Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Colorful Skinnies Fashion Show

Posted By: Leah
>>Cue good music<<  
>>aka Young Blood by The Naked and Famous<<

Or just hit play and keep reading... no really, this is part of my fashion show....




I'll wait. Seriously, go up and hit play. 


I have to make it all fashion-showish in here for the full effect 
(and maybe you'll imagine I'm gazelle-walking down a runway, 
not standing in Gav's bathroom as he eats Cheese-Its)
Alright, so here we go again (unless you have to wait for buffering, then just wait some more)


Last week I posted (here) on how I suddenly had the urge to shop, and got a bunch of stuff online at midnight. So here is me modeling the first arrival of items. These are from Delias. 



Runway turn... or me showing off my big booty 

Their skinny jeans aren't as tight as my jeggings, or maybe I got them too big.


and the shirts are all too big, but they are super comfortable. so are the skinnies. 


This is my least favorite of the outfits, but it's Gav's fav.



So right now I have them all in the wash on HOT (except the white top) and even thought it says hand-wash cold / lay flat to dry on everything. I'm throwing them all in the dryer. Hoping they will fit a little tighter.
UPDATE: so now I swee the issue with washing/drying the shirts. They shrunk horizontally instead of vertically. Yikes, right? I may be wearing a cami under them now so they aren't belly shirts lol!



Or if not, it's okay.  all  the clothes super comfy and if I want to gain like 5 15 lbs I totally could (not advised)

That's the end of my anti-climatic fashion show! I hope you enjoyed it. Be ready to see me wearing these outfits all the time!

Didn't you love Young Blood by The Naked and Famous??? (the song you better have been listening to)

BF has a snowboard movie (documentary) called The Art of Flight. That's where he (and then I) heard it. 
It's absolutely amazing. I (obviously) am not an extreme sports fan or anything. But I have an appreciation for 1- people with skillz and 2- hot boys. So when bf has me watch mountain bike youtubes and stuff like that, I kind of am into them. The third best part is the music. It's always super cool punk or dubstep, or just anything really cool and different. 

The Art of Flight (trailer)

Pretty epic, right? There's a whole site on how the music in this movie is the best ever. And you can buy the soundtrack on iTunes. Trust me on this one. 

... and I linked up with The Paper Mama for her Wordless{ish} Wednesday . and Parenting BY dummies and Project Alicia and Sarah Halstead, The Daily Wyattand then she {snapped}, Dagmar*s,  and I think that's it.

Oh wait... one last (super exciting) thing... You know my love of tiny hats, right? (ok I do keep this love a secret. shhh!) Well Gav and I were featured on Tiny Hats Weekly! Check us out hahah!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Weekend Part 2 - Saturday and Sunday

Posted By: Leah
On Saturday night we went out again! But before that, BF made me what I can only describe as the most delicious sandwich I've ever had. That's saying a lot, right? I guess I should also start out and say that I just 'knew' I didn't like pork. When bf asked if he should get pork to cook on the grill I was like no way, it's so tough and gross. He assured me he could cook it well and guess what? Best sandwich of my life!

It's a pork chop that he put some kind of rub on, and grilled. Then he put it on sour dough bread that was 'bagle toasted' aka toasted only on the inside. Next was avacado, tomatoes, fresh spinach, a thin layer of mayo and goat cheese. He put all that onto the panini press to toast the outside and.... best sandwich ever. I can't stop thinking about it. seriously.
 He also grilled corn (yum!) and check out his corn holders... they are unicorns. Get it? uniCORN.  
 Gav played with bf's neighborhood kids and bf's dog while we washed our cars.
BF's cousin somehow made the most amazing sticker in the world... a koala (bf's power animal) and HK for me! Once my car was super clean bf put it on my window.
This isn't my 1st HK sticker on my car. Just like I have a HK tattoo, so does my car x 3! BF has 2 really sweet girl neighbors and they brought me a flower. So thoughtful!
 So after the delicious sandwich I took a shower and got ready. I realized my pics from the night before were crazy of me, so I tried to take better mirror pics. Not sure why I didn't use a full-size mirror, but oh well lol!
We were going to go to this one place in NoDa, but they were closed for a private party, so we went to Amelie's instead. I ofcourse got an eclair. They are known for their salted caramel brownies, but I just don't like them. So I always stick to the eclair.
Then we went to the other Common Market (the previous night we had gone to the South End one, this time we went to the Plaza Midwood one). Jada was working! Jada is super silly and fun.
Like I was saying yesterday, the common market is like a deli/bar/sundry/hang out place. It's sort of like a general store, but modern-day where people just hang out. Gav LOVES it there. Everyone is always really nice and it's very laid back. They sell some really random, different, interesting stuff.

After hanging out there with Jada for a while (and she *may* have let us sample chicken salad and pimento cheese in the deli... yum!) we went back to bf's and put on our PJ's. I realized (again) I hadn't taken a ton of pics. So back to his tiny downstairs bathroom with the smallest mirror in the house for more random headshots of myself hahaha.

 Then on sunday, we went rock climbing at the indoor rock climbing gym! I hadn't gone since college and remembered exactly nothing. But it was super fun. I got a little tired on my first couple routes, then it's just like running... you get your 2nd wind and can keep going! I am really excited Gav got to see us climb too. I'm sure he thought we were like spider man. He's almost old enough to climb. But until then, I think it's awesome for him to see us and that'll give him the confidence to climb on his own.

Monday, February 27, 2012

My Weekend Part 1 - Friday Night

Posted By: Leah
I had a super awesome weekend! I realized I don't take a lot of pictures during the weekends so I can remember fun stuff we do, so this time I tried to remembered to, even if they were just on my phone. My mom had Gav Friday night, and BF and I went on a date to a really good restaurant called Pewter Rose. I had the seared grouper filet that came on orange and pineapple risotto. SO good. And BF got the seafood risotto with mussles and scallops. We also ordered sweet potato and crab soup. It's not the type of place where you can whip out your phone to take pics (its kind of fancy), but you know me, I tried anyway. It was all dark in there and the only light pretty much was candlelight so my pic didn't turn out.

Remember earlier last Friday I had posted how I felt so left out (post HERE), well crazy enough, it worked out perfectly to go do what I had wanted! I was so excited. After we ate, BF asked where I wanted to go next, so of course I said the EpiCenter!

OH! AND ... As I was driving to Charlotte, on the radio they said Karmen was performing that night at 7pm for free at the EpiCenter. UGH I was so mad I missed it (still driving). But regardless I knew thats where I wanted to go.

BF took out his phone and we found out it was only a 1.3 mile walk from where we had dinner in South End. It doesn't sound bad, but it was crazy cold and worse than that, super windy. As we started out, we made a quick stop at the Common Market South End.
The Common Market is like a convenience store / deli / bar / hang-out spot. Once we got warmed up, we headed back out into the cold for our trek uptown.

PS did you see 30 Rock last week with the Leap Day episode where everyone wore blue and yellow? There's this one building (in the pic on the left) in Charlotte where they change up the colors every night. Anyhow, it was randomly blue and yellow so I told BF obviously it must be getting ready for Leap Day!

 We got downtown to the EpiCenter and it was a bunch of restaurants and bars. I didn't actually want to DO anything there, I just wanted to see it. Kind of like when you go to Vegas and walk through the hotels.

Strike City was pretty awesome, we didn't bowl (I'm sure you need reservations wayyy in advance) but maybe sometime we can go back and check it out again.  I just had fun walking around being a tourist in my own city (I'm born/raised in Charlotte, I moved away for college, but my entire family lives there, bf lives there, so I still claim it as my town).
 After seeing the EpiCenter, we started walking back towards Common Market, and stopped in this really adorable park in the middle of Uptown. BF sat on what looked like a therapist's couch.

BF Also took a couple pics on his phone. Most I looked extra crazy (because I was cold)
These are actually the best of me from those. Yikes, right??

After hanging out there for a while (and freezing), we walked back over 277, and went back to the Common Market to get warmed up.  
Inside Common Market was PACKED so we ended up hanging outside on the patio for a while.
I know you're super curious on what I had on in the friged temperatures and like 40 mph winds. I had on my dark red REI trench raincoat and hello kitty bow ring from etsy. Lucky Brand jeans in Lola. Yellow scarf from the $5 scarf sale at work haha. I honestly had only thought we were going to dinner, so thats why I wore flats (maddras, from Target) and no tights. I need to always bring trainers because I never know where I'll end up. for real. At least I had on flats not heels.

Anyhow, we left Common Market and walked by the links station, and went back to the car. It felt like I had gone on vacation to another city, just because we saw places I had never been before. It was super fun, and hanging out with bf is super fun because he's so awesome. Check back tomorrow for what we did Saturday night!  

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fashion Friday & High 5 Friday!

Posted By: Leah
Crazy enough, this is the 1st time I've ever done a 'whats in my bag' post. I'm kind of excited to share my random crap with you guys (wait... isn't that what blogging is all about?)

1- An orange. I'm obsessed with Fruit till Noon (I have so many posts on it, just trust me & do it)
2- A 'pocket nurse' aka random giveaway from some program I did. It's some bandaids in a box.
3- I found Nemo! It's one of those boo boo things you put on the freezer. Apparrently Gav got hurt and I was on the go haha.
4- A pile of jewelry (yes I found these just floating around in my bag). I guess if I want to get fancy, I'm ready
5- My iPad2. I don't carry it daily, but I'm going out of town this weekend and didn't want to leave it in the car. I LOVE my ipad case so so much. It's the Carolina Pad Studio C rotator case.
6- Dayquil from last week (generic kind) that didn't even work (who knew I had allergies?)
7- Warby Parker Langston glasses. Can I just say I ADORE this company? It's the one where they send you 5 pairs to try on FREE and the full set of glasses (frames, lenses, anti-glare, all that) is only $95 inc shipping!
8- Sunglasses. These are hand me down from my sister, who got them thrifted in Richmond one time when she was visiting when I lived there.
9 - phone charger plug minus the cord
10 - Tiny Star Wars finger skateboard (for Gav, not me)
11 - an assortment of pens, chapstick, ultra-last kind of lipstick you only put on 1x a day (I dont' have time for all that), a tiny ikea pencil, etc.
12- Medicine. like the real kind prescribed from the dr.
13 - Keys and proximity card for my apartment's gym (so i dont' lose it).
14 - HK jump drive (for documents on the go)
15 - Ponytail holders
16 - HK checks (yes I carry checks. I might need to give somebody $1,000 or something. Or... I just carry them to pay my rent)
17 - HK wallet. It's kind of falling apart, I need to get a new one sometime if I can remember!

I get a lot of complements on my bag (the ipad fits, just not when it's sitting like this). It's from etsy seller ChristyStudio. Her bags are seriously the BEST. I had my mom pick me up this one for my 30th bday (almost 2 yrs ago.. yikes!) it's a great bag because it is a grayish, denimish, purpleish, tanish that goes with everything. I don't remember the name of this bag, and I don't see it on her site. But all her bags are fabulous and the best part is there are eighty million gazillion billion pockets, zippered and not, key hooks, etc. inside. Plus I can just toss it in the washer and it gets just like new again.

Now my top 5 of the week (Gav edition):

1- It snowed!!! So that meant no school for Gav and as a result, no work for me on Monday!

Gav told me he wanted to sit out in the snow and drink hot cocoa. I was like it's too cold, but knock yourself out if thats what you want to do. And he did! (and I took a pic through the blinds haha).
2- Gav was sick (for literally only about 1 hr on Tuesday). So that means when he was better, we took apart his entire room and it's now super clean and organized, plus we donated a ton of stuff to the Good Will (win win). PS this pic was taken after I dumped everything Gav owned into the middle of his floor. We're visual cleaners like that.

3- Even though I was out 2 days at work, I am almost already caught up! Yay for the slow time of year.

4- Gav had a dentist appt yesterday and no caveties, ever! And I'm so proud of him that he loves the dentist. His dad & I also had a mid-year parent/teacher conference with his teacher and Gav's doing awesome in school! he really loves Math (not sure where he got that from) and is doing well in reading. YAY!

5- I'm excited about my Gracie's entry into Ashey Sisk's Love Letters to Kitty Paw contest (yes my kitty wrote her a bachelorette themed poem, It's awesome) Check it out and please vote for Gracie #14!

... and it's Friday again. So left out!

Posted By: Leah
I get yet another FAIL on the firm Friday. And even worse I was up 2 lbs at WW. Yikes, right? But I expected it. I've been full of sickness, and taking care of Gav and not caring much about diet or exercise :(

I'd love to say I had some awesome new plans for next week, but I don't really. 
So you know Courtney from Opperation Slimpossible? She's gotten into these shakes. It's kind of like slimfast, but all herbal and healthy. She has them 2x a day. I kinda want to try it. Just because I'm so uninspired to cook right now, which is also my issue i'm sure.

You know how I'm from Charlotte, go there all the time? So I learned about something today I seriously had never heard of before. Not that I know EVERYTHING about the city, but I thought I would have heard of this, or someone would have mentioned the EpiCentre, right? this looks kind of fun and exciting and I never knew! I feel super left out.

At the EpiCentre they have StrikeCity bowling, a movie theater, a ton of restaurants and bars and clubs. Seriously where have I been??

ALSO... possibly even more shocking than the EpiCenter that I had no clue about.... 
Charlotte has a Wet Willies!

(this is Lauren & the random German dude in Myrtle Beach at Wet Willies's)
Remember Courtney's Bachelorette at Myrtle Beach (post here) we went to Wet Willies! I thought that bar was sooo unique and where else do they have a bar with rows of like 50 margaritas/daiquiri? Uh in Charlotte apparently.

So what am I doing this weekend? Probably not eating healthy, but I'm bound & determined to see all this stuff I've been missing in Charlotte. I mean... what else have I been missing out on? 

white water rafting through charlotte? oh wait.. they have that too, apparently (another place I've never been)
Ok so I'm probably not hitting up the clubs or anything, but I kind of want to venture downtown and see what else is there!
So remember my post last week that had Gracie's Love Letter to Ashley Sisk's cat Kitty Paw?
How about Ashley's opening up the voting for the top 10 and you can help my Gracie Girl win!
We're #14 (the voting is at the bottom of the post). Gracie and I thank you big time. You know we would like to win. Thanks :) Click HERE to go to the voting.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Retail Therapy

Posted By: Leah
All of a sudden I'm in the mood to shop. But at 11pm on a Wednesday with a sleeping child in the other room, my options are kinda limited. Yay for the internet and online reviews. Also yay for promo codes (because you know I'm not trying to pay retail or shipping, like ever).

First let me just say that I'm no fashonista, nor do I claim to be. Just sayin' this is what I thought would look awesome for my non-work / hanging out time:

I saw it on L.A.I.D. and must have it somehow, some way

I got 2 more pairs of colorful skinnies

And these tees:
Because I'm a middle schooler at heart and still shop Delias. (PS - their tee's are cut really well and they always have size L and XL in stock because you know only 14 year old 00's shop here)

I spent a little more than $75 total on everything. yay for and code stacking for free shipping and discounts!

Now I'm ready to go do some ... well, something! 

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