Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One Grace Place Review and Bedding Set Giveaway CLOSED

Posted By: Leah
Open to Lovely Life of Leah readers only. This is not a group giveaway. This giveaway is for the winner's choice of ANY Infant or Youth bedding set on One Grace Place. The value of the winner's bedding set will be $177.99 - $499.99 depending on the winner's choice of bedding. 

This post started out as a review and giveaway post, but there's a lot more to it. So often I see other blogs with moms and moms-to-be showing off their Pinterest-worthy nurseries and kid rooms. Their pretty painted walls, cute vinyl quotes.... things I wish I had, but just don't have the time, energy or resources to do.

To be honest, my child's bedding is pretty low on my list of the things that we need. Let me reword that, Gav has more than enough of everything. He has a very nice bed. His pillow-top mattress is actually way more comfortable than mine. Let's face it, Gav is 6. I didn't think he cared what his bedding looked like. (**Mom tip, invest in a good mattress for your child. They deserve comfort and a good night's sleep too!)

When One Grace Place contacted me to do a review and giveaway of an entire bedding set, it was very unexpected. Like I said, I see kid's decorated bedrooms in other people's blog posts and on Pinterest all the time, but it's something that is not  a priority in my life to purchase.

I am very fortunate and grateful for this opportunity for a new bedding review. Gav LOVES his new sheets and comforter and happily goes to sleep in his own bed at night. I know that those who enter the giveaway for a complete bedding set from One Grace Place will be as excited for the opportunity for new bedding for their child as I was.


Gav and I reviewed One Grace Place's Teyo Tire's 6 Piece Bedding Set.
Gav had a single bed, so he received the 6 piece set, however the full bed set would come with 8 pieces for the extra pillow and sham.

Live in the fast lane with "Teyo's Tires"!  Ready, set and go into a room full of action in every way!  Brave black racing through streets of grey and orange create all sorts of traffic throughout this enticing collection! This 6 pc set includes twin comforter, twin flat sheet, twin fitted sheet, 1 standard pillowcase, twin bed skirt, 1 standard flanged pillow sham.  Teyo's Tires twin comforter is reversible so depending on your style you can add a lot of detail or a little.  Comforter comes in our designer "Sheet Metal" cotton print fabric framed with our signature orange minky fabric.  Opposite side in "Checkered Flag" cotton print fabric also framed in our vibrant orange minky fabric.    Flat and fitted sheets come in "Tons of Tires" cotton print fabric.    Bed skirt races onward with this collections "Tire Tracks" cotton print fabric.  Standard pillowcase come in "Checkered Flags" cotton print fabric and trim in brave black solid cotton fabric.  Standard flanged sham it outrageous in appearance with it's "Sheet Metal" fabric with flange trim of orange minky fabric.

Let's rewind for a moment. Back when I was pregnant with Gav, I spent hours online selecting the perfect jungle nursery set for my registry. It's tough finding smiling animals! I had to do a bit of searching, but I found my nursery photos from the house I owned when Gav was born. I showed these pictures to Gav as I put together this post. He of course didn't remember his room. He only lived there until he was about 2 1/2. But he let me know that loved what his nursery looked like.

See the kitty in the corner? That's Mizzy Girl. She ran away and got lost :( She was the best kitty ever. I mean, before the running away part. 
Oh Hi Seven Week old Gav!
Pretty sure he was saying, "thanks mom, glad you picked out a cool nursery theme for me."

Fast forward 6 1/2 years. (Yikes, it's been a long time since I had an infant!)
Gav and I currently live in an apartment. It's a nice apartment in a very nice community. I don't want you all to read this and think it's an 'oh woe is me' post on how I couldn't afford bedding for my son.  It's just that it was not a priority or a need.

It's a little tough for me to decorate because I am creative in many ways, but interior design is not one of those creative ways. Keep that in mind with Gav's room's 'before' photos. We are more about function than anything else. And living in an apartment means we cannot paint the walls.

 Gav has a bed from Ikea with pull-out drawers for extra storage. He has a sofa in his room that folds into a bed for when company comes over. Gav has vinyl super hero stickers for his walls he rearranges pretty much weekly.

Gav has a plain white Ikea comforter. Nothing too exciting. 

 Gav has a Toy Story sheet set he's using the pillow from and fleece sheets. PS - Gav is 6, and he knows not to stick things in outlets. There is no need for outlet covers because he understands electricity.

The Teyo's Tires bed set added some much-needed color and contrast in Gav's room. The tire track bed skirt hides the drawers under Gav's bed.

 The variety of patterns and prints create interest and excitement in the design.

 There are really nice details on the reversible comforter like the puckered stitching to make it extra puffy.

The orange trim is sooo soft!

Gav LOVES his new bedding set. He picked it out himself from One Grace Place.

 There are lots of adorable nursery sets as well as big kid bedding and everything in between by One Grace Place.

Here are some of my favorites:

This giveaway is for the winner's choice of ANY Infant or Youth bedding set from One Grace Place. 
The value of the winner's bedding set will be $177.99 - $499.99 depending on the winner's choice in bedding. 

Gav's Teyo's Tires 6 piece set sold at Buy Buy Baby (an authorized One Grace Place Retailer)
is valued at $269.99

How to Enter:

This is a Rafflecopter giveaway. Follow the instructions on the widget to enter. All current likes/follows count! Open to US residents only.

The first two entries are mandatory- Follow Lovely Life of Leah via GFC and Like One Grace Place on Facebook!. Once you complete these entries, the widget will give you the option of completing the rest. Complete more steps for more chances to win!

It's so easy! 

Good Luck!!!

One Grace Place offers a complete line of luxurious products designed specifically to “live in luxury” in all areas of your life—bringing comfort without losing style to your home! One Grace Place attracts all personalities by designing unique products using their “signature” fabrics in an array of colors, textures and styles. Designs are inspired by the children that surround us and the personalities they possess. The complete line is offered in infant and youth top of bed, bath and coordinating accessories with much more to come! One Grace Place offers luxurious products at an affordable price! We welcome you to a home for truly loving and living in luxury in “One Grace Place”!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Giveaway Excitement

Posted By: Leah
You all know my blog bff Kayleigh, right? She is seriously such a fun girl and guess what? Her blog Down at Fraggle Rock recently hit 100 followers and she's having a giveaway including a set of 5 of my ShopLeah knotted hair ties!

And just to make your life super easy, here's a link to Kayleigh's giveaway!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

AAANNNDDDDD there's more. I have a review and giveaway of my own that is going live tomorrow. This is the highest total value of items I've ever given away. It's not a group giveaway where you have to follow 800 bloggers. It's realllly simple. Like follow me and like the company's page on facebook. That's it.

I'll give you a hint... this giveaway is for you if you have a child, toddler, baby, or are expecting. Gav assisted me with this review and he absolutely LOVES what he received. This is a BIG giveaway you guys.... check back tomorrow! The value is up to $499.99   You guys, I'm giving away something worth $500!!! OMG!

eeeek so excited! See you tomorrow!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Tubing at at Sugar Mountain, NC

Posted By: Leah

Yesterday Gav and I met up with my friend Kari and her family to go snow tubing in the NC mountains. It's only a little over 2 hour drive, so not a bad day trip with the kids at all.

Kari's kids are a little younger than Gav, and this was the perfect activity for us because you only need to be three years old to go tubing. We went to Sugar Mountain. This is right down the road from Hawksnest where Gav, and my friends and I had gone tubing a couple of years ago. Catch up on that post HERE.

Sugar Mountain was for sure better for kids tubing, while I'd say Hawksnest is more fun for adults. Gav can hang in any environment, but if you have younger kids, Sugar is your place. The tubing is right by the parking lot, so you can get snacks from your car, change shoes, whatever you need really quickly and easily. There is a lodge with bathrooms right there too. And hot chocolate and snacks.

The tubing lanes at Sugar are a little slower, but that makes it more manageable for having one child on your lap and one in tow.

The lanes are shorter as well, but the good part is the 'magic carpet ride' aka the conveyor belt you stand on with your tube as you go back up the hill is much shorter so you can take tons of runs in the two hour session.

The very best thing about Sugar Mountain was the way the photography is done. Yes, all tubing places have realized families want to take photos of their day, but it's sometimes hard juggling kids and cameras. Sugar Mountain not only had a photographer standing in the middle of the lane, but instead of selling the photos as singles, you can purchase the whole disc of the session with around 500 photos. Yes, you'll have photos of other people's families, but it is a good deal.

Oh! And the photographer pulls your family aside towards the end of the tubing for family and group photos. Way better than trusting a stranger to get a good shot with your own camera!

Here are some more photos of Gav and I. Clearly I am a camera hog (sorry in advance to other families for my crazy faces!) Yes, I admit I'd always choose the lanes close to the photographer. I wanted to help him get a great shot of me and Gav Hahaha!

 Gav on my lap.
 Me towing Gav, but had my feet in so they wouldn't hit the side of the lane.
Favorite tubing shot!

Here are a few more  photos of Gav and I with the mountains behind us.

Gav and I were both making a normal face in this one.

Gav on the 'magic carpet.' Pretty much the only photo I took all day.

After our tubing session was over, we went into Boone and had lunch. We also stopped by my favorite place ever... the Candy Barrel at the Mast General Store!

And of course I had to get this mug, I've had my eye on it for years! We always stop by Mast Store when my family goes to get our Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving. Get caught up on that fun tradition here.

How was your weekend? I'm super tired from all the fun yesterday in the mountains. The good news (sorta) is that the weather in NC is crazy and Gav's school is on a delay for the cold weather. So he got to sleep in this morning.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Leah and Gav Thursday Vlog

Posted By: Leah

I had so much fun doing my Thursday link-ups as a vlog last week, that I made another vlog this week... and this time, Gav is in it too! He and I answer the questions for 23Seventeen's Coffee Talk and Random Thursday. 

A little more info on what Gav and I were talking about:

Here's a printscreen of Natalie's design currently on 23Seventeen. Super gorgeous, right? Loving the lace! 
PS Natalie has a whole design site if you want her to hook your blog up.

We were saying hi in the vlog to my good friend since kindergarten Kari' & her kids! (They are big fans of my vlogs as well) We all went to the beach together a couple years back. We had so much fun. Here's Gav and Kari's daughter. Gav was 4, her daughter was... yikes... 2? Seems like yesterday, but they were so young. So much cuteness, right!!??

Oh yeah, and it happened to be my birthday , Cinco de Mayo, when we were there AND we had babysitters so we got to go out and celebrate kid-free. Even better Kari's husband drove us everywhere!!!

Speaking of Kari she wins at life... she made me HK rice krispy treats for my bday!

Ok, so this vlog is about none of the last parts lol. But you know I have to somehow incorporate HK into every situtaion. #Truth

The Second link-up is with Random Thursday.

Gav answered this question in the vlog... but I just realized that I didn't.
Honestly... I believe in karma. I'd look around and see if anyone was near by if I found $100.
If I didn't see someone who could have been the owner... I would use the $100 for good. I wouldn't think of it as 'stolen' because it was just lying on the ground. So I would either donate it directly to an orgization in my city that I believed needed it at the time (such as the Women's Resource Center). If I didn't donate it I would purchase items for people in need, such as sandwich supplies for Urban Ministry's Opperation Sandwich that feeds homeless.

I hav been very fortuinate in my life, although it has had some ups and downs. Right now it's on the up and up, so I know it would be my karmic duty to use the money for the good of others.

What would you do? PS I totally won't judge you if you say pay bills, because you very well could be that person needing the $$ and it could be a miracle that you found the cash to help your family :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Downton Abbey & Girls Paper Dolls

Posted By: Leah
Just in time for Valentine's Day... I discovered Downton Abbey & Girls paper dolls free printables online!

I admit it, I'm a little late to the party, because I only started watching Downton Abbey around the Christmas holiday this year. But I was able to get caught up thanks to BF and Hulu!

And Girls. Sigh, I cannot get enough of this show. It almost makes me want to order HBO. But BF gets this one for me too, yay technology! Ok actually yay BF because without him I probably would have never heard of either of these amazing shows and he saves them for us to watch. High-5!

Get your scissors out... it's time for paper dolls!

(click to make images larger)

Love her emotions!


PLEASE tell me you all watch Mindy Project too. OMG if you aren't and you somehow missed my guest post on it, read about why you should watch Mindy over on First Comes Love HERE!

Anyhow, Are you not LOVING Marnie (ok really the actress who plays her, whatever her name is) on Mindy Project last week and this week? OMGGG I flipped when she was back last night. I thought it was a one time appearance... and it's not... woo hooo!

All of these awesome paper dolls are from love that site!
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