning sickness. I hope she's feeling better soon. And dis you see where someone said it might be twins? Yikes, would that mean will they be co-queen or king?

2- I love this time of year. I love the holiday music, the shopping, the excitement of it all. I love the holidays! This weekend I was trying to figure out how to keep Christmas ligths up year round without looking like a frat house. I just love having a decorated home, all my holiday scented candles, the lights around the ceiling... it's just so magical feeling.

3- I have a slight hot chocolate obsession. It started last week and I just can't get enough! And I want it GOOD. Like with whipped cream on top.  But then I got smart and got the mix kind and a can of redi-whip. It's not all that bad for you, I mean compared to the stuff I normally get at Starbucks.

4- I ordered myself a 2013 planner! No, it's not an Erin Condren (the holy Bible of planners, well, for bloggers at least),  but it is exciting anyway. I always say I'm going to keep up with dates and stuff on my phone, but I don't. I need more of a life planner. I plan on using it for a Gav-scheduler, a nutrition/exercise log, work meeting and appt. planner, social planner, etc. I always say "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."  I do event logistics for my job. Like, I'm literally paid to plan stuff every day. But for whatever reason I just rely on Outlook and the huge desk calendar I stuck to my wall at work foe everything. I am going to start getting this thing organized as soon as it arrives, not wait until 1/1/13, when I'll probably be too busy and not in the mood to plan.
PS it's a Maybook. Squeee! (not the planner pictured above. I'll have a reveal soon. maybe)

5- Did you know they have secret boards on pinterest? So if you want to plan a suprise party or your pin-up photo shoot, or secret wedding, or who even knows... nobody has to know your business. Speaking of Pinterest, I need to get on there more. I have this vision for a vintage kitch kitchen. Granted, I live in an apartment now, so no turquoise subway tiles allowed. But I love this stuff. I need to get on my thrifting game again sometime.

6- Speaking of the holidays I'm sooo close to being done shopping. Now I just need to wrap gifts and make sure I have everything for everybody, even the pets. I LOVE shopping for other people. I end up finding most of my gifts on eBay. I always double check amazon, but usually someone on eBay has it cheaper. I keep meaning to use my ebates... I know, I know... I need to get on that stat. There's cash back I can be earning.

7-If you saw my earlier post today, you already know I'm doing another Holiday Card Giveaway. It's $50 to Minted.com. I'm kind of obsessed with their site. It's all from designers who have competed to get their work on the site. Everything can be customized and the cards are truly some of the best I've ever seen. If you haven't ordered your holiday cards, or were on the fence about spending the cash this year. I say check out the Giveaway, I mean it's $50 of cards. Your family will love you for it. Trust me.
Here's where I posted earlier this morning! It's for $50 and even if you have holiday cards already this year, they haveother stuff on the site like note cards, business cards, planners, etc. Here's the rafflecopter if you are like whatever, I just want to enter, I don't care about the review! lol.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

8- SOOO excited about some upcoming Elf on the Shelf special accessory offers/giveaways I have planned. I'm not saying anything more. Ok I will... check back Thursday/Friday!!!

9- What is up with this weather? It was I think 72 yesterday. Which is awesome, I wish it was 72 year round! I just probably should have paid attention before wearing a sweater and being hot all day :/

10- Tonight is the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!! It comes on CBS on Dec. 4 at 10 p.m. EST
This is my super bowl, you guys. I LOVEEEE everything about the VS show. If you've never seen it tonight's the night! Singers Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars perform. My favorites are the Angels and the annual million-zillion dollar bra. Most of what the models wear is not what you'd run out and buy at your local Victoria's Secret, it's similar, but WAYYY fancier and more artistic. This year's show starts with a circus theme, complete with acrobats and sword-swallowers. Other themes are: Dangerous Liaisons, Calendar Girls, PINK Is Us, Silver Screen Angels, and Angels in Bloom.

I can't wait!!! I'm a little bummed it comes on so late because Rianna is Gav's FAVORITE! But maybe CBS will have it online and we can catch it later. And no, none of this is all that 'sexy' it's an all-ages show. Hello? Justin Bieber's performing and the ladies are all in what you'd see someone in at the beach. It just happes they are gorgeous!


  1. I am so excited about the baby too! It's going to be amazing. I just wish they got a little more privacy. Damn paparazzi.

  2. Sooo... you hate the Fall, but you love the winter? Intriguing. Also, is Jessica Simpson really pregnant? I thought it was a lie?

    1. OOh I didn't know J. Simp could possibly not be prego. I need to research that!

      and yes, fall = the worst. I hate rain, I have to put away my summer stuff. i just mope around because it's dark all the time. the only thing to celebrate is halloween which i don't even like.

      winter = so much awesome. everybody is all full of good cheer, I'm over my depression of the summer ending. I get to buy people presents and get presents. there's lights on everything so I'm happy it gets dark early. i can decorate my apt. like a preschool classroom with hello kitty on my mantle and lights and 4 christmas trees and people think it's awesome. sooo much better lol :)

  3. I am already sick of the baby. This will be ALL they talk about now. Ugh...

    I like receiving MONEY with my Christmas cards LOL

  4. I love catching up on everyone's lives and seeing pictures (:


  5. Never heard of this Erin Condren. Must research this! Ahh, I can't wait to watch the VS show. So pretty!

  6. I think Kate waited to announced that she is prego so we would all forget that Jessica Simpson announced her 2nd pregos! lol
    & I agree this is my favorite time of year.. from October - NYE is my favorite. I love the cooler weather, the movies on tv, the starbuck drinks & cant forget the shopping!!!
    I am almost done christmas shopping too. I will finish this week before stocking stuffers!!

    oh great the Victoria Secret show is on, remind me to lose weight lol. also, what kind of planner did you order?

    I LOVE receiving Christmas cards in the mail just to see how everyone designed them. I promise next year I will order some, just this year I have been so busy and no money since the Wedding & trying to fund some surprises for Eli. Life of a mom, giving & taking right?

    happy Tuesday!

  7. New babies are always awesome! I am just as excited about Jessica Simpson's baby as I am the royal baby because Jessica Simpson is more down to earth and real to me than Kate. Jessica went all out on her pregnancy and gained the weight and has had to do the work to get it off and I admire that about her. I hope they both have healthy pregnancies! Great blog, I enjoyed reading.

  8. hot chocolate is always great especially during the holiday, somehow it doesn't feel like the holidays with it.

    hope you have a great holiday.

  9. 1. Im so happy for them. Seriously, you'd think I knew them personally or something, that's how happy I am haha.
    2. Love this time of year just not the cold. These old bones ache in the cold. It hurts being old.
    3. This obsession is totally alright cause Hot Chocolate is freakin' amazing.
    6. Im probably about 8 gifts away from being done. Kinda. I keep going to the store & finding new things to buy for people even though I swore I was done lol.
    8. You tease.
    10. Ive never ever seen this :/

    Thanks for linking up, sweets! Loved your 10.


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