Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Valentine Love Edition

Posted By: Leah
1) The Bachelor was sooo boring last night. It's the one show I carve out time to watch, so when it's not exciting I get pretty bummed.

2) The good news is that because I wasn't watching the Bachelor all that closely, I have been working on new ShopLeah luxe knotted hair ties. I just got some new elastic in yesterday and was excited to get to work. How cute are these for Valentine's Day?

3) I am sooo sleepy. I usually am 'that girl' who's all super energetic/perkie all the time. It's a combination of the rain, gross weather, and staying up late/waking up early I guess. Ugh, this girl needs a nap! need to get back on my Fruit 'till Noon.

4) I'm super blown away by all the sweet comments and messages everyone sent me after yesterday's post about two years with BF. And you can stop holding your breath, there are no plans for us to move in together or get married right now. I didn't realize until I re-read the post, that sort of seemed like the direction it could have taken.

5) Speaking of love, it's time to get focused on Valentine's day! I'm taking part in a couple swaps and have Happy Mail coming up too! It's also time to start working on Gav's Valentine's day cards for his friends. It only took one year in pre-school when he brought home a couple super cute, crafty, DIY cards from  his friends that I thought 'It's time to get crafty.' So yes, I admit it, I'm an over-achiever in helping Gav create awesome Valentine's for his friends.

Here were his from last year:
This year he wants to do Adventure Time, so it's looking like his cards will be Bemo. (Thank you AGAIN Pinterest!)

6) AND another reason I've stayed up late/been tired is what I'm working on for BF for his VDay gift. And no, this one isn't off of Pinterest (do you remember the Man Bouquet I made him last year?)

This year's gift I actually am working with someone else on... so there's some e-mail collaboration happening. Hopefully BF will like it. I am pretty sure he will. If not I'll just make him give it to me LOL.

7) I'm sooo much more a giver than receiver. I was on the phone with BF last night and he was like 'when is Valentine's Day? What do you want?' and honestly, I don't even care about it. I just like excuses to give gifts lol! Last year I was super sick on Valentine's Day. BF came to work and brought me colorful roses, tulips and eclairs.

Then he got Gav at afterschool and took him to get Fro Yo.

Then they went back to my Apt. and cooked us pink shrimp (no not raw ones LOL. shrimp raw are gray. Pink shrimp are pink when raw and cooked. Cute right?)
 That's pretty much the most awesome Valentine's day gift ever... BF taking care of me & Gav. So BF if you're reading this. Just do more of that. Seriously, these are things I love!

8) Great news, my blog is fixed! Last week I was a little stressed because IDK what I did, but my right side-bar disappeared! And I get it, it's just a blog, not a huge deal. But I like it to look at least semi-how I want it to. It's like inviting someone to my house and saying 'sorry I have no furniture.' I mean not the end of the world, but glad everything has returned :) Except now my car's missing a hubcap. What? I swore I had rims that were bolted in. If it's not one thing it's another.

9) I am seriously the last person and probably stuck in 2011, but I FINALLY got gel nails! OMG I LOVE THEM! I still have nightmares of acrylics from high school so I was totally the last one on the gel nails train, thinking they would be similar. Um NOPE. You guys, my nails look PERFECT! And this is where it would be awesome to show a picture of them. But I don't have one. If they still look good next week I'll include one for sure :)  PS they are called "Herring" something. So like  a dark gray with gold sparkle. love love love them! I did find a picture of me getting my toes also done last week. I got red with black Chevron. You know, for Valentine's (let's be serious I'll probably not get my toes done for at least another month)
Yes that's Zooey finger gun shooting me in the face.

10) Last thing! I got my January Ipsy Glam Bag in the mail last night. I don't know why I ever messed with Birchbox when Glam Bag is clearly 8000x's better. Hairspray, moroccan oil, red nail polish, blood orange lotion, make up brush and a cute bag. YUP worth the $10 :)

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  1. Yeah, I had a feeling Sean's season might be boring, but I'm sure it'll perk up soon. That Tierra girl looks crazy-cray!

  2. I definitely want to do a swap again. I made some bad experiences but I should give it another try because I am sure it is a lot of fun when you get a swap partner who actually sends a package. :)

  3. 1. I dont watch it but I can totally relate. That's how I felt about this weekends Revenge episode; it was pretty 'meh'.
    2. Love those. You make the cutest hair ties.
    3. Ive been tired lately too but I think it's just cause of this stupid cold.
    4. That was a great post. Shit, did I forget to comment?
    5. Oh my gawd, I just squeeled at the BMO vday candy holders. I love BMO!
    6. Too cute.
    7. Aw, what a sweet dude. The hubs & I dont celebrate Vday cause my bday's 3 days later. I'd rather him save his dough & spoil me then :)
    9. Ooh la la, love that color on your toes. I've never tried gel nails. My MIL swears by them but I havent gotten the balls to try them out yet. Like you, I'm still tortured by my memories of acrylic nails.
    10. Super cute.

    Thanks for linking up doll-face!

  4. LOVE the gel nails. LOVE. i have literally never gotten a regular mani since i did those.
    also - vday. not my bag baby. i'd rather have shitler just go buy himself his own crap.
    like a new gun (which is what he did for xmas. then everyone wins).

  5. Hi! New GFC follower from Dawn's Disaster sponsor giveaway! Would love to have you follow me back if you get a sec!

    Have a great one!
    Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

  6. New Follower!!!


  7. Dude, love the hair ties. I'm thinking about doing a Valentines related giveaway...interested in partnering with me? Hahaha

    I'm stuck in 2011 as well. I have yet to get on the gel nails train. I really should though, but my bank account says otherwise!

    Thanks for linking up for 10 on Tuesday!


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