Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Giveaway Excitement

Posted By: Leah
You all know my blog bff Kayleigh, right? She is seriously such a fun girl and guess what? Her blog Down at Fraggle Rock recently hit 100 followers and she's having a giveaway including a set of 5 of my ShopLeah knotted hair ties!

And just to make your life super easy, here's a link to Kayleigh's giveaway!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

AAANNNDDDDD there's more. I have a review and giveaway of my own that is going live tomorrow. This is the highest total value of items I've ever given away. It's not a group giveaway where you have to follow 800 bloggers. It's realllly simple. Like follow me and like the company's page on facebook. That's it.

I'll give you a hint... this giveaway is for you if you have a child, toddler, baby, or are expecting. Gav assisted me with this review and he absolutely LOVES what he received. This is a BIG giveaway you guys.... check back tomorrow! The value is up to $499.99   You guys, I'm giving away something worth $500!!! OMG!

eeeek so excited! See you tomorrow!


  1. Thanks love! And OMG I still love those pics of you! Lookin' fierce! (Yes apparently I say fierce now...)

  2. I go to starbucks all of the time and I've never seen their glitter cups! Love purple or pink!

  3. That pic is HOT! Btw I kind of wish I was expecting just so I could enter HAH

  4. Hmm I dont know what colors they have but I love clear w glitter haha weird right?


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