Friday, February 15, 2013

Full Heart and Full Belly

Posted By: Leah
I had an amazing Valentine's Day yesterday. I am so lucky. Not only to have an amazing guy in my life who thinks I'm rad and treats me like a princess, but he also cares so much about Gav too, and that makes my heart so happy.

I think all any of us want is to feel taken care of. To have someone who who supports us and provides for us in ways that make us feel loved. It's different for each of us. Some want affection, some want gifts, some want quality time, or affirmation... and Valentine's Day is a time to show the special people in your life how much you care about them.

Here's a full rundown of my awesome Valentine's Day yesterday...

I arrived at work and a coworker gave me a cute Hello Kitty plush! So thoughtful :)
She said she was out shopping for her family, saw HK and had to get her for me.
Also in our work's kitchen, someone brought in heart donuts... yum!

I brought in HK valentine's for a couple girls I am close with at work and HK treats. We  I made red BMO's (from Adventure Time on Cartoon Network) for Gav's class. He gave one to my work bestie Lauren, too!

As a mom, ok let me back that up, as an overly creative  mom, I always want my son's valentine's for his friends at school to be epic and super next level. I had one year in daycare when I sent in little fold-over paper cards for Gav to give out, and he returned with crafty amazingness from his friends.). I had let myself down. I vowed to never let that happen again. (No, Gav doesn't care either way). SOO... We did super hero tootsie pops last year, and this year Gav loves Adventure Time. Thank you Pinterest, I was able to get the above template and add "From: Gavin." Gav came home yesterday so proud. He said his friends loved the BMO boxes (they had Valentine's fruit by the foot inside. a perfect fit!). Gav said the best card in the class was from his friend who gave out a Car's fold-over card with a car's lollipop. Seriously, kids could care less about the overly-creative moms going all out for VDay (and I've found that the moms in Gav's elementary school aren't as overly crafty as the daycare moms).

Ok back to me at work! I knew BF would be coming to town and would stop by my work in the afternoon. I usually go to lunch with my work bestie Lauren. I didn't want to eat toooo much because BF would be cooking me a baller dinner (he's an amazing chef). So we decided to go hit up the Harris Teeter (local grocery store)'s salad bar. When we got to the shopping center with the grocery store, we had to drive around for parking, I guess EVERYONE was there on their lunch hour getting flowers, cards, balloons, wine, etc. We ended up finding a spot right by the fancy spice store and fancy olive oil store!
Lauren had never been in either store, so we checked out the spice shop first and I got the idea to get bread and olive oil for dipping and add spices to go along with BF's dinner. Lauren and I had a blast at the olive oil shop. They give you little pieces of bread and you can sample the zillions of olive oil. They actually had the right kinds of spices for what I needed there, so I could create little sample combinations to try. I got this like Provence of France spice infused olive oil, and then got Tuscan spices. OMG Heaven!

Lauren and I were pretty much full off of bread and olive oil, but figured we should go get lunch at the grocery store, plus I needed to get bread.
We walked into the grocery store and omg it was like Valentine's central! I must have somehow avoided grocery stores on Vday in the past, because this place did it up BIG. Everything from strawberry heart-shaped sushi to a chocolate fountain and chocolate dipped strawberries!

I have never really eaten chocolate covered strawberries before. I'm sure I have... but omg I LOVE THEM! They had a guy sampling them and Lauren and I *may* have had multiple samples each lol!

Meanwhile I check my phone and BF had txt me asking where I was. I said at the store and he said, oh I am at your desk! So Lauren and I got sandwiches to go and I got bread and we headed back to the office.

BF brought me the most gorgeous purple (my favorite color) tulips! And of course a Hello Kitty Card. His mom had sent up a card for me too and guess what? It was the exact same card LOL! It's a reallly good HK card, so it's understandable hahah.

I split my sandwich with BF and the he headed to Gav's after school to pick him up!
BF said Gav was super suprised and happy to see him. BF brought Gav's super hero cape and Jake (from Adventure Time) hat. So Gav was extra proud to wear it at afterschool and coming back home.

I got home after work and walked in to my apartment and BF had brought my inflatable 5 foot high light-up Hello Kitty yard blow up! It was super exciting to come home to.

BF said he and Gav had been having fun, and Gav even let bf take a nap hahah. Both BF and I were still pretty full from lunch, so instead of making our dinner right away, he brought out the supplies to make us mimosas! with chocolate covered strawberries!!! BF's dad had made them and sent a few up for us to have on Vday. BF cut one in 1/2 and added it to our drink (yeah, I don't have champagne flutes but I have tall, skinny HK tumblers. Baller, I know LOL).

We did gifts after that. Gav had already come home to the valentine's day items I got him (2 Adventure Time shirts and candy and stuff). I had BF go on a treasure hunt for his 1st gift, a 1/2 gallon of Chipotle flavored Tibasco sauce (it's his fav haha). And I had an artist I found on etsy make BF a picture of a big booty girl and his favorite car (he has 2 of these)  a BMW 2002. No, it's not the year, it's the model.

PS Gav was sooo embarrassed when I took this picture to Michael's to have it matted. He went and hid out on another aisle haha.

And, not sure if you can tell I had the artist try to recreate my face LOLOL! I crack myself up, I know.
And um DUH clearly that is no part of my body. But the face, pretty much looks like mine, right?
Ok and this is now super awkward....  So on to dinner!

BF is a BOSS in the kitchen. He comes up with the BEST and most DELICIOUS ideas for what to cook! I am not much of a chef, so I am just floored and in awe of what he creates for us. So for our Valentine's dinner BF made us fresh pasta with gorgonzola cream sauce. Maple bacon, and lightly fried, bacon wrapped scallops. Oh, and a little bit of the chipotle Tabasco I gave him.

OMG SOOOO GOOD. Like best meal of my life good. I wanted to keep eating it forever.

I had to give BF my last scallop because I just couldn't eat any more, I was sooo full. But my belly was smiling from the delicousness.

AND one more thing... BF brought us eclairs! My favorite! I only had a 1/2 of one, like 2 hrs after dinner. It was sooo crazy good.

So that was my Valentine's Day! Oh wait, I left out the gifts I got. My mom got me the BEST earrings ever! They are tiny sculls with pink bows! I will have to post a pic! They are epic. Also BF got me a HK holding a heart frame. And Gav made me the sweetest cards and hand prints at school. And I got cards from lots of my besties. I feel so happy and loved!

BF did an awesome job letting me know how loved I am. I adore his cooking and that he totally spoiled me, and took such good care of Gav. BF loved the gift I gave him, he thinks it's awesome how I give very personal, creative gifts (like my face on a crazy car girl by his favorite car). And Gav loves all the extra attention from BF and me and that he got picked up early from his after school.

How was your Valentine's Day? What is it that makes you feel loved?


  1. Clearly you picked those Valentine's because BMO are my initials...right?!


    Looks like you got lots of love yesterday :)

  2. Awww sounds like an awesome day and you totally deserve it. Now... what were you saying about skull earrings???

  3. Damn. Im hungry now.

    You got spoiled girl! Love it!


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