Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Downton Abbey & Girls Paper Dolls

Posted By: Leah
Just in time for Valentine's Day... I discovered Downton Abbey & Girls paper dolls free printables online!

I admit it, I'm a little late to the party, because I only started watching Downton Abbey around the Christmas holiday this year. But I was able to get caught up thanks to BF and Hulu!

And Girls. Sigh, I cannot get enough of this show. It almost makes me want to order HBO. But BF gets this one for me too, yay technology! Ok actually yay BF because without him I probably would have never heard of either of these amazing shows and he saves them for us to watch. High-5!

Get your scissors out... it's time for paper dolls!

(click to make images larger)

Love her emotions!


PLEASE tell me you all watch Mindy Project too. OMG if you aren't and you somehow missed my guest post on it, read about why you should watch Mindy over on First Comes Love HERE!

Anyhow, Are you not LOVING Marnie (ok really the actress who plays her, whatever her name is) on Mindy Project last week and this week? OMGGG I flipped when she was back last night. I thought it was a one time appearance... and it's not... woo hooo!

All of these awesome paper dolls are from love that site!

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  1. Haha, these are so cool. My favorite has to be the Shoshanna paper doll cause it looks just like her. Standing there all poor puppy dog like.

    I love Girls but havent gotten into Downton Abbey. Heard it's great but I have to admit, it looks pretty boring. Meh, maybe I'll try it someday.


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