Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chris Lambton from the Bachelorette Replied to my Tweet!

Posted By: Leah
Some girls love Edward from Twilight or have Bieber fever. For me, my celebrity boy obsession is with Chris Lambton, the Bachelorette contestant FROM THREE YEARS AGO who I will never get over. And last night.... Chris L. tweeted me!

If you've read my blog for any length of time... there are many MANY Chris L inspired posts...even a vlog.

And recent posts too, not just ones from Ali's season (you remember her at least right? she ended up with Roberto not Chris L). If you know anything about my personal life, by looking at the date of the first post, yes I was even married to Gav's dad back then. This Chris L. obsession has been for YEARS!!!

ANYWAY... fast forward to now. It's super boring Sean on the Bachelor. I would love to be able to do Bachelor live Blogging, but omg the show's so dull. So I take my viewing party of Gav and myself to Twitter of course. Thats where like-minded people hang out to watch shows together, right?

I follow all the contestants from Ali's season on Twitter, they are all still on and active. Just looking for love (Except Chris L. He got engaged and then married on my Birthday last year. At the beach. Like right by where I was. But you can google the above for more of our almost run-ins).

Ali was just as annoyed at these stupid girls on the show as I was. So I posted this tweet... and then you will see how Chris L is clearly in love with me (duh).

So there you have it. Chris L not only knows that I love him, but is so entranced with my awesomeness he tweeted me back. I'm sure he clicked on my Twitter profile and follows my blog now. You know, by e-mail or probably Bloglovin'

Ok seriously. I wear the Cape Cod Dennis Bracelet from Eden Arts like Chris L. gave Ali all the time.
I'm not crazy, I just really love the bracelet. Like... A LOT! 

Seriously... I could care less about Ryan Gosling or Chatum Tanning. Forget Adam Levine or any of the other guys that all the ladies love. I am a fan of only one 'celebrity,' the long lost bachelor contestant Chris L.  Actually not long lost... he is in his 2nd season of Going Yard on HGTV.

But clearly there's some issues. Ok a couple issues. 1- He's married. But wayyy more important than that...2- He's into the blonde girls, which clearly I'm not.


This stuff just shows up in my google image search, I can't make it up! 

Ok but for real, seriously. This tweet tonight made my life. My friend Lauren (who I'm sure I forced her to follow Chris L on twitter) also saw the tweet from him. She txt me and was like "wow you're doing a good job of keeping your cool.' I had to txt her back to let her know I was right in the middle of print-screening and blogging right now all about his tweet to me.

And I will leave you with scenes from one of my favorite Bachelorette episodes ever. You know, back from when the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows were actually good.


  1. Did you say that he was from MA? Or somewhere near here? I KNOW we have talked about him before. That's awesome that he tweeted you!!! It's obviously love at first tweet! (Just kidding BF!!!)

  2. HAHA - oh man i'm dying.
    but i'm right there with about immediately print screening and blogging! go girl!

  3. HAH this is awesome! Ramona Singer from RHNYC tweeted me back once and I was SO excited that I banged my knee on the table. Got made fun of a lot for that one.

  4. I am dying. You are hilarious, and I am geekily so happy for you :)

  5. I was in love (am in love?) with Chris Drish from Ashley's season. She cut him early (thank goodness!!), but not before I was head over heels with him. He lives in Chicago (not far from me) and loves sports. I'm pretty sure we're fated, but he doesn't know I exist. You and Chris Lambton are one step up. :)

  6. Haha, Leah you are so funny. Brunettes do have more fun!


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