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Leah's Christmas Story of 2012

Posted By: Leah

Ok, the holidays are over and we've all moved on to our New Year's goals. But I had to recap my holidays so I can remember them and wanted to share with you too!

 Three days of non-stop gift opening is more than anyone could ask for, especially a six year old. So many people ask if Gav had a good Christmas, and yes of course he did! That child has more toys than the toy section at target + the electronics section + games + the pokemon section by the front of the stoor (if you have a boy you either know of or will be knowing of this section soon). This post is about me, Leah and my Christmas. And ... there's a whole lot of Hello Kitty involved.

Instagram is a great thing, and also a not so great thing. Instagram captures and shares things that we may have forgotten. Instagram makes a great photo's resolution awful, too. So here is my Christmas 2012 thanks to Instagram because I did not touch my real camera once this whole break. So I'm sorry for the blurry low res-pics, but hey, its better than no pics at all :)


First, lets back up. I have been obsessed with this Hello Kitty blow up inflatable for weeks, okay maybe months. When we were shopping in October for props for our 2012 holiday card, I saw the HK inflatable at Lowe's. It was $59 which is a little high for something to go in the yard I don't even have (I live in an apartment). BF told me that if I purchased it, he'd put it in his yard (because he has a house and a front yard and lots of kids who'd love it too). Um thanks but no, I'm not dropping that kind of cash on something that won't be at my house.

I wanted to see a HK inflatable sooo badly. My step-mom and dad were watching Gav one night a few weeks back and took him out to look at holiday lights. I told them if they saw a HK to send me a photo. They saw one! But the picture they took was too blurry :(

The next week BF and I were driving through Charlotte and I told him if we ever saw a HK inflatable, that he would need to stop the car so I could go look at her.

Not even 30 seconds later.......
I screamed for BF to stop the car as I ran up into a zillion dollar home's lawn in Meyers Park in Charlotte and got this great photo. BF stayed in his car, which he had moved to a side-street a block away. Possibly out of embarassment lol.


Fast forward to the weekend before Christmas (and forget about Hello Kitty for a moment, if possible!). BF knew my mom was coming to Greensboro to spend Christmas Eve with Gav and I and he hitched a ride with her.

As they were driving up to my apartment, I figured I should start cleaning or at least attempt to vaccuum. And then my vaccuum exploded.
Pretty sure that's what happens when you never change the bag. It exploded and a huge piece blew up onto my foot. There was smoke and fire.  Merry Christmas to me, I hopped in the shower super fast and was going to run to Target and get a new vaccuum.

Welll.... I was running around too fast because I tripped over the vaccuum and broke my toe. Not like 'oh i walked into a table leg, my toe hurts.' Like legit I can't walk and can sort-of hobble but am in crazy pain with a purple and blue foot level broken. But I got a new vaccuum at target and my floor's cleaner than ever now. So it's a good thing, in a way (and almost 2 weeks later, still have a purple foot).

Christmas Eve, I had to work. My mom and BF were in town, so they kept gav. Working on Christmas Eve is by far one of the worst ideas I've ever had. It's so depressing.
That morning my co-worker brought me an apple that she turned into a candle holder like she saw in Williamsburg. It's really cute! We went to Starbucks, you know, keeping it festive because we had to be at work on Christmas Eve and it was rough.

BF was sad my work BFF Lauren wasn't at her desk when my mom, Gav and he came to see me for lunch on Christmas Eve. So he had me take this special photo in her absence. Ya know, so she could see the candle from our other co-worker.

FINALLY I got to come home, yay! I had told BF I was making a special New Years Eve Dinner. What he didn't know was I had ordered this dinner all the way from Chicago! Back when we went to San Diego in September, we had a 3 hr layover in Chicago. BF had been there before and was obsessed with Giordanos deep dish pizza. He was crushed when our layover was too early in the day and we couldn't leave the airport to get the pizza.

Yay for the internet because I was able to go online and order the pizza to be overnighted and shipped in dry ice for us.  BF was super excited.
The pizza arrived partially cooked but still needed to be baked longer and they included more sauce for the top. Gav sat by the oven and waited for 30 minutes.

Finally it was done!
(Chicago deep dish pizza is the one with sauce on top. It doesn't look like much but OMG best pizza ever!)

After dinner, we of course checked NORAD, the website where you can track Santa. He was getting close, so Gav had to jump into bed so he could get his gifts from Santa.

Then it was Christmas Morning!!!!

The above photo is an 'after' shot.
This year Gav insisted that Santa wrap gifts. So yes, his gifts arrived wrapped. BF has Gav walking out in the morning and whispering "Thank You Santa!" sooo cute! 

My mom got me lots of HK awesomeness. Here is BF's foot, and he's covering up my broken toe on my right foot, it was gross. BF's wearing one of my HK slippers from my mom. I need to set up all of the HK awesome I received and show you all a pic. I don't know if you all could handle it, though...

Gav went to his dad's house and celebrated Christmas with his dad's girlfriend and dad. I didn't tell them a time Gav had to be home. I wanted Gav to enjoy his dad without feeling rushed, something I always felt growing up and spending Christmas morning between two houses.

BF and I got Gav back later in the afternoon and we went to BF's house to exchange our gifts there. BF had Gav and I wait in my car while he went in and 'got everything ready.' He said he would get Christmas music on, get the fire going in the fireplace and then invite us in.

BF had been working on my gift for weeks. He said there was glass, wood, paint, he had to cut things, measure things, etc. He complained his hands hurt, he had to keep going to Lowe's to buy more supplies, etc. His computer died about a week before Christmas and he was so upset he had to borrow a computer to get it all done.

I was 110% I was getting a dollhouse. From his description I had painted a picture in my mind of how it would look. He was cutting the glass for the windows. He was painting the outside. He needed to print wallpaper for the walls. And when he went into his house early, I thought he was turning on the dollhouse's electricity. .. maybe?

But I was wrong. It was a Hello Kitty Inflaitable instead!!!!! BF got me walking into see it on video, it's pretty funny. Gav ran up and hugged HK and I high-5'ed her hahaha.

Oh! And BF had been working so hard on... a custom skateboard for me!
Check out how he cut my name and HK on the top part.

He painted all my favorites on the bottom side of the deck.

The only problem is that it's so nice I'm scared to mess it up. I love the size and shape, so this one will be going on display and I'll get another one to actually ride.

BF got Gav and I lots more awesomeness including this adorable chevron dress for me from Kiki La Rue.

BF's parents came over to BF's house later that evening and brought gifts! BF's dad picked this amazing HK onesie from Forever 21 for me, and his mom got me a cookie jar and other HK things too.

(no there was nothing in the cup lol)

The saddest thing ever was deflating HK. It looked like she was dying. I think gav and BF got a little too much enjoyment out of it lol. (PS Gav's not flipping HK off, he's giving her deuces hahah).

On the 26th we went to my dad and step-mom's house for chocolate chip pancakes and another round of gifts! We are all very fortuinate to be able to spend this time together!


Our New Years was super low-key. Like Gav fell asleep on the sofa, BF and I fell asleep watching Anderson Cooper & Kathy on CNN (I refuse to watch anything else if I'm home on New Years. It's always a hot mess and didn't disappoint this year. Ok I did fall asleep...)  I woke up just as I heard the ball dropping with 5 seconds left. I woke up BF and then we went back to sleep at like 12:30am. New Years on a Monday night = no bueno.

How were your holidays??


  1. You had a wonderful Christmas it looks like! And my goodness. I know what to get you for your birthday and Christmas in the future.... lol

    And I have 2 skateboards in the garage. They belong to Bill. :)

  2. It looks like you had a fabulous Christmas! I work at Lowe's and every time I saw the HK inflatable, I thought of you. There was also a small little light up one too.

  3. Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas! And I have broken my little toe before, it KILLS! You wouldn't think it would, but it is BAD. Hope it feels better soon!

  4. I Love that Hello Kitty inflatable!!!!!!

  5. Love all of the Hello Kittiness! So awesome, glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Your board is awesome!!! I never ride my HK board either because im too scared to mess it up! lol.


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