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Three amazing reveals. Bloggers rock.

Posted By: Leah
I am a lucky girl. I have participated in quite a few swaps and each time I am paired with the most amazing girls. All of whom I've continued to follow via blog, twitter, IG, etc. Receiving actual items from cool people I wouldn't otherwise know is what makes blogging really fun. So many of us are from different states, and even different countries. Each of us like different fashion and trends, different shops, and we are each unique. We are all similar too; we all have a love of writing, of reading, and of forming bonds with people we may never meet. We laugh with these new friends, celebrate with them, and mourn their losses just as if we were right next door, instead of thousands of miles away. There is so much to be gained out of blogging. And the swaps... are such a fabulous part!

The past three blog swaps I took place in, I took wayyy too long to get to this reveal. And ladies, I apologize in advance for taking forever to write this post. I have posted pics on IG and Twitter as soon as these amazing packages were received to make sure you know I got them and you each rock. Truly!

First up is the Mug Swap hosted by Nat of 23 Seventeen.

I was paired up with Ashlea with an A and was completely blown away. She sent me Hello Kitty goodness that I've never seen before! And I know everything HK. So seeing all these new things was so awesome and exciting! Isn't the ornament amazing?

My adorable owl mug in action! (first and foremost it was a mug swap!)

PS thank you to all the ladies who recommended Abuelita hot chocolate this season. I probably would not have tried it on my own, but now I'm hooked! It's amazing! It's a traditional Mexican style hot chocolate.

And here's a look at the mug I sent to Ashlea! I filled it with lots of fun stuff for her and her girls (and niece, in the picture) :)

I participated in an ornament swap hosted by  Life of Meg.

I was partnered with Hallie of Life: Oceanside and received this amazingly awesomely adorably perfect cupcake and pink star for the top of my Hello Kitty / Cupcake Tree. I love this velvet and dot cupcake, it's so sweet, and pink + green are my favorite. Especially for the holidays!
I had the most fun e-mailing with Hallie and finding the perfect ornament for her, too. She let me know she liked unique ornaments, and had special ones for so many parts of her life, except didn't have any for her two sweet dogs. I jumped on Etsy and had these super adorable ornaments custom created for her two pups Scout and Tally. 

See the doggies next to their ornaments below?
And they have halos too of course :) (or this might be their hanger, regardless it's so cute!)
SOOO happy with how these turned out. Yay Etsy!


Last but certainly not least is the Winter Holiday Swap hosted by Linny's Vault.

I was paired with Stephanie of Just a Little Bit Louder and OMG this girl did soo well with picking out amazingness for me. Plus she sent the most hilarious card and wrapped each gift. Sooo thoughtful! She and I are kindred spirits I think. We are both a little bit extra happy, positive, and fun. You know, to make up for people who don't have such a sunny outlook on life.

... and I even reused her wrapping... check out the above green bow on my front door wreath. Perfect! Love it!

Gav helped me open all these gifts from Stephanie. I love each one so much! Hello Kitty + Pink + Glitter + Cupcakes? Best day ever!

Stephanie sent me two more cupcakes for my tree, and here they are in action. Along with the tiny pink stars she also sent. These are so cute and perfect!

I was soooo excited to send Stephanie her package, I shipped it the day after our partners had been assigned and totally forgot to take pictures. Stephanie's gift contained an overwhelming amount of pink, sparkle, and cuteness. AND I included a holiday ornament that helped her Ugly Awesome Christmas Sweater Dress jingle. Yes! 


You agree I'm so lucky, right? These girls spoiled me and made my Christmas extra special with their thoughtful and amazing gifts.

Yes, I have been lucky... but my heart breaks for those who participate in blog swaps and never get a gift in return. Knock on wood, I've always been paired with great ladies, but so often I hear stories of people never receiving their packages in return. Participating in swaps is a commitment of time, thought, energy, and of course money. It is so unfair to those who invested in their partners and received nothing back. To those who have been slighted in this way, please don't stop participating. There are great bloggers out there. I promise. 


ALSO... I won two amazing giveaways in December too! Seriously... I should have been buying lottery tickets with all that luck!

I won a from Blue Bird Bride gift card thanks to Kathleen of Places I will Go. I selected the below necklace, so cute right?! (and mental note, I should wear some kind of lip gloss before taking an IG photo including my mouth LOL).

AND.... Last thing (I'm making myself super jelly over here and I'm the one who received all the awesome in this post)

I won the Sparkle Prize pack from Nugget on a Budget's Holiday Giveaway which included:

-200x200 Ad Space at Violet Imperfection
-Post Footer Ad Space at Dawn's Disaster
-150x150 Ad Space & $5 Amazon Gift Card at The Chronicles of Chaos
-Set of 3 hair bow clips from Peacoats and Plaid
-Holiday nail polish from Wannabe Green

WHEW! What a month of awesome gifts. I feel so so so so so so lucky and fortuinate !!!
And you guessed it, I'm spreading the love with a couple giveaways soon! Stay tuned....


  1. My heart still cries for that lost swap...I kid. I kid. Although, I think if I ever do one again I want a name up front so that I can send them a steaming pile of Mr. Fresh poop if they cheat me! :)

  2. That is awesome. I participated in the coffee mug swap too and the stocking one but never got anything =( Love the coffee mug you got, super cute!

  3. Woo Hoo! December giveaways were great to you girlie!

    Again, I'm so glad you love the necklace you go to pick out! It looks grea! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Such a sweet post! You are ADORABLE!! Just wanted to say hi. :) Stopping by from Sugar and Dots. Have a wonderful first weekend of 2013! XO

  5. That owl mug is freakin' adorable!!!
    Found you through the giveaway and am your newest follower,

  6. Holy cow, I dont think I've ever seen so many Hello Kitty items. You must be in heaven! I'm loving that necklace you're wearing in the last photo, it's so pretty.

    Dude, Abuelitas hot chocolate is the best. My grandma used to make us fresh hot chocolate on cold winter nights :)


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