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13 in 13 Resolutions And Life Changes

Posted By: Leah

I started 2 years ago with eleven new years resolutions for 2011. Check out my hilarious newly Divorced Single and ready to mingle Leah post here. I did a recap of those eleven and added one for 12 and 12 you can check that out here. So this year I'm going to recap how well I kept  broke most of my resolutions for 2011 and 12 (some good, some not so). And for 2013 I'll just keep the same ones plus add a new one (below). Some of my old resolutions crack me up. I'm also removing some, so this list will have to have quite a few new additions for 2014!

1- Do FlyLady every day. (2011 Resolution)

I really need to do this. I totally did not last year and had lots of CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrom). I mean not really, I can always throw stuff in a closet and my house looks clean. But it would be so much easier to put in the 30 min a day and keep it clean. (2012 Re-Resolution)
Yes, still something I struggle with. After being at work all day I just want to hang out, not clean. I get it, a little bit every day goes a long way. See #13 (2013 Re-Re Resolution)

2- Follow Patti Stanger's "rules" (2011 Resolution)

I actually did a really good job of this! For a while... and it worked! and I have a bf! But the problem is some of her advice led to me being a little fake. So when more of the real me came out bf was like wait... what's going on? so I'm trying to balance what she says to do a little better. But moral of story, if you follow what it says it works. (2012 Re-Resolution) BF hasn't broken up with me over not being all 'perfect housewife' like I was, but I'm pretty sure he wished I followed the "rules" better. Like going to his house and folding all his clothes and washing his dishes w/ out him asking. I'm just not into cooking/cleaning. Sorry, but I'm really awesome. And fun. And hilarious. That should be worth more than a boring chick who likes to clean. PS if you do take a peek back at the 2011 post, I was talking about BF. He hadn't asked me out YET but I think he did like 2 days after this post went live. (2013 Re-Re Resolution)

3- Get back on the vegan bandwagon (2011 Resolution)

Um... this was a good resolution for what, 2 weeks? Then I started dating bf and food = happiness = not eating vegan. But I'm going to try it in more moderation this year. Not all or nothing. More like only 3 non-vegan meals a week. (2012 Re-Resolution) Totally ate like crap this year. Weigh the same I did last year this time, actually probably like 5-10 lbs less. Still more than the 20 lbs I gained when bf and I started dating. I eat vegetarian most of the time. Vegan living is really hard for me. I love fro yo more than saving animals. Sorry not sorry :/ Taking this resolution off for 2013

4- Get real on the organized religion thing

I go to Charlotte to see bf A LOT. When I'm not there I go to my church up here. And I've even gotten bf to come to church with me when he's here (ok 2 times, but it's a start). I need to go to a church down there... I guess. I mean gav goes to church now w/ my mom all the time so that's good. This is a work in progress resolution. (2012 Re-Resolution) Well this year I learned that the church I had been attending was 'pro-family / anti-gay.' I have a very hard time agreeing with any group that is anti-anything let alone gay, something that many friends and family members are. Because of this we've stopped eating at Chick-Fil-A this year, Gav is not in Boyscouts, etc. Taking this resolition off for 2013

5- take a week off of fb.

Not sure how this would benefit me. I think I already forgot. Oh, it's about being addicted to something. And that is bad. (2012 Re-Resolution) FB is not a good place. Yes, it's fun to see what your friends are up to, but FB is the place parents and grandparents go to stalk their kids. It's only used to brag. People put too much info out there. Taking this resolition off for 2013

6- take a week off twitter

uh easy, I do this all the time. ok one resolution done! or like gav says when he learns to spell a new word, "I'm the boss at that!" (2012 Re-Resolution) Honestly, I only use twitter to as a way of promoting my blog / instagram / entering giveaways. Taking this resolition off for 2013

7- be hot at all times

BAHAHAHA wow I get a fail at that one. I mean I try... sometimes. And i did get bangs! (2012 Re-Resolution) WOW. I'm actually getting a little better on this one. I think I'm getting there. It's more like have the confidence to wear whatever I want. (2013 Re-Re Resolution)

8- new wardrobe

BF has helped me with this a lot! I have tons of new clothes he's helped me pick out. We've spent a lot of time at Lucky, Anthro, random t-shirt places. So I'll say I'm a boss at this one too! (2012 Re-Resolution) I wear almost all new clothes all the time (since 2010 when I created this list). Probably need to keep working on this one. (2013 Re-Re Resolution)

9- leading others

I've done really well at this too! So many ppl have told me this year I'm their 'life coach' 'maternity coach' 'relationship coach' 'nutrition coach' etc. I'm giving myself a boss at this too. (2012 Re-Re Resolution) Yeah, pretty much got this and the self-confidence thing down. Keeping it on here just incase I can take it next level. (2013 Re-Re Resolution)

10 - meal planning

yes! I need to do this! not a boss. (2012 Re-Re Resolution) (2013 Re-Re Resolution)

11- being awesome

Hahahaha yes!!!! I am the most awesome person I've ever known (well next to gav and the bf is pretty awesome most of the time). Totally a boss! (2012 Re-Re Resolution) Duh. I'm the most awesome ever. Taking this off.

12- Exercise!

I did a 5k last year and that was pretty easy. Basically i'm a good runner I just never ever do it. But here's what I'm going to do. So nobody let me skip out on it:
Mon/Fri - Run on my lunch hr. Indoors. treadmill at work. This will happen.
Tues/Thurs - Body Pump. (at work, with weights, get some muscles going on)
Wed - weight watchers (this is my sad, sad, not wanting to go tone. but it's like $9.99 for ww at work here, no reason not to be accountable, even if I don't follow what they say at all).
Weekend - make sure bf and I do something athletic! even if it's go for a walk, bike ride, something!
Evenings at home - Gav got a wii so i'm thinking we could do a Let's Dance danceparty, a DIY zumba party, etc.
(2012 Re-Re Resolution) Guess what? BF Brought me up his treadmill for New Years! It's a NICE one too. And it's in my apt! So no excuses. I want to do this at least 4x a week.(2013 Re-Re Resolution)

13 - Get Organized!

I got a planner. I have a plan for my planner. That's all I can promise for now. Hopefully it'll help me with the resolutions above. I've printed out labels with blanks for me to fill in/check off when things get done (like exercising, taking vitamins, eating healthy etc happens). This weekend I want to go to target and get some big storage bins and either store or give away items Gav and I no longer need/want. Excited for this one!


  1. I have you beat on Facebook and Twitter. I can go WEEKS without going on that. But Instagram?? nooooooo no no no. I can't stay away!

  2. BE HOT AT ALL TIMES. Easily my favorite resolution.

  3. What a good list! And you're not the first person that I know that realized their church was anti-gay. Good luck with finding another!

  4. You left off visiting Mass...must have been aon oversight... I'll forgive you!

  5. Happy New Year! Meal planning is definitely my #1 priority - I keep Pinning ideas, I just hope I stick with it! It's so hard!

  6. I love some of your resolutions! You crack me up!


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