Thursday, January 17, 2013

Super Awesome! Random Thursday and Coffee Talk Vlog

Posted By: Leah

I haven't vlogged in forever, so what better time than now to do my Random Thursday and Coffee Talk link-ups as a vlog!  Yes, I'm from North Carolina and I really love Hello Kitty this much. It's a little embarrassing. Actually not, it's awesome and I crack myself up nonstop in this thing!

"Aww Get it. Yes" - Things I actually say.

Congratulations to Kayleigh of Down at Fraggle Rock on 100 followers. I am thrilled for her! She's seriously the best. If you don't follower her you're missing out. This girl is awesome.

If you're interested in picking up a Freaker, they're only $8 each and the greatest invention ever. Seriously, it's a sweater hug for your drink, and infinity times more awesome than a lame foam koozy. (See them at 5:24 in the video & in action at 6:26 on my Icee. On Hello Kitty glass 9:08. LOVE Frekers.)

Starts at 11:40 in Vlog

... these will make sense if you watch the vlog, just sayin' 
and I may sing...

1. Compile your best music mix tape!

2. Biggie or 2Pac?

3. Best music video ever made.

4. Put together your best outfit of your favorite singer/band in
Alexis Krauss

5. What music is your guilty pleasure?

6. Quote your favorite lyric from a song.

Link up / Check out what everyone else has in their bag/what their guilty pleasure music is!


  1. Awww thanks lady! P.S. You KNOW I need that skull shirt! Haha

  2. No you didn't put that fat, tubby, nasty Rick Ross on this. OMG I need to slap you back into reality!! I JUST PUKED IN MY MOUTH! HAHA

  3. ok... and THEN i watched your video. Girl you had me cracking up! You are on a serious sugar high! LMAO!!!!!

    And "whew" about the Rick Ross....

    1. HAHAH yeah you gotta watch the vlog for all that randomness to mean anything. And i think i had wayyy too much icee LOL!

  4. GAH! i'm at you'll be getting two comments from me.
    this one - just tell you that you'll be getting two comments from me because i can't watch your damn vlog till later!!!!


  5. You rock and you are sooo cute! :) Love the way you talk!

  6. Are you entirely sure the best Will Smith video is not "Boom! Shake the Room" by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince?

  7. this rocks! love now much you talked, laughed the whole time!
    sooo much hello kitty!!
    thanks so much for linking up!

  8. So I was wondering, are you a fan of Hello Kitty? Cause I think I noticed a few things in your video that make it seem that way. Meh, I could be wrong.


    So, seriously you talk like a mile a minute & I love it. Also your sunglasses rock. Thanks for linking up sweets!


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