Thursday, February 28, 2013

Leah's farewell party

Posted By: Leah
Before I left my previous position, my company had a farewell party in my honor. As you may or may not know, I am an event planner by trade as well as by nature. Also, I'm a bit of a control freak. So when I heard there was a committee planning my party and I wasn't on this committee, I *may* have sent them hundreds  MANY e-mails full of ideas.

I offered to help in any way that I could. I know it's supposed  to be a party in my honor, but that makes me even more involved (read: control freak).

The task of creating the invite was assigned to someone else. But knowing the control-freak nature of my ways, plus this person was on deadline, she let me create my own invite!!!
Here was my very 1st draft. I found to be perfectly appropriate and acceptable.
When I sent it over for review, it was a no-go.
I get it, maybe the tears were a little much. Not really in my mind.
But to anyone who is not me, I can see how this is a little  overboard.

My 2nd draft is what was the final. It was what was sent out inviting people to the party.
Totally epic, if you ask me.

BUT... I couldn't stop. Hello Kitty told me she wouldn't let my creative abilities end there.
So I made one final version. Hello Kitty must have tears!

Here are a few photos  from my party on my last day.

I love this punch. It's called Holiday Punch, but whatever. It's cranberry, pineapple, almond extract... just click here for the recipe. It's sooo amazing! So happy my coworker made it for me!

Not that I've had all that many jobs, but when I leave, I have a tradition where all the people I work with sign a mat with my business card and then someone I work with comes up with a photo for the middle. It's almost like having a yearbook. I love reading all the comments and in a frame it's so much nicer than just a card that may get thrown out. Here's the one I got for this position:

Something I forgot about, is that sometimes when you leave a job people give you going away gifts! I was super excited to get so much awesomeness. And yes, my work BFF Lauren gave me most of this... oh! and that's an ivy plant above the huge HK tote!

A couple gift cards, some good bye cards, champagne, AND Lauren printed and framed my favorite HK goodbye invite!!!


  1. It sounds like you had some really awesome coworkers!

  2. You are so creative, I love all those invites! No wonder you do this for a living ;-)

  3. This is so cool. Love the invites & decorations. Must have been sucky to leave all those cool peeps.


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