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"She was bitten by a shark in heaven"

Posted By: Leah
Gav came in while I was treadmilling it up and watching the Bachelor. He asked what happened to the girl on the show who has one arm. I told Gav that she was born that way. Gav said, "Oh, she was bitten by a shark in heaven."

My Bachelor viewing party is probably a little different from yours, but fun none the less. My 'party' consists of myself, Gav, and my cell phone. I am constantly texting my mom, sister and friend Lauren. I am also on twitter, FB, and tonight, I was on the treadmill too. Hey, at 2.5 mph why not? I did 4 miles in 2 hrs.

I adore the Bachelor/Bachelorette. If you don't equally love the show, we can still be friends, but we will just have to agree to disagree on Monday night television.

Two times a year, in the winter with the Bachelor and spring with the Bachelorette, my world is rocked.  These shows have raised my standards in life and love (ok ok, I know none of the couples from the show last, just go with it). The Bachelor/ette shows show what a real life fairy tale romance can be. With interesting trips, elaborate dinners, unique activities. ... after I got separated, the bar on what I considered to be an acceptable 'date' was raised very high. Thanks ABC and reality shows.

This is why I love BF so much, he continues to surprise and impress me all the time. The first year we were together it was trips, concerts, and new experiences. The second year it's been amazing dinners and fun activities and excursions. I never though that I'd own my own rock climbing gear and skateboard, not even a year ago. I also never thought that my BF would be cooking me up hand breaded calamari in his kitchen while feeding me strawberry filled Hello Kitty marshmallows from Japan. But somehow this is my life.


This season the Bachelor is Sean. He was from Emily's Season this past spring. Here is my post from last May with my predictions for Emily Maynard, the last Bachelorette (and of course she's from Charlotte, how could she not be? There's someone from the QC on every season).

I didn't pick Sean to win on Emily's season, he didn't stand out to me with his personality at all. He's a genuinely sweet, sincere, family oriented guy. But he has no real substance to him other than that.  Sean doesn't seem funny or interesting or all that awesome. Yes he's attractive in a "I'm over 8 years old by my hair is still light blonde, that's super rare, right?" way. Clearly not my type, but just like every Bachelor/ette show, I try my hand as matchmaker and love to pick my favorites.

I determined in my Bachelor Ben's Season Finale Post last year that this show is my hobby and although that is terribly embarrassing to admit, I can't get enough. It's my 50 shades of gray...


So the show's already a mess this season. And tonight was just the first episode. So many girls were drunk. I have determined they shoot the episode where the ladies meet the Bachelor from around 7pm - 7am and they feel the girls Red Bull and Vodka to keep them awake and happy. Sooo many of these girls embarrass themselves with getting sloppy drunk that first night. It happens every single season.

Onto a few of the girls who stood out to me tonight....

I'm going to talk about Sarah first. She's a gorgeous, smart, sweet girl. She's the one who just happens to be standing to the side in her bio photo, not revealing that she does not have a left arm. But that's who she is this season 'that girl without an arm.'  Not having an arm is totally not a big deal. I have a friend at work who doesn't have a left arm. It's a common situation. This is the first person I've seen on the show who is physically a little bit different, and 'out of the mouths of babes' as they say, Gav was very curious and immediately asked about her arm when he saw Sarah. When I told him she was born that way, he disagreed because he knew she had been bitten by a shark. And if it wasn't after she was born, it must have been in heaven.

I don't think Sarah will get very far this season, but she is a pretty girl and I'm sure she'll find a guy soon. She said she thinks the reason she's not married is because she is missing an arm. I'm not a guy, so I don't know how that would make a difference, but who knows.

Katie is the Charlotte girl this season. And she's a yoga instructor. I txt BF about if he knew her. He was at yoga (at another studio) and said he knows of her, but he doesn`t know her that well. She goes by Tater. I think she will stay on the Bachelor for a while this season. Sean seems into the brunettes. I'm sure she'll spread the healthy lifestyle vibe throughout the show for that spin.

I personally like Diana a lot. She has been married, she has kids. Sometimes girls on these shows have trouble leaving their kids for the 9 weeks they film. Hopefully Diana's family is helpful and will let her experience the show and enjoy herself. She was honest and said of course no one gets married thinking oh I'm going to get divorced. But she was hopeful for the future and I like her positivity. Clearly the girls who are on the show have watched it. They know fun fantasy dates are involved. I hope Diana gets to stay a while.

OH! And guess who's back? Kasie! She was back from Ben's season last year.  She was sooo playful. Like, they went to a toy store on their date and she loved it. I also always felt bad for her hair. I know that's crazy to say. But she has the type of hair that just poofs in humidity. I know I'm not the only one who noticed it, right? Anyway... I loved Kasie. She was sweet and fun. A nice southern girl, who I think would be perfect for Sean. The other girls were shocked when she came into the house this season, but she got a rose tonight to stay. I'm crossing my fingers for her!

After the first episode, #1 Pick to marry Sean is Desiree
She reminds me of Rashida Jones, you know... from Parks & Rec. She has a great personality and is really funny. Desiree works at a bridal salon, and she seems like the perfect combination of dreamer and housewife for Sean. I think she is genuine, but also a little bit silly and quirky.

These are my pics after episode 1. I'll be back soon with new choices as the season develops. Looks like there will be drama (as there always is).


  1. Great job hitting the treadmill! How's your toe feeling?

  2. I forgot to watch last night because my hubs was glued to the TV! Stupid National Championship football game. Oh well. Now I have something to watch during naptime instead of doing anything productive. I love that Kacie is back. I liked her so much and Ben's season was such a major joke.

  3. OK - couldn't even handle the awesomeness.
    these girls are so jealous and hateful i couldn't help but get down with it.
    like it makes me want to be on the show just to spread tiny little rumors and watch them catch like wildfire.

    does that make me a terrible person?
    or does it just mean that i should be producing reality television?

  4. It's definitely possible Sarah hasn't found a date because she's missing an arm. There are a lot of shallow guys out there. I know. I've dealt with them. Obviously, it just means she hasn't met any sensible guys who can see that lacking an arm doesn't mean she's lacking in any way. Or maybe it's her own insecurity about the arm that's keeping guys at bay. I don't know. Single, bitter girl over here. I'm no help.

    I love this show too. People say it's trash TV, and maybe it is, but I think it's a really interesting study on human behavior.

    Oh, and I'm with you on Sean. He doesn't do much for me. He's too muscley for me.

  5. Man, girls are CATTY and last night was a big reminder of that. Meow! I think Sean is sincere, and though it's alot to ask in the world or reality TV, I think his intentions are good and I'd like to see someone from this franchise "make it."

    Bachelor season is upon us - my favorite time of year!!!!

  6. I love that Kacie returned! She is precious and funny! Tierra is going DOWN! I hope, anyway!

  7. LOVE the bachelor! I've watched for years, but this was the first year I'd ever heard about Fantasy Bachelor! This season looks like it's going to be a juicy one, I'm so excited :) PS, I really wish 50 shades of drunk would have stayed, for comedic relief if anything!!

    Samm @ DysfunctionalEverAfter.com


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